BITF Chapter 2

Three Weeks Grace – BITF Chapter 2-  by AngelOfTheFallen

It’s been three weeks since my transformation and no one seems to be suspicious of me. The first night was the toughest though; I managed to drain 5 people and narrowly escaped detection! (That’ll teach them to defy logic and take a walk in the woods at that hour!) By the time I left the forest my friends had gone home. I’d assumed that they didn’t tell their parents as I didn’t see any police helicopters scanning my whereabouts. It took me until sunrise to get home and I had to quickly run inside before I was burnt; well, that’s what the movies say. My parents were, thankfully, still fast asleep, just as I had left them. It was hard to sleep once I returned, with the smell of their blood creeping out from their bedroom into the landing, making their way across the hallway and through the cracks in my wall, into my bedroom. I slept uneasy that first time, trying to get to the bottom of who bit me and why they didn’t just kill me outright.

The next day, at school, my friends questioned me for hours, demanding to know where I was, though I couldn’t make eye contact properly when I lied and I had to stare constantly at the lockers behind them before I began to get tempted by that one pulsing vein in each of their necks. School was a constant struggle but I made it through. As my dad had once told me, I was a survivor.

As I walked home today, however, the sun was particularly hot. Although I was wearing sun-cream, I could still feel the sun scorching my flesh, leaving tiny, inconspicuous marks on my skin. They were hardly noticeable, but I knew they were there and that was all the proof I needed to convince me that daylight wasn’t doing me much good. I considered being nocturnal but I had no ideas of how I would explain that to my parents. Sun-cream could only protect me for so long and it was impossible not to blow my cover if the only thing I knew about such creatures like me was what I had read in novels and movies. They weren’t reliable enough sources for me. The only solution was to track down who had changed me three weeks ago. Though that was easier said than done. Here I was, in my bedroom, with no means of finding my creator, I could go back to the forest but I couldn’t risk another night out. What if my parents woke up this time and found out I was missing? What if I lost control and they found the blood drained victims? I just got lucky last time. And what were the odds of the same one returning to the same forest? Hunting in the same forest would surely be a foolish move. But then again… I looked out of the window, hoping my plans would just appear to me from thin air. The night sky was beautiful, no clouds tonight, just a navy blue abyss with bright, twinkling diamonds shining down onto a not so dazzling Earth. It was settled. As soon as my parents went to sleep, I was going back to the forest.

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