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January 27, 2013
12:17 pm
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Early morning sun rise shone across the horizon, casting long shadows on the land, 
giving the world an orange glow. Not a single cloud could be seen. Open ground 
as far as the eye could see, like a patch work quilt of fields. Trees scattered about 
in clumps, standing tall in the presence of the sun. The wind blowing through the 
long, wild grass, it dancing in the wind to a silent music. The air was crisp and fresh
 after the storm that went on the evening before. All remnants of the said storm 
were almost all gone, washed by the rain. Birds were chirping, animals chattering. 
The beginnings of everyday going ons about to start. A girl, sitting in the field on a 
blanket, seeming unaware to the beauty around her by the outside world, took in 
every breath, every sound of all that was around her. The sound of the wind as it
 picked up, scattering dead leaves on the ground, the feeling of it blowing through 
her hair and cooling the heat of the sun on her skin. To her right, a mouse scurried
 by, back to the safety of its home. Above her a crow circling around, no doubt to 
descend on his helpless prey. She tasted the air on her tongue as she breathed, 
cool and fresh and gliding down her throat filling her insides with gracious oxygen, 
after depleting the used. She could feel the prickle of the grass through the wool 
woven blanket she rested upon. Her eyes that were closed opened and she took 
in the sights. The sky like a rainbow, mixed with purple and pink. The light around
 her orange and glowing. Stars still out as they slowly fade away, the crescent moon
 still visible in the morning. It's shine being outdone by the morning sun. She breathed.
 In, and out. A continuos process to keep her alive, her brain going, her senses livid. 
In the distant, if she listened hard enough, she could hear the faint sounds of car horns,
 alarms, the sounds of the city, people working hours on end, never resting. She wished
 to stay here, basking in the sun away from the bustle and problems in the world. A 
world full of selfish and cruel people, taking what they want and never giving back. Never
 stoping to listen to the sounds of nature, the beauty the world has given us. Every morning 
she sat out here in this field, on this blanket, just taking in all that has been given to her 
before she goes back to the ungrateful, unforgiving world we live in today. She took one
 last breath, stood, blanket in hand. She brought her hand to her mouth, pressed it to her
 lips and blew a kiss to the sun. She then turned and walked away. As she went the the
 wind roared, blowing past her with force. She smiled as Mother Nature said its good bye. 
'We are all the same, what ever we look like and who ever we want to be with, we are equal' -Ericka
January 29, 2013
10:58 pm

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Beautifully written scenic descriptions, capturing the senses like this does definitely put the reader there.

Is nice to know that others have "havens" they hold so precious. I have had a few over the years, mostly at the ocean, a place to stop and be in the moment even if for only a moment. The sight of the vast ocean coupled with sounds of the waves crashing always reminds me how big the world is, how things aren't just about me, I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing sometimes... I of coarse awe at how beautiful nature is, how precious life is... and breathe :)

I enjoyed this work

Perfection; my greatest strength and weakness.

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