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Turn Down the Lights?

A new feature has been added to Thoughts that allows you to choose between two sets of color schemes while viewing the site; light and dark. If you choose to turn down the lights, it will darken all the pages on the site and you can always switch back to the brighter version of the […]

How to write productively

I have researched and found that most famous writers from the past used a technique for writing. Almost any famous writer you could think of woke in the morning and grabbed a pen and started writing. Our best writing is done when our minds are tired but who feels like writing after a long day […]

Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived! And with it, as many of you may have already noticed, came a round of updates to Thoughts Inc. If the website is not displaying correctly for you now try clearing your browsers history and that should clear up any display issues. However, if the problem remains please contact us. Here is […]

From Peace to Poetry

Alfred Nobel created a grant to award The Nobel Prize to those people who are found to contribute the greatest benefit to mankind. This award is given yearly for peace, medicine, physiology, chemistry and literature. The Swedish Academy which handles to prize gathers nominees from around the world and then decides on a winner. The […]

Story Outlines: Who Needs Them?

Unless you’re writing your 10th book you might want to consider creating an outline of the story you are looking to write. Sitting down and writing by the seat of your pants may offer freedom to change directions in a story but it is more likely that a new writer will find themselves stuck or […]

What is a haiku poem?

A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. In it’s traditional form a haiku is a three line poem consisting of seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. Often inspired by nature, a haiku emphasizes both simplicity and intensity. Example of a traditional haiku poem “The old pond by Matsuo Basho” An old silent […]

Happy National Poetry Month 2014

Happy National Poetry Month to all the poets, poetesses, and poetry enthusiasts out there!! May your month be filled with many amazing poems Thoughts Inc. is hosting an open format poetry contest in celebration of National Poetry Month. For more information please visit the contest guidelines here


by Night_Sky_Of_Feelings   Desperate hands reach; Praying, hoping, but despite That, the coffee’s cold.   read in forum