A stranger’s kindness at Christmas

by Jamboree
3rd place Holiday Writing Contest


Thank you for letting me into your home,

Christmas for me is often spent left alone.

Out on the streets, down alleyways,

Nothing to celebrate, just constant cold for days.


But out from the darkness,

Came candle light and bells,

The warm smell of Christmas,

And sound of angels.


You and your family came up to my side,

Held out a hand and led me inside.

Food, clothes, a bath, and a bed,

“You’ll be safe here tonight” You said.


Christmas day came and I joined in the feast,

2 Uncles, 1 Aunt, 3 Nephews , a Niece.

A tree in the middle, present galore,

One royal speech, carol singers at the door.


I wish that I could thank you for the merry day,

Sadly it’s a debt that I cannot repay

Yet as I leave I cry out with a festive cheer;

“Merry Christmas to y’all and a happy new year!”


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