1/28/12 Update

Hello everyone, We have reached the end of our third month online and would like to give everyone an update on our community’s progress. As of today, our community has been viewed by visitors in 38 different countries around the world and has surpassed 55,000 page views!! Our January writing contest came to a close […]


Contest Winners- January 2012

Hello everyone, our community’s first contest has concluded! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest either by submitting a poem or by voting. There were many great poems so without further ado the winners of the January 2012 free verse poetry contest are: 1) Doll Life – Czechwriter20 2) Shadows – […]


Writing Lives On

This poem was written by one of the many talented writers that populate the pages of Thoughts Inc. It is meant to serve as an invitation from our community to all writers and readers.  We hope you will come join us on our endeavor to experience the power of thoughts. We would like to thank […]



Hello everyone, The last few weeks have been very exciting as our creative writing community has continued to grow. Our growth has exceeded where we thought we would be at this point and we would like to thank all of our members for their continued support!!! We have had over 7,000 page views since our […]