A Tribute- tlhopkinson

When asked to again write a tribute for Poetry Month there was only one person in my head that qualified for this honor. They are a shining example of all Thoughts Inc. has to offer us as well as a shining example of a good human being. This being said I would like to offer […]


April’s freewriting contest winners

April’s Poetry Month Contest has come to an end! All of the works entered into the contest this month were exceptional, therefore, Thoughts Inc. would like thank everyone who wrote or voted in the contest! Without further ado the winners of the Poetry Month Contest are- 1st- Write to live- by c4a1g 2nd- Footnote to a Footnote- by tlhopkinson […]


Thoughts April Newsletter

Happy National Poetry Month to all the poets, poetesses, and  poetry enthusiasts out there!!   Poetry Month Contest Topic: The contest theme is free writing for inspiration. Set aside a minimum of 30 minutes to free write whatever comes to mind. Then take your favorite lines, phrases, or words and turn them into a poem or […]


What’s In A Name?

You’ve worked a character to perfection. What he wants, what his strengths and vulnerabilities are, his secrets, even his blue eyes and broad sloping nose. He is honorable and brave. A hero living in medieval times and his name is…. Larry. Ok, this could work. After all, Fred and Wilma lived in prehistoric times. This […]


Frost In April

Robert Frost was born in California in 1874. His mother moved the family to Massachusetts to stay with his grandfather when his father died when Robert was 12 years old. Later, Frost was married and struggled as a business man trying several endeavors, all proving to be unsuccessful. One such venture brought him to the […]