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The Cottage (Complete)
March 13, 2014
1:50 am

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                    The Cottage


(Dreams are strange, don’t be offended by what you read, it was only a dream.)


 Gene and his wife Ellen, were driving in the country one summer morning.

It was an exceptionally beautiful day, a bit cloudy but warm, with a slight

cool breeze. It was their fifth wedding anniversary; and they just wanted to take

a ride together, to someplace they’ve never seen before.

After an hour on the main highway, Gene spotted a dirt road; and slowed

down to a stop, he takes a few moments of thought; them turns to Ellen and asks.


Gene: "What do you think? Will this do the trick?"


Running her fingers through her hair, she answers: " what are you talking About?"


Gene: " You wanted me to get lost; remember?"


Ellen looks towards the road and says : "have you been on it before?"

Gene smiles and answers: "Not at all!"

Ellen with a humorist look, says: "At the time, I meant for just you, to get lost. "

Gene again smiles and says with a smirk:

"Maybe so but, you may as well come along too."


Ellen laughs and says: "I suppose so. I can’t see myself walking back home.."


The couple drive down the road, with no care about time, or worries

of where their going.

It wasn’t long before Gene saw water ahead, and a grove of trees to the right.


Gene: " I didn’t know, there was a lake out this way.

Gorgeous! So blue, Hon, would you look at that!"


Ellen not really interested in the water, excitedly says: "Gene! Oh my God! Look at the trees! Oh so beautiful; I’ve never seen anything like those! Could we stop there for a few minutes?"


"Sure. Why not." Gene said as he pull’s over and parks.


The trees were picture perfect in every way, not a limb out of place.

Even the shrubs were like a painting, with a little trail between them.

Gene and Ellen sat there wondering if they should get out and follow it.


Ellen: "Where do you think it go’s too?"


Gene: "I Don’t know, but we won’t find out sitting here. Want to explore?"


Calmly and collectively with a sneaky little smile, Ellen answers: "Shell We?"

They leave the safety of their car; and began walking the narrow trail.

It took them through the thick tall trees; where sunlight wasn’t known.

Mushrooms and Moss, were growing uncontrollably. A place where

you might find a small village of fairies, or maybe even a leprechaun or two.

There ware dragonflies, and fire-flies everywhere.


Gene: "I thought the lightning bugs were nocturnal. Hon,

When are we going to have a child?

She would have love this."


Ellen: "Ooh look! Butterflies, is that a Monarch?

We talked about this before,

I’m just not ready to be a Mother.

What kind of bird is that?"


Gene: "I think it’s a humming bird. .. I talked about it.

But you didn’t answer me."


Ellen: "Well I answered you now. I’m not ready, .. Is that a little pond,

It’s full of flowers, ah, their water lilies, aren’t they?"


Gene: Yes lilies. Is it because of me? ..Be careful there’s

a hole don’t step in it.


Ellen: "oops thanks, No of course it’s not you, it’s me.

Duck your head. Wow!

That was a big sucker."



 The couple continues to walk the little trail. it didn’t take them very long to

find the end.


Ellen: "Gene is that light there? How long did we walk?

What did you mean, She, would love it."


Gene: "I thought it would be nice to have a girl.

Yes it’s sunlight; we haven’t walked for

too long maybe 15 minutes. Shit it’s like coming

out of a tunnel."


Ellen: "Wow! My God, What is this place?

Gene get over here! Look at this."


As Gene came into the light, what was before him was breath taking, the trees seemed to encircle an acre or two, of open space of land, where there were beds of beautiful flowers, and hundreds of Exotic plants of all kinds. some witch should not even be in this region of the world.


Between the garden beds were cobble stone walkways, and scattered

about were fruit trees of every variety.

And in the center of everything was a lovely looking multi color Cottage.

The most lovely home, either of them had ever seen. As they begin to walk

the cobble stone walkways towards the house, they saw a number of

small rock waterfalls with religious statues sitting on them.

Gene gets down on one knee, and examines one of the waterfalls.


Ellen says: "What are you looking for? There just for decoration.


Gene: " No not these, look at the way the water go’s down these little

canals, it’s feeding the plants. And I can’t hear a pump."


Gene hears a noise, and stands to see where it might have come from;

then spots a number of small animals scurrying about.

Suddenly he hears Ellen call out to him.


"Gene, Look! a young dear just ran by."


Gene answers: "Yes, and Rabbits, a fox, Squirrels,

Raccoons, and a possum. "



 Ellen: "You seen all those?"


Gene: "Yeah! Look over there."


Ellen: looked just as a fox runs passed. And tells Gene, look at the funny insects. even they are pretty.


Gene: "Yes, their exotic. You can’t find most of these species around here."


Ellen: "What’s it all mean? You think maybe it’s a refuge of some kind?"


Gene: "I don’t know, maybe; we’ll find out when we get to the house. And I‘d better not find Noah living there."



They walked the cobble stone path to the small two floor colonial style cottage.

It had three windows coming out of the high-low hanging roof.

A very cozy colorful looking home, a light yellow, with pale green shutters, and a soft red trim.

There were perfect cut shrubbery around the front, and reddish shrubs on either side of the small pale green porch.

It was almost a storybook kind of house. Gene and Ellen walk up the porch and knock on the door. No one answers. They knock a few more times but nothing.


Ellen: "No one is home, what now?"


"Wait! Shhh," Gene says, "Hear That?"


Ellen: "Hear What?"


Gene stands there with his head down, and hand up, trying to listen.

Music, Gene says. "It’s coming from the back of the house, Come on."


Ellen follows him around to the rear, the music became louder,

When they reach the other side of the house, there he was, a man standing on

a 14 foot deck in front of a barbecue; cooking, listening to

Golden oldies.



 The man had a dark complexion and black hair, wearing a T-shirt

and blue jeans, also an apron with the words THE BEST COOK

IN TOWN. He was clean shaven, about 5. 8. in his middle

thirties; and was dancing around with a fork in his hand. Gene and Ellen stood there watching the man, and looked at each other and smiled, and continued to watch him.

Suddenly the man looked down and saw them, and a big smile appeared on his face; he excitedly said in a loud voice:

"Gene, Ellen! Welcome! I thought you would never get here, come on up!"


Ellen looks at Gene and says: "This is to weird, lets get out of here."


"No! No," Gene says." It’ll be alright, I don’t know why but I trust him. Come on

lets go up."


Ellen: "How does he know our names?"


Gene: "I Don’t know, But let’s find out, we’ll go up!"


The couple walk up and onto the deck, a little uncertain of their new found friend.

They were about to introduce them self’s, when the stranger interrupts.


"Not necessary, No introductions are needed, Please have a seat Ellen, Or do you prefer sir names? Miss’s Langley isn't it?


Ellen Gives an insecure look, to Gene who now questions the stranger.


"Excuse me sir, I hope you don’t misunderstand, But you have us at a

slight disadvantage. You seem to know who we are; but we don’t know



The man smiles and gives an answer that still leaves the couple in the dark.

"Think nothing of it, Please sit down, You do drink beer Gene, don‘t you?

Here you go, nice and cold; Ellen I believe you’re a tea drinker, lets see, Ah,

right here. I like this stuff too. So I’ll have one with you."


Gene: "Your not going to have a beer?"


Stranger: " Oh I occasionally have a cup of wine, but not too often.


So Ellen how’s little Sara?"



Ellen: "I beg your pardon? .. Who, Who’s Sara?


Stranger: "Oh my! I’m sorry, That’s right, she’s not here yet, is she.

Well No one’s perfect! Where’s my manners. How about

a Burger; I’m sure there’s better, but not here. Gene, I believe

you like onions. Ellen, hold yours. There we go, enjoy!"


Gene: "Ok Look who ever you are, I’m sure your trying to be nice. But this is driving us nuts. How do you know so much about us!"


Ellen: "Yes Who are you! And who in the hell is this Sara?"


Stranger: "Ah, yeah. Ellen, I kind of like staying away from that word.


Ellen: "I don’t mean to be harsh, You’ve shown us nothing but Kindness. But Gene’s right! This is a bit nerve racking."


Gene: "If you could at lease tell us your name. That might help a little."


Stranger: "Alright, my name. Well, let me start off by apologizing, I don’t have many visitors. The last time I entertained was many years ago, before either of you were born."


Gene: "What? .. That’s it! .. Ellen we better get going. Come on hon.

Thank you sir. But we must be going."


Stranger: "Please sit, you haven’t eating your Burger. Ellen! Tell Gene Who I am."



Ellen: "I don’t know who you are. Gene’s right! We must be on our Way."



Stranger: "Ellen! Look in your heart, you know who I am. Tell him."


Ellen stares at the man for several moments, giving an empty expression; then

suddenly a look of recognition. Then the stranger smiles.


Ellen: "Gene, He’s right! We can’t go."


Gene: "What’s that you say?"



Ellen: “I don’t know where, but we’ve met before. Please sit down Gene."


Gene walks over and says, "Where did you meet him? Why didn’t you saysomething before?"


Ellen: " I, … I didn’t realize till just now. Gene, You met him before too."


Gene: “Excuse me Sir. Ellen I don’t know this Gentleman, Who is he?”


Ellen: “I‘m not sure, but yet, I remember him.”


Stranger: “Gene why don’t you have a seat next to Ellen, It’s time we had a nice long talk.”


Annoyed, suspicious, curious; Gene slowly walks over to the table and sits down.

Both men stare at each other a few moments, then Gene breaks the silent’s.


Gene: “This is really quite an elaborate layout you’ve got here.”


Stranger: “Like it? A gift from my Father.”


Gene: “You’re Dad gave you all of this?”


Stranger: “Ah, yes! I don’t think I ever called him Dad. Interesting?”


Gene: “So what is your name, if you don’t mind, you seem to already know ours.”


Stranger: “I have been called many names in my existence, but for now you may


Call me Yesua.”


Ellen: “Is that Arabic?”


Yesua: “No, It’s from the land of the old ones, Hebrew.”


Ellen: “Oh, So your Jewish? But how is it that your so familiar to me?”


Yesua: “I was Hebrew at one time, but I claim many nations since then. Ellen, look deep into your heart, and try to remember. You too Gene. There was a time that both of you had faith in me, when no introductions were necessary.”


Ellen: “Yesua, Who’s Sara?”


Yesua: “Sara is, or will be, you’re Daughter, if you two ever get down to business.”



Ellen and Gene look at each other in confusion. Then turn back to Yesua.


Gene: “Just who are you? What is this place all about?”


Yesua: “Look around you, there was once a Garden like this long ago; of course not as small. It was given as a gift to your great, great, Great, Grand Parents by my Father.

They gave it up. Don’t give up your Garden; there maybe a few weeds in it. But it don’t take much to put on a pair of gloves and clean it up. And I don’t mean boxing gloves, Sara wants to be born.”


Gene: “You said you been known by other names; Noah wasn‘t one of them, was it??”


Ellen: “Gene!”


Yesua: “No, But my Latin name was Iesus. If that helps”


Ellen: “Why us? What’s so special about us?”


Yesua: “Not you, Your Daughter!”


Gene: “Is she going to be a saint or something?”


Yesua: “No just a child, That’s all, just a child. Drink your beer Gene.


Kar’ kaiyt Hoop, Shly. Yadiyd.”


Gene: “What’s that?”


Yesua: “It’s old Hebrew, I said Bottoms up My friend.”


Ellen: “I know that you’re a holy man of some kind. Are you a Psychic?”


Yesua: “Call me what ever you’d like.”


Gene: “Why all this? Is it all just a zoo?”


Yesua: “Not at all, I miss being around nature, and having a place I can call home.


I have a few places such as this all over the world. When I get lonely I go to one of them, after all; you can’t be human and not long for it sometimes.”


Ellen: “ This is so hard to believe. What do you want from us?”



Yesua: “I want you to have your child, and call her Sara, I’d like you to be happy together that’s all. And forget that you were ever here, and remember only what you need to remember.”


Gene: “That’s it? We leave here and forget? How do you plan we do that!”


Yesua: “You won’t forget all of it. You’ll awake one morning and remember a dream you had, it’ll help you through the years, and I hope to see you again.”


Ellen: “Do you see anything special in Sara‘s life?”


Yesua: “No more then anyone else; no she won’t be creating Miracles if that‘s what you mean. Times today are not the same as when I was teaching the words of our Father.

There are more teachers now then all the rulers of the holy land, past and present. More then the army’s of ancient Rome.”


Gene: “You speak as if you had been there.”


Yesua: “Do I? You never no .. As I was saying the world doesn’t need another Saint, or Miracle Worker, it just needs to open its eyes, and look at all the Martyrs that it had in the pass. There were so many, and they really did help to make the world what it is today .

Even though exceptional progress has been made; there is exceedingly more that needs to change; And it will be the Children that do the job. How were the Burgers?”


Ellen: “They were wonderful.”


Gene: “Yes, I’ve never had any better. Your a good cook.”


Ellen: “So are you a Priest Sir?”


Yesua: “I don’t claim anything Ellen, Nor do I deny it.”


Gene: I don’t really understand, if the birth of our child is so unimportant, then why do you insist she be born? And why must she be called Sara.


Yesua: “I did not say she was Not Important Gene, I merely said there were no future plans for her. As for what to call her, I just like the name Sara, but you can call her what you will.



You know what’s wrong with the world today Gene, there are no more children. The average 12 year old is going on 18, there are a few exceptions but not many.

Sara will be one of those few. It will be their child like view of life that will change things for the better.


Gene: “You say your not a Priest, or a Psychic, so what are you?”


Yesua: “I have admitted to nothing.”


Gene: “Yes I know. But you said that you were a Teacher of the Gospel once, there are those who don’t believe in it anymore, God has been taken out of schools, Cross’s removed from hills, and even today they are still trying to remove Symbols of God and Jesus. So many have turned away. Why should we care any more?”


Yesua: “Jesus was taken and beaten by his own people and whip unmercifully by the Romans, spikes were drove into his limbs. His blood spilled onto the ground and then he was hung on a wooden Cross and left there to die in agony.

This was done to wash away the sins of man. Are you saying he passed away for nothing? must Man’s sins be reinstated?”


Gene: “Well no! I’m just saying who really cares anymore.”


Yesua: “I’ll give you one better Thomas, ah .. I mean Gene, No one but a few cared then.


But half the world believes now. The other half will come around, sooner or later, they must! You don’t cast you’re child to the Lions because he doesn’t learn, you just try a little harder next time. Would you like another beer Gene?”


Gene: “Ah .. Yes .. I would.”


Yesua: “Good! right here. There you go.”


Gene: “Why do you give me alcohol if you’re a holy man.”


Yesua: “I didn’t say I was. But God doesn’t mind if you have a drink or two, He just doesn’t like you drinking so much that your tripping over your own feet.”


Yesua: “Ellen More tea?”


Ellen: “Yes please! Can I ask you something?”


Yesua: “There you go. Yes go ahead!”


Ellen: “Why is it that you get lonely, I mean enough to have all this made for you. And other places like this, is your Dad rich?”



Yesua: “Ellen you have a place with Gene; that is you’re home, Right! But don’t you sometimes long for the place where you grew up, and doesn’t it make you lonely?”


Ellen: “Yes Sometimes.”


Yesua: “Well that’s all it is. .. But unlike you, I can do something about it. And this is it.


this is what makes me happy; and I think I deserve to be happy, don’t you? And Yes I Guess you could say that my Father is rich in a lot of ways.”


Ellen: “I’m sorry, yes you are right of course, you should have what you long for.”


Yesua: “Oh my, look at the time. You should be on your way, please you must go now. Remember what I told you, and you must be happy your selves.”


Gene: “Before we go, can I ask you, What does Yesua mean in English?”


Yesua: “You believe that there is an English Translation for my name?”


Gene: “Well isn’t there?”


Yesua: “Yes of course, you have one of those smart phones don’t You?”


Ellen: “Yes we do.”


Yesua: “After you leave here, look it up!”


Gene: “Thanks for the beer.”


Yesua: “Think nothing of it. Bye now.”


Gene: “Bye.”


Yesua: “Say Gene, Ellen, Are you going to have your child?”


Ellen: “Yes, I believe that we are; Gene?”


Gene: “Yes we are going too. And we’re calling her Sara.”


Yesua smiled with a lot of pride and waved goodbye. Gene and Ellen went back through the garden and down the path among the trees.



Ellen: “I just can’t believe how beautiful that yard was, look Gene, are those Chipmunks?”


Gene: “Yep! Sure is.”


Ellen: “What are you doing?”


Gene: “Trying to find out what Yesua means, But my cell phone doesn’t seen to work in here. I have four bars it should work?”


Ellen: “Well he told you wait tell we leave, we haven’t left yet.! Oooh a peacock, So gorgeous.”


Gene: “Don’t get too close, they make such a horrible screeching sound when disturbed. Why in the heck won’t this thing work!”


Gene and Ellen took their time, back to the car, When they finally walked into the sunlight and seen their vehicle they really didn’t want to get back in it, but did. Gene handed Ellen the phone and got behind the wheel, and they went on their way.


Ellen: “How do you spell his name?”


Gene: “Ah, Y e s u, I believe, are you Checking the internet?”


Ellen: “Yes, ah ha, Oh here it is, it’s; their’s an (A) at the end. Well, it is Hebrew.”


Gene: “So, what’s it mean?”


Ellen: “Ready for this?”


Gene: “Yeah!”


Ellen: “Well .. Yesua is the Hebrew translation for .. Why am I not surprised, For (Jesus). But why wouldn’t he admitted?”


Gene: “He couldn’t! It has something to do with Faith, We had to know who he was, without him telling us. Remember, blessed are those, who believe and have not seen.”


Ellen: “Your not to good with Bible verse’s are you. But then neither am I. ..So what do we do now?”



Gene: “You heard him, we go home go to sleep, and forget we ever met him. And have a baby, and name her Sara, and live happily ever after.”


Ellen: “What if I don’t want to forget, What if I want to remember everything.”


Gene looked at Ellen, and said.: I don’t thank we really have a choice here.


Gene and Ellen wanted to write down all that happen to them, and who they met. But they forgot!






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