Hello again from Thoughts Inc., Our site has been live 21 days. Over this time we have been testing, changing, and adding features to our site. We have made a lot of progress, and will continue to do so in the future. We have begun to invite writers to our site, and so far we […]

Ancient letter and pen

10/29/11 We are live!

Hello World, Thoughts Incorporated is officially live! We would like to thank everyone who made this possible. Our team is excited to be able to help writers share their work, and to watch our community grow. There will be minor changes made to the site over the coming weeks as we further test our features. […]

Welcome word.

10/16/11 Thoughts Incorporated Launch

Hello everyone, This is our first blog post. Everything is beginning to come together regarding the website. We expect to put the site live in the next ten days, give or take a few days. In the future, we will be using the blog to post community news as well as featured articles. Stay tuned!