bottled evolution

by c4a1g


a warm summer day

the sea was rolling glass

a boat and passengers

sun and sunglasses

out for a cruse

when the tide made a rogue wave

that nearly split the boat in two

on the bottom

an octopus rode the same tide like an escalator

with an eye for food and shelter

a cooler filled with bottles

came off the splintered deck

sunk and tumbled in turbulence

out came a quart of Jack Daniel’s

within reach of the octopus who

grabbed it for shelter

bottles can be carried

but a stopper was a stopper

hours twisting

turning in his arms until

the stopper in his mouth

came out

too fast

he downed half a bottle

it felt good

really good


then he opened up

finished it off then

in a drunken day dream

left the tide stream like

a balloon loosing air

flying here and there

seven arms made

a super propeller

and one a tiller

twenty then thirty to

fifty miles an hour

passed a speed boat near the beach

rolled a dust-devil from white sands

eight arm super sprinter that

cleared a volley ball net

landed on a beach-bar seat

slammed one arm on the bar


show me the two-arm

that ate my paw

and give me a JD

on the rocks


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