The Palette Of Life

by Night_Sky_Of_Feelings
1st place- Color Poem Contest


The world is a mass of

Swirling black and white;

But, somewhere, after

The wars and the travels


And the blood and the wonders,

Millions of shades of grey

Emerged and blurred the line

Between reality and dreams.

Silver stars shine

In between the blueness of the night,

Fading into the appreciative

Pink light of dawn;


Green hills and brown mountains

Are not the only obstacle

Of my journey,

Nor are the yellow rays of the sun


Or the purple wings of the butterfly;

Even the orange dusk may not hinder me

From reaching my goal: the blurred line

Of infinite dreams.


And perhaps, somewhere along the way,

I gather a lover’s red rose into my hand—

And maybe, after that, the rainbow I follow

Will lead to the end with gold.


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by Diamondwing
2nd place- Color Poem Contest


A margin of good and evil,
between black and white,
yet not quite gray,
decorated with a little shine.

Maybe it’s just the second best,
a number two,
or a closed locket kept
close to your chest.

It’s the end of a pencil,
or that flute with shiny keys,
a little bit of you,
what you like to do.

A color,
a reflection
from the glass shards
and the shimmering pool.

It is the mirror you look through,
wondering who you are,
wishing that it might give
some sort of answer.

Maybe it’s those angel wings
you wish to spread,
to let everyone know
you’re glad to be you.

It is the past,
the present,
and the future,
all those stars that seem endless as time.


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by Killerelite
3rd place- Color Poem Contest


Calming warmth turns
to a healing heat as the sun
shines through the sky at
her brightest of blue
a daring, bewitching seductress.

The dark blue ocean lies below
absorbing the sun and
teasing the sky
with her languid dance
as a vixen made for desire.

They join on the horizon
this dubious pair
to offer the world
a myriad of blue.

Vibrant and reflective
opaque in their depths
a labyrinth of blue
giving life
giving space
taking souls to a glorious wonderment
of spectral delight.


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by Aj-anba

2nd place 25 Words or Less Contest

Voices that echo,

That resonate within me,

Guide me along this path

That I have walked for so long.

Gentle light illuminates the way



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To my dad

by Jamboree
1st place Seven Line Contest

To my dad, who’s in a coma,

Maybe forever, maybe for not much longer.

There’s no place to stay, except in the corner.

There’s just a chair and I sit there.

But for how much longer?

Please don’t go.

Love, your son, Joe


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The Spirit of the Trees

by Aj-anba
2nd place Seven Line Contest

Some say that the trees can speak,

That peace among brothers is all that they seek.

They sway to and fro as they dance with the wind,

Creaking and moaning as if greeting a friend.

Some say that the trees can sing,

And their leaves prance around with the joy that it brings.

Never stopping their song as it’s carried by wings.


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Wish for worse

by tudoricus
3rd place Seven Line Contest

What a cruel world is the one we live in

Where two souls got together

All went well, but that does not matter

Because after a short while

One decided to fly higher.

And so he left the poor crying child

Alone, in despair, a future pariah.


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