Call Me Melville

August is a great month to be born. The amount of literary talent born into one of the hottest months of the year is huge and includes everyone from Lord Alfred Tennyson to Mary Shelley. Herman Melville, author of the classic Moby Dick, was born August 1, 1819 in New York City. Well known for […]


New Resource Launched

Hi everyone, this summer we have been busy creating a new resource section that was just rolled out! The new resource was essentially created to house FAQs explaining Thoughts features as well as poetry and writing resources. One helpful feature that was added to the resource is a predictive search tool. Another feature is a […]


Thoughts Inc Summer News

The Masquerade Writing Contest Winners!  The Masquerade Writing Contest has concluded! Without further ado the winners of the Masquerade Writing Contest are: 1st: Masquerade Ball- by Night Sky Of Feelings  2nd: Phoenix- by Aj-anba 3rd: Smoke- by stargazer5   7 Line Contest Voting Underway! Topic: Open Submissions: 06/14/13 – 07/03/13 Voting poll: 07/04/13 – 07/12/13 The Prizes: 1st= […]


Plagiarism- You be You, I’ll be Me.

Writing has rules. Your ability to understand and follow these rules will determine your accomplishments as a writer. Knowing how to structure what you are writing with proper spacing and punctuation as well as spelling may determine your level of professionalism, but Plagiarism will ruin your chances of being respected as a writer and can […]


Facts About Fiction

Leisure reading has fallen as a popular activity with people over the last two years. New studies in Canada have shown several benefits to reading fiction, especially in children. The University of Toronto has reported that two new studies they have conducted suggest that this may have negative repercussions on children and adults. The main […]


Masquerade Contest Winners

The Masquerade Writing Contest has concluded! Thoughts Inc. would like thank everyone who wrote or voted in the contest. We would also like to thank all those who helped develop and fine-tune this new type of writing contest. This was the first of many masked writing contests to come! Without further ado the winners of […]