Parables vs Fables

Each has a specific manner that is used in getting a message to the reader. There are motives to these stories. Let’s run through a few points that can help separate the proper usage of each of these. Parables use language with an intent to convey a hidden message or secret meaning that is not […]


January 2013 Newsletter

December 2012 Writing Contest Winners The December 2012 What December means to me contest has concluded! The winners of December’s writing contest are: 1. Winter’s Witness ~SerenaLantha 2. Thoughts of home ~c4a1g 3. A Christmas Story ~Forgewright   Thoughts Incorporated New Slogan The contest to decide our new slogan has come to an end! Thoughts […]


This is your Brain on Books

Ever wonder what’s going on in your noodle when you read? Recently, while researching how the brain works (It’s just the kinda stuff I enjoy) I came across several interesting articles on the subject of reading and how the brain functions. I’ll summarize these here. Right now the letters, words and their meanings are being […]


The Negativity of LCD Light on your Eyes

Do you find yourself staring at computer, phone, or tv screens all day and night? Increasingly the answer to this question is yes. Do your eyes hurt after a while? Do you get headaches? Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Increasing the answers to these questions are yes too. Many people work on […]