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prologue of penny pink before chapter one
February 19, 2014
6:34 pm

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Have you ever thought how totally brilliant life would be if we could have exactly what we wanted in life, all the things we dreamed and wished for came true, well this story is all about just that?

 I’m Penny pink  and  I live at 28 lambourgh court  ,a small culd-di-sac ,I live here with my mother or Mrs pink to you reading this right know ,Mrs pink, My mom  works in the city and constantly on her phone, there’s no secret about it she is a phone- a-holic, talking to clients, work is her life! She is on her phone night and day, whilst she is doing the washing , the ironing ,cooking the dinner, on the toilet , parents evening ,school plays ,award assembles , sports day!, this can be very embarrassing, I  often have to go into my mother’s room at night and have to prize the phone away from her ear has she  more than often chatting to nobody in her sleep , the only time my mom doesn’t use her phone is  when she drives to work, that’s when the ear piece comes in to play, My mom does work hard, very hard  but she has never really spent much time talking to me,  about school, about life about anything really! Don’t get me wrong I have everything I want the latest mobile phone, laptops, tablets, latest fashion, shoe’s and trainers, big screen TV in my room, complete surround sound I am smothered in things that other children could only dream of, so in many ways I am was a very lucky girl but the then again I don’t have what other children have a mom that I can talk to.

My father on the other hand his totally the opposite he does talk to me about what I’ve been up to, how I was doing at school, Mr pink, my dad didn’t live with my mother anymore, he lived with my grandma pink in a big house by the sea, I only get to see my father during school holidays, he lives hundreds of miles away, but me and my father on the other hand would speak on the telephone everyday 5oclock on the dot without fail.

My dad was an inventor ,well he tries to be , let’s say many of his inventions were either useless or purposeless hence why my mom and dad  don’t live together anymore ,for instance some of the ideas and creations created  by my dad were things like the exploding mouse trap, he thought the conventional mouse trap was let’s say too  humane way of killing a mouse ,leaving the mouse to suffer where has his exploding mouse trap was more instant way of dyeing ,the problem was after testing the trap it tended to explode and then catch fire nearly setting the whole house alight, this really didn’t take off ,other inventions like  the spectacle visor ,a visor fitted above your spectacles to shield them from rain, even though it was a good  in principle  they  looked utterly ridiculous and couldn’t really see them being worn has some kind of fashion statement, and  probably the worst invention  had to be the dog pooh shoe detector ,a device fitted to the shoe which would  enable to detect you stepping into  dog pooh ,this was an instant no go has my dad  often came   home smelling  very unpleasant, after pretending not to see the dog doings and stepping right into it ,the alarm on the shoes has you can imagine never went off leaving a very smelly shoe, not one of his best ideas ,but never the less I did enjoy seeing my father  and his latest instalments in craziest and zaniest ideas .


My name is Penny pink and that was just a glimmer of my world, the best of my adventure is yet to come ………………………………….



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