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childrens book 4 jungle town
March 30, 2014
1:32 pm

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It was a very exciting day in Jungle Town, it was the day of the Big, Big Talent Show and a very special guest was coming to visit, Netty the Elephant, she was Jungle Town’s favourite singer and she was coming to judge all the other animals in the show.


All the animals were busy getting ready for the show, Geogre Giraffe  and Charlie Crocodile were helping getting the stage ready ,whilst Phoebe Parrot  was busy making the big banner in which it said” Big ,Big Talent Show here tonight”.



Jungle Town’s

Big, Big


Here Tonight





Henrietta Hippo was having a mud bath with her favourite scrubbing brush, making herself look beautiful has Hippos normally do.

La da Dee, la da Dee she sang to herself has she covered herself in the brown thick squelching mud.

“I love mud, it’s good for your skin” Henrietta said





 But Just then a fly flew onto Henrietta’s nose,

“Shoo, Shoo “she said trying to wave the fly away

“Wait! I have something very important I must tell you, a secret” said the fly

Henrietta stopped waving her arms at the fly and looked very intrigued

“A secret you say, I do love a good Secret” says Henrietta




 “Well I heard the rest of the animals in Jungle Town all talking and they said that Henrietta will not win the talent competition because you was the worst singer they had ever heard and what’s more they said that Netty Elephant will have to cover up her ears when you sing





Because she won’t be able to stand your terrible screeching voice” replied the fly

“How disgraceful, I happen to have a wonderful singing voice Ile have you know” replied Henrietta?

Henrietta was very cross that the rest of the animals in Jungle Town had said such a thing about her singing.





“I don’t think I want to be in the show any more” Henrietta said looking very sad and not at all interested in the Talent show any more.

“It’s not my fault I just thought you should Know  what the rest of the animals were all saying that’s all , I think you have a lovely singing voice”

But you mustn’t tell them I told you” said the fly looking very smug with himself.
















Meanwhile Kyle Lion was practising his mighty roar down at his den

“Roar!” he bellowed out very loudly, shaking the leaves from the trees

  It’s then that the same fly came by and landed on top of Kyle Lions hairy mane.

“Be off, you, pesky fly, can’t you see I’m far too busy practising my mighty roar” said Kyle lion

“But I have a Secret I need to share with you, but if you don’t want to know then fine I will be on my way “said the sly old fly

Kyle lion stopped is roaring.










“Oooooh a secret you say and what would be that then, I know it would be about my wonderful mighty roar” remarked Kyle looking very pleased with himself.

“Well sort of, I was listening to the rest of the animals in Jungle town and they said that  you had the worst roar they had ever heard and that a mouse would be able to squeak  much louder than you  and when Netty Elephant hears you roar she will roll about the floor in fits of  laughter”

“What! A mouse louder than me, Ridiculous said Kyle lion







Kyle Lion was very unhappy that the rest of the animals had said such a horrible thing about him

“Worst roar indeed, I think I have the mightiest roar in the whole of Jungle Town, but if that’s what they think of my roar, then I don’t think I want to be in the show after all” said Kyle lion looking very sad

“But you mustn’t tell them I told you” said the fly looking even more smug than before.












Further into the Jungle Peter Monkey was practising on his bongo Drums

“Bop, bop, bang, bang, peter monkey bashed away making a very lovely sound

The fly that happened to be passing flew onto peters head, peter was just about to pick the fly from his head and eat him when the fly said

“Wait! I have a secret I need to share with you “

Peter monkey put the fly down

“A secret, I love secrets, tell me more” asked Peter




 “Well I happened to be listening to the rest of the animals in Jungle Town today and they said that your drumming had to be the worst drumming they had ever heard and that netty elephant would have to wear ear plugs when she hears you bashing away on your bongo drums

“Why would they say that, I thought my drumming was the best in Jungle Town” said peter

Peter wasn’t at all happy that the rest of the animals had said mean things about his drumming

“Worst drumming, ok well I won’t enter that stupid talent show” he said very upset.





So Henrietta, Kyle and peter all decided that they wasn’t going to enter the talent show after all, the fly laughed to himself

“Ha, Ha, Ha, now I will be able to enter the Talent competition and win because I will be the only one in it, what a clever fly I am”







Meanwhile George giraffe was pulling leaves from the very high branch and munching away when he noticed Peter Monkey in the tree just sitting there looking very, very sad.

“Aren’t you getting ready for the big, big talent show monkey” asked George

“I’m not going” replied Peter

“Why ever not “asked George

“Because I’m rubbish, its true Netty Elephant would have to wear ear plugs” Said peter












“You’re a good Drummer, I love to hear you play why would you think that” said George

“I am not and stop pretending you like my drumming; I know what you all really think”

And with that peter monkey climbed down the tree and off he went.

George looked very confused

“How strange” he thought.










On the other side of the Jungle Henrietta was walking back to her house after her muddy bath when she is greeted by Charlie Crocodile

“Hello Henrietta” greeted Charlie

Henrietta was so down about what the fly had said she barely looked up to see Charlie and when she did she gave out a half-hearted “Hello”






“What’s a matter shouldn’t you be getting yourself ready for the big, big talent show I know how excited you been about it” asked Charlie

“I don’t think so, I’m not in the mood” replied Henrietta



“Not in the mood but you been looking forward to it for ages, plus you’re a great singer be a shame to miss out” said Charlie

“I am not a great Singer, in fact I’m the worst singer in the whole of Jungle town” replied Henrietta, very glum

“No you’re not you have a wonderful singing voice, I wish I could sing just like you” Said Charlie

“Well it’s not what all of Jungle town has been saying and I don’t think you should pretend to like my singing either” replied Henrietta and with that she walked away

“Oh dear what’s going on with Henrietta” said Charlie











Phoebe Parrot was flying over the river when she saw Kyle Lion looking at his own reflection in the water



“Maybe a mouse could roar much louder than me “he said to himself”

“Who are you talking too” asked Phoebe

“No one” said Kyle

“The Big Talent Show is about to begin shouldn’t you be getting ready “said Phoebe”








“I won’t be going to any silly Talent Show I’m simple not good enough, my roar will only make Netty Elephant Laugh “Said Kyle

“Your Roar is the best roar I’ve ever heard; you’re the best Rorer in the whole of Jungle Town”

“No its not, it’s the worst and you shouldn’t be so nice when I know really what all of you think and Kyle walked away all slumped and sad.

“Why would Kyle lion think that, it doesn’t make sense” thought Phoebe and with that she flew off to find the rest of the animals.








It was time for the Big Talent show to begin, Netty Elephant had arrived, and a crowd of animals from jungle town had all come to watch the show.











“Hello Jungle town and welcome to the big, big talent show, and without further ado let’s bring on our first contestant ,please give a warm welcome to Henrietta Hippo, announced Netty  elephant but Henrietta  didn’t come up on to the stage.

Netty Elephant scratched her head but continued on with the show   “next up will be Kyle Lion and his mighty roar” but Kyle lion didn’t come up on to the stage either

“Oh dear “said Netty

Just then the naughty fly flew onto Netty elephant’s trunk










“It looks like I’m your only contestant, so therefore I am the winner, and I must tell you I’m rubbish at everything I can’t sing ,I can’t dance I’m completely rubbish at everything“ said the fly laughing

“But you can’t be the winner you haven’t done anything “replied Netty

“What’s the point you may as well declare me Fredericka the greatest Fly ever right here, the winner of all Jungle Town big, big talent show

“But you have to do something “said Netty Elephant

“But I already have, I played a trick on some of the animals into not taking part in the talent show, I am the cleverest Fly in the whole of Jungle Town “said the Fly




But just then beautiful singing sound came from within the jungle

“What a lovely sound “said Netty

“Ignore that it’s just the wind, give me the trophy I’m the winner after all “said the fly

“That’s Henrietta “said Charlie crocodile











Then there was an almighty roar in the distance

“What a wonderful roar “said netty

“That’s thunder; looks like rain “said the fly looking very impatient

“That’s Kyle Lion “Said phoebe parrot

Then the sound of beating Drums could be heard

“What wonderful drumming “Said Netty

“Oh that will be my stomach rumbling I’m very hungry best get something to eat” said the fly

“That’s Peter drumming” said George













“So it was you who told Henrietta, Kyle and peter they were the worst in jungle town

“All because you wanted to win yourself” said George


“Yes how clever am I, Fredericka the greatest fly in the whole of Jungle Town






“We must go and tell Henrietta, Kyle and peter there is still time for them to enter the talent competition” said Phoebe and flew off to tell them about the naughty fly




“Wait the talent show is over, I won, and it’s too late “said the fly

“Be quiet you naughty Fly you should be ashamed of yourself, tricking other animals just so you could win” said netty very cross  

“Who cares about the stupid competition anyway, I off before the other animals get back “said the fly and flew away has fast has he could






Eventually Henrietta, Kyle and peter got to the Talent show

“How silly were we letting a Fly stop us from entering the talent show “said Kyle

“He was a very naughty fly, but at least us now were not rubbish like he said we were in fact I’m not really bothered about being a winner

On a talent show, I’d rather have all of you enjoy me singing “said Henrietta

“And my Drumming” said Peter

“And my Roar” said Kyle

I declare you all winners “said Netty Elephant

And so Henrietta, Kyle, Peter  all got on stage and performed to all the animals in jungle town ,all ended  happy  in the end………..well almost.











You see the Fly couldn’t help himself being so smug and naughty he came across a frog on a lily pad he flew down and rested next to the frog

“Here Frog I’ve got a secret, I heard all of the frogs in this pond saying that you……and before the fly could say another word the frog launched out it’s long tongue and gobbled up the fly.

“Don’t worry your secret will be safe with me” rubbing his tummy “yum, yum” said the frog.


May 18, 2014
6:42 am

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Wonderful children's story @craigb12 ................ I truly wish I had the ability to create and think to write for young minds as you do................ Barely having time these days to even log on to Thoughts makes me wish for more time to read and write. The fact that you posted this in March and I've not read it till now is testament to further sorrow........ Sigh.

........... As a child I'm sure I'd have felt much the way I do now about your story................. Was really glad the frog ate the damn pest of a fly!

Semper Fi

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
May 18, 2014
7:04 am

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I thought i hadn't seen much of you on here these day hence why i put out a message ages ago for your where abouts u are icon to thoughts your veiws and input are inspiring and delight to read that in it self is precious ,constructive and have a none negative to your say thoughts inc wouldn't be same with out the

killerelite !!!!!!!

May 18, 2014
7:12 am

Points: 7782
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Thanks for the props @craigb12 ............... I miss having time to dwell here. But I believe Thoughts requires the interaction of all of it's members. And recent past has made me realize that I need to navigate this forum in a different manner when I have time to log on these days...................

Have to don the pink gloves and help the wife..............

Semper Fi

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
May 18, 2014
1:14 pm

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Lets not go with pink gloves again ha ha


amazing how we ended ubiggrinp with pink gloves from one of your favourite rants ha ha

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