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by Killerelite 2nd place Why I Can’t Write a Poem Contest   My mind a jumbling mass. Words are there but will not come out. Not like fishing this task of mine. A culmination of preparation and documentation, along with the salutation and utilization of poetic imagination is being hindered by the immobilization and inactivation […]

My brother told me once

by tlhopkinson 3rd place Why I Can’t Write a Poem Contest   “If you want to be good at something when you’re drunk, learn how to do it when you’re drunk.” This he says as he explains the appeal of combining beer and golf. I nod my head, thinking maybe I would be as passionate […]

Louder than sound, Quieter than silence

by Ritski   Does falling snow have a sound? True, there’s the wind, whisking this way and that spreading the crystals across the world like a blanket But what of the snow itself, the little flakes of frozen water. Do they make a sound as they fall from the clouds above? Is there a sort of […]

black hole

by c4a1g   thirteen thousand years half around the milky-way solar systems drain   read in writing forum

Ode to the possibilities of the New Year

by summergrace 1st place New Year Ode Contest   I sit and speculate About life, about fate About what will happen in The New Year   I sip champagne And think of the months To come- of summer in The New Year   Midnight disapears Time vanishing As I’m lost in thoughts Of the possibilities […]

Ode to the Coming Year

by SerenaLantha 2nd place New Year Ode Contest   The time has come again, it seems, To contemplate what the past year has wrought; I recall the happenings like a dream, Each broken promise and lesson self-taught. The memories flow through my mind, Each one acting as a stepping stone, All as a path I […]

Ode to the Acorn

by tlhopkinson 3rd place New Year Ode Contest   Criss cross the calendar’s thirty-first box, another annual course passes like an acorn in the gutter—drifting and bumping along toward the drain.   read in the writing forum

The Magic of Christmas

by Forgewright 1st place Holiday Writing Contest   A family’s love brings jubilee and meaning to a Christmas tree Tradition held in Hollies round Softly warmed by wassail sound Cookies baked to decorate Cards are sent to celebrate Presents wrapped, tied with a bow A kiss beneath the Mistletoe The brass upon the Army’s bell […]