by phoebe age 7 (my daughter)

by craigb12


there was a girl called Gracie

and she was very naughty, one day  she ran away

to join the circus because she dreamed about being a clown.

But she didn’t smile very much so being  clown was not for her.

so instead she stood and thought for a while and decided

to wake up has it was all a dream.

by Phoebe Lou Broomhall


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  1. Grandma Bea
    Grandma Bea says:

    Very Good Phoebe…I think we have a futire author in the making!! Read all you can…most of all…observe your friends and family…jot down what interests you…what they say….and most of all what they are feeling… including yourself…a literary journal if you will. Write a little every day. The Muse is very unpredictable…you never know when it will strike. weeks, months, even years will pass and you will recall these precious moments to either just savor for your self, or for the memoirs you will write for your children…OR…that block buster novel you will surely write!

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