October to the Max

If you’re like me then you’ll want to spend some time this October reading scary stories. One comes to mind immediately as I think of what scares the younger generation and that would be zombies. For some reason it has become part of the belief system of today’s youth that an apocalypse is on its […]


Two Years Today: Thoughts Inc is turning two!

Dear world, Thoughts Inc. is turning two! And like the adorable baby moving into the exploring toddler stage it’s growing and getting better every day, becoming larger with more options and features than last year. This past year has been an intense one here at Thoughts Inc. with the addition of a quotes and resource […]


September News

  Color Poem Contest Underway! Topic: For this contest, write a poem inspired by your favorite color, or any other color. Submissions: 09/12/13 – 09/22/13 Voting Poll: 09/23/13 – 09/27/13   25 Words or Less Contest Winners!! The 25 Words or Less Contest has concluded! As always Thoughts Inc. would like thank everyone who wrote […]


Thoughts Construction

The last month or so has been quite busy here at Thoughts Inc. as the network was reimagined. We would particularly like to thank everyone for their continued patience over the last two weeks while the most trafficked areas of the site underwent numerous changes. The newest incarnation of Thoughts Inc. is easier to navigate, […]


Thought Quotes Revamped

Thoughts ever-growing database of quotes was recently revamped! The database currently houses over 600 categorized quotes written by authors, philosophers, and artists. The revamped site includes: An improved search tool Multiple navigation methods Some fresh paint There is also a form on the right side of the site where you can submit a quote to […]


Thoughts Inc August News

  25 Words or Less Contest Underway! Topic: For this contest, write a free verse poem (no rhyming) that is 25 words or less in length. Submissions: 08/07/13 – 08/16/13 Voting Poll: 08/17/13 – 08/22/13 Read More   7 Line Contest Winners!! The Seven Line Writing Contest has ended! 1st: To my dad- by Jamboree […]