by phoebe age 7 (my daughter)

by craigb12


there was a girl called Gracie

and she was very naughty, one day  she ran away

to join the circus because she dreamed about being a clown.

But she didn’t smile very much so being  clown was not for her.

so instead she stood and thought for a while and decided

to wake up has it was all a dream.

by Phoebe Lou Broomhall


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Louder than sound, Quieter than silence

by Ritski


Does falling snow have a sound?
True, there’s the wind, whisking this way and that
spreading the crystals across the world like a blanket
But what of the snow itself,
the little flakes of frozen water.
Do they make a sound as they fall from the clouds above?
Is there a sort of whisper,
a twinkling as they make their descent,
so quiet that we just don’t hear it?
Too gentle for our ears to comprehend
against the roar of the world around us.
What if,
As they fall the world tremors against them;
the ground shivering as they land
The sound sending a ripple of vibrations through the planet
Like a leaf dancing on water.
What if the sound of their falling was so loud
So enormously loud
That if,
as they fall through the not-so-dark nights,
They cancel out their own sound
And leave us with the resounding silence
and nothing but that,
as they float to the earth below?
So quiet
Only because they are so loud
That we are rendered deaf
To their noise?


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by Night Sky Of Feelings


Familiarity embraced me

In a sweet passion of joy

As I walked past the line

Of reality


And into fantasy.

Sunshine shone through

Panes of glass,

Golden rays of light


Reverently touching

The ancient pages.

Dust floats in the air

As I am lost in worlds.


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Paper Stars

by Ritski


My mother asks me why

I sit at the computer

Making paper stars out of graphing paper.

I want to tell her that

The soft music and

The press of the lined page

Making corners against my bruised fingertips

Gives me something to do

Keeps my mind from wandering

And gives me a reminder that

There is hope

Even in the form of a small star made of flimsy paper.

However, even though my mind can form the words

Put them into phrases

And sentences

My mouth cannot communicate them correctly

As though my brain and my vocal chords do not connect

All I can do is speak a few simplified, distinguished words

That I do not in fact know why

I spend my days making paper stars out of graphing paper

With my music turned up too loud

So I can shut out the world

Make it go away long enough that I can continue to press

The corners of disformed stars into the red-brown callouses

In the sides of my fingertips

Without having to worry about how I spoke

Or how I couldn’t speak

Without a break in every other word

Without a stutter in my breath

Without shifting eyes and my thoughts consuming my words

Saying no, no, you cannot speak up

Do you think they care what you have to say?

Continue to create stars out of silence

To fill up the jars labelled

Everything I will never say

And turn up your music

So the world will be quiet again.


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bottled evolution

by c4a1g


a warm summer day

the sea was rolling glass

a boat and passengers

sun and sunglasses

out for a cruse

when the tide made a rogue wave

that nearly split the boat in two

on the bottom

an octopus rode the same tide like an escalator

with an eye for food and shelter

a cooler filled with bottles

came off the splintered deck

sunk and tumbled in turbulence

out came a quart of Jack Daniel’s

within reach of the octopus who

grabbed it for shelter

bottles can be carried

but a stopper was a stopper

hours twisting

turning in his arms until

the stopper in his mouth

came out

too fast

he downed half a bottle

it felt good

really good


then he opened up

finished it off then

in a drunken day dream

left the tide stream like

a balloon loosing air

flying here and there

seven arms made

a super propeller

and one a tiller

twenty then thirty to

fifty miles an hour

passed a speed boat near the beach

rolled a dust-devil from white sands

eight arm super sprinter that

cleared a volley ball net

landed on a beach-bar seat

slammed one arm on the bar


show me the two-arm

that ate my paw

and give me a JD

on the rocks


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Heavy Hearted Today

by Killerelite

I saw your heart cry mercy
at the sight of a hungry child.
You offered food
not pity nor despair.
You handed a beggar your monies
to give solace to his pain
when all around just turned
and looked away.
You’ve left a piece of your soul
in a hostile, foreign land.
To know your country honors
freedom in your passing.
And you have given
and never taken,
with a warm smile and timid nod.
Until this day when
you have left this world
my friend.
Now I hear nothing
as Taps echo through my mind.
And I feel nothing
as the past comes reeling by.
Our paths will cross again my friend
just as here on earth
and like the Marine I know you are
when it’s time for me to come
I expect you to be standing at the door.

Semer Fi……….G

Sgt. W.C.Gray………..Friend………..Brother………..Humanitarian of the highest caliber…………. and a True Devil Dog

Rest in peace my friend…….. OORAH!


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Scattered Thoughts

by jastrand1993


I feel inadequate yet so complete

Feel superior, with this pen on this sheet

My mind lifts high

As my heart starts to sink

Waves of emotions, goose bumps down my sleeves

God has his plans, as so it seems

Stuck in my past, grief of my dreams

Dark and narrow path, Shadows between the trees

Depression and Anxiety, wonder why i smoke this weed

Just another vice for a feen like me

My problems get bigger, happiness depletes

Lies all along, crys in my sleep

Searching for greener pastures

As the rain drops around me

Trying to find a shelter, as the devil starts to tease

Stuck in the wilderness, can never be free

My soul is wild, can never be tamed

Cold-blooded man, All regrets no shame

I am hungry for sin, just a little taste

Struggles Create fuel to add to the flame

Sooner or later, this pain will be drained


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Mortar and dreams

by c4a1g


in the middle of there

stood a likeness of a person

made from memories as hard as rock

a wall built around closes in tight

small cracks let in light-workers




can save one from



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