The Magic of Christmas

by Forgewright
1st place Holiday Writing Contest


A family’s love brings jubilee

and meaning to a Christmas tree

Tradition held in Hollies round

Softly warmed by wassail sound

Cookies baked to decorate

Cards are sent to celebrate

Presents wrapped, tied with a bow

A kiss beneath the Mistletoe

The brass upon the Army’s bell

Salvation where misfortune fell

Candles lit on frosty sill

Grant hearts a holiday’s fill

Tidings merry, Spirits high

The Season of parades is nigh


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Holiday Tanka

by tlhopkinson
2nd place Holiday Writing Contest


Hushed bells listen to

warm voices in the distance,

frost crystallizing

patterns on the gold stillness

where tradition’s light reflects.


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A stranger’s kindness at Christmas

by Jamboree
3rd place Holiday Writing Contest


Thank you for letting me into your home,

Christmas for me is often spent left alone.

Out on the streets, down alleyways,

Nothing to celebrate, just constant cold for days.


But out from the darkness,

Came candle light and bells,

The warm smell of Christmas,

And sound of angels.


You and your family came up to my side,

Held out a hand and led me inside.

Food, clothes, a bath, and a bed,

“You’ll be safe here tonight” You said.


Christmas day came and I joined in the feast,

2 Uncles, 1 Aunt, 3 Nephews , a Niece.

A tree in the middle, present galore,

One royal speech, carol singers at the door.


I wish that I could thank you for the merry day,

Sadly it’s a debt that I cannot repay

Yet as I leave I cry out with a festive cheer;

“Merry Christmas to y’all and a happy new year!”


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by Aj-anba
1st place- Thoughts is Turning Two! Contest


Forever to remain in the shadows,

Because it feels right,

Because that is where we belong.

It is not a bad thing.

Some see the shadows as a frightful place.

People are afraid of the unknown,

and the shadows simply place

things behind a curtain,

hiding them from prying

eyes that wish to know too much.

Perhaps the shadows are

made up of people?

People who wish to remain detached from

what is considered ‘normal’ or ‘known’,

and these people form the shadows,

to protect the things that are unknown,

from people who are not ready to see more

than that which is right in front of them.


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In Dreams

by Grace C
2nd place- Thoughts is Turning Two! Contest

In dreams, Courtney had the life she wanted and imagined. She felt she had lived her whole life in a daydream while her actual life preceded to be nothing like her daydreams because she rarely got out of her daydreams enough to realize her daydreams weren’t her real life. It was a problem most people don’t have either because they aren’t dreamers and are content with their lot in life, or because most people go out and fulfill their dreams.

Courtney watched the sunset from a beach. She saw the sun’s rays start to set over the blue July water. Courtney heard the cry of the sea gulls around her. She walked along the sand and picked up a glass bottle that had washed up from who knows where. The blue glass of the bottle blended in with the blue sky, and the blue sea. She lifted up the bottle and saw it had no cork and was empty.There was no message in this bottle, it was just an old liquor bottle, that was all. She picked it up smiling and threw it into the sea, far off the shore. The lights of the buildings near the water blinked on in the twilight, and she felt a warm presence around her, on a July evening.

Courtney was half asleep daydreaming in bed in the morning. She was near a beach and near water in her mind. In dreams, she was happy and free and lived in a warm state faraway from the cold Midwest. In reality, she only woke up because she noticed out of the corner of her eye beyond the white curtains, there was something more white. Snow. It had snowed. Courtney got up to look and see how much snow, which she hated, had shown up. Her dreams were gone and reality stared her in the face as she looked out and saw quite a bit of snow had arrived during the night in the Midwest town.

Why didn’t she ever try to get out of here?, she thought to herself. Well, maybe it was because she never got out of her dreams enough to make practical plans in life. In dreams, everything was so much easier and you could be with whoever you wanted or wherever you wanted without having to do anything scary or hard to get what you wanted.


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