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The Lost Angel ( Re-Edited)
February 16, 2014
10:09 pm

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                     The Lost Angel


By Lyn Nolan.                                                                   

Words: 18905 

The Birth:

10:15 pm, a lone car is racing down the San Bernardino freeway, the driver try's to keep at the posted speed limit, but is in a hurry to get to his destination; The Los Angeles` General Hospital.

The huge medical facility owned and operated by Los Angeles County was founded in 1878, it became affiliated in1885, with the University of Southern California (USC) Medical School.

Many have been born at the General, even Marilyn Monroe` was born on June 1, 1929, in the charity ward of this Medical center; one of the busiest public hospitals in the western United States.

It’s no wonder that sometimes, the care on the floors can be much less then substantial; because of over worked, and underpaid staff.

Tonight, the busy charity ward will have just one patient too many.

It’s May 5 1965, The chill in the air has a slight bite to it. The night sky reflects the mood of the evening, overcast and sullen.

The driver takes the State street off-ramp, to Marengo street where the hospital is located, then pulling up to the front doors of the medical center, the young man nervously and quickly steps out of his car; and runs around to the passenger side of the vehicle, to open the door for his wife.

Daniel Rush, a 22-year-old, barely able to make ends meet, is about to become a father.

The young pregnant girl grabs a hold of the doorframe pulling herself out of the seat, with the help of her worried young husband. She then attempts to walk albeit, and with some difficulty to the double doors of the hospital.

Just turned 21 years old, this will be Matilda Rush’s first baby.

Being petite, Daniel would sometimes tease her, saying that if she ate a walnut she would look pregnant.

But this is for real, and there's no time for kidding around. Something is very wrong; the baby is not due for two more months, and labor has already begun.

To make things worst, the Amniotic Fluid Membrane has ruptured. This preterm labor could mean trouble for the Rush's and their baby.

As Matilda slowly walks to the double doors, a nurse of whom expected the Rush’s, meets them with a wheelchair. With assistance by the husband, the two make Matilda as comfortable as possible.

Once inside, Matilda feels uneasy with everything that’s going on around them. So many people, so much pain.

“I wish we could have afforded to be in a hospital, where we could have had better care." Matilda thought to herself as she surveyed the area.

"But, Wouldn’t they give us the best of care possible?” She wondered.

Matilda’s contractions were now two minutes apart. The baby was on its way. As she was taken to obstetrics, Daniel was asked to sit in the waiting room. This was going to be a preterm birth, and he was not welcome in the delivery room at this time.

Daniel was worried about his wife, and his baby, but no more worried then Matilda herself. Because she was so tiny, the doctor had forewarned; that there maybe complications.

As she was wheeled into the delivery room and assisted onto the table, the anxious Matilda said to the Nurse.

“I .. I have never been through this before, where is my Doctor? Isn't' .. Isn’t he suppose to be here?”

Seeking to calm her, the Nurse replied.

“Dr Green has been called. He should be here shortly. Please Don’t be worried.”

Still unsure, this was all so new to her, Matilda queried.

“Aren’t we suppose to be in some kind of ready room? or something like that?”

Now feeling Matilda’s fears, the nurse replies with a soft, comforting tone,

“It’s all right! The doctor decided that because you’re so close to giving birth, that we should prep you in the delivery room, that’s all. It will be a little easier on you and the baby. Now just lie back and relax.”

The nurse then asked Matilda to turn slightly onto her left side. As she slowly did what she was asked, she spots the hypodermic syringe in the nurse’s hand. Reacting instinctively, Matilda raises her hand, pleading,

“No Don’t! Please don’t put me out! I thought that I was supposed to remain awake through this?”

With understanding in her voice, the Nurse answers. “I’m not sedating you Mrs. Rush.”

Just then she hears a man’s voice say. “Of course' she isn’t Matilda.”

“Dr Green!” Matilda calls out.

“She’s simply following my orders,” The Doctor answers comfortingly.

As he walks into the delivery room, he continues. “The drug Mrs. Rush, is called Bupivacaine. The nurse will be injecting it just below your spine; producing what we call a spinal block. Do you remember we talked about it, having something like this, if the situation called for it.”

bewilderment in her voice, Matilda replied, “Wha' What situation Doctor?”

Dr Green then explained, “Mrs. Rush, your baby is in distress. The infant is not going to make the full term of your pregnancy. It wants out. Now! And frankly, we don’t know why? All we can do at this time is go along with it. The baby is calling the shots now. And even though the fetus is small, your body has not yet completed the necessary adjustments for birth.

This usually takes place With the last two months of a completed term.”

He continued.

“That’s why I feel that this situation calls for a block. Most often, we don’t like to use this approach. It’s not always good for the infant. But in this case, I think it would be a bad idea not to use it.

The pain that you feel now, is nothing. compared to what you’re going to be feeling later.”

Yes, Matilda, was in pain! And wanted it to stop. But she was also afraid for her baby. She had carried it too long to lose it now. The Doctor seems concerned, and this made her feel a lot more trust for him. She was able to relax a little bit more.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Green. It’s just that? ... I’ll behave.”

The injection was given, a little time went by to allow for it to take affect. Two other Nurse's entered the room.

Then Dr. Green, giving orders to the head Nurse, said, “Get her feet into the stirrups and lock them in. We‘re short a Physician and a Nurse tonight. So lets be a little bit more on guard.”

After she was placed in the birth position, Dr. Green notices a slight problem, and remarked to the head Nurse, “The birth canal really isn’t ready yet! And she’s much too small. I hope that I don’t have to make an incision.

“Now, Mrs. Rush, I want you to push! And give it all you got. Come on! Mrs. Rush, push hard!”

Matilda’s water had already broken. There was nothing to stop the baby from coming. She tried hard, but she was still feeling a lot of pain. It seemed like the only thing that the spinal block was doing was to make it harder to cooperate. She really didn’t know if she was applying any force or not.

Seeking to reassure her, Dr. Green said, “Come on Matilda keep pushing, everything is going very well.”

The baby’s head is showing. The Doctor keeps talking to her.

“That’s it! Come on … here it comes,” he says.

Dr. Green never did like the use of head forceps, to deliver a baby. He believed that it could be more harmful then good; so he used his hands as much as possible. with the help of the Doctor the baby is completely out.

“Hey! We have a little girl,” the Doctor announced. “Nurse` Please carefully Take her; clean her off and get her into the incubator. Stat!”

“Yes Doctor right away,” answers the Nurse.

Amelia Elton, 42 years old, has been a Nurse with the General for just over a decade. She has been head of nursing on this ward close to four years. She’s seen a lot of Physicians come and go, but she liked Dr. Green the most. Amelia has worked with the Doctor off and on, for the past 19 months .

He’s a young Physician of 31. He is set in his ways, and she knows them very well. That’s why when the good Doctor cut and tied the umbilical cord, almost immediately; she knew something must be wrong. He had always told her that it’s best to wait a few minutes before permanently separating Mother and child.

It helps with the development of the infant, even premature. He had said.

Dr. Green also abided by the traditional laying of the Child, atop the mother’s abdomen, at the moment of birth; the bonding with the mother is very important, and it always started here.

But none of these things were done. Why? So many things were overlooked,

but in the past, he has never forgotten even the smallest of details. It was almost as if he knew something. But what; without tests, there is nothing that he could know, thought Amelia.

Removing his surgical gloves, Dr. Green added to his previous orders. “Nurse after you have cleaned up the infant, make sure that she has full life support. I want her taking directly to N.I.C.U, and I want her set up for immediate testing.”

Nurse Elton, still wondering what the Doctor may know. Asked him.

“What tests doctor?”

The good Doctor replied,

“I’ll put in the orders. Oh and I want to set up a meeting with Dr. Isaak, Stat!”

Now Nurse Elton really was confused.

“Dr Isaak? But he’s a cardiologist;”

Dr. Green countered.

“That’s right, Nurse. Any problems with that?”

“Ah` yes Doctor. Ah` I mean no Doctor just as you say,” Nurse Elton replied.

The Nurse cleaned away the blood and the amniotic fluid from the infant, as the other Nurses helped the doctor re-glove, so he could clean away the afterbirth; and check over his patient. It was then that Nurse Elton saw just what the doctor had seen.

“Doctor! The baby.” She called out. “Her color!”

Without looking up and giving a second notion, Dr. Green said sternly,

“Just do as I said Nurse, if you don’t mind; and ah, have someone come up to take Mrs. Rush to her room, if you please.”

“Yes, Doctor,”

She said respectfully. Nurse Elton knew that the Doctor’s harsh tone was just his way. He had already told her that he would be lost without her. Although she sometimes felt like throwing an instrument tray at him.

Looking at Matilda, the Doctor tried to console the new Mother.

“Mrs. Rush, an attendant will be here soon to take you to your room. I want you to try and get some rest.”

But Matilda was anxious to hold her new baby, so she asked. “She’s all right isn’t she Doctor? I mean, couldn’t I hold her?”

Not wanting to bring undue stress, Dr. Green, didn’t tell Matilda anything just yet, so he just told her, “I’ll be in to see you about your Baby, in a few hours.

“And I don’t want you to be bothering the Nurses about seeing her. The baby must rest; just as you, must rest. She too has had a trying time of it. OK?”

Matilda answers softly, “alright Doctor.”

Nurse Elton approached Matilda with a gurney, as the Doctor was leaving; she put it along side the delivery table.

One of the other Nurse’s asked if she needed any help.

“No, I and Matilda will be just fine; you go and do what you need too. But thank you,” says Nurse Elton .

“Now Mrs. Rush, if you would just slide yourself onto the gurney, and watch out for the stirrups, we’ll get you to your room.”

Just at that moment a young Candy Striper walked in. Patricia Bryce, also known as Pat, to most of the staff. She volunteer just a few months earlier. She was a good girl but always seemed to get in and out of trouble without even trying.

The Candy Striper is traditionally a young female student. “Pat” had to undergo a few months of training, and was identified by the candy cane striped uniform. The concept originated in the 1940s and became very popular in the 1960s.

The duties of a Candy Striper was to help with meals, and many other simple duties, and did get paid for their help. Patricia was one of those students looking for a career in the Medical Field, but she was not starting off to well.

“Did you call for assistance Mrs. Elton?” she asked.

With disbelief, Nurse Elton quipped.

“You. They sent you? Okay` Pat, I’m going to wheel Mrs. Rush into the hallway, where she’ll wait until her room is ready. I want you to take her baby up to N.I.C.U.

Now Do you think that you can handle that little task?”

“Yes Mrs. Elton, I think so?” Pat replied.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or shortened to N.I.C.U, specializes in the care of ill, or premature newborn infants. developed in the 1950s by Pediatricians, to provide everything that’s needed to prolong an Infant’s life; including Physicians with Organ-Defined Specialties.

Nurse Elton wheeled Matilda out of the delivery room. Looking back at Pat she said, “Now don’t you mess this up.”

“No I won’t Mrs. Elton,” Pat assured.

Nurse Elton then rolled the gurney next to the wall in the hallway. Leaving a patient in the corridor was a common practice for the overcrowded L.A. General.

Nurse Elton then said to Matilda,

“You won’t be here very long Mrs. Rush, just as soon as your room is ready there will be someone down for you. By the way, Mrs. Rush, have you chosen a name for your child?”

Matilda answers.

“Yes, … Mary. .. I’m going to call her Mary.”

Nurse Elton asked “Just Mary?”

Matilda says.

“Yes Just Mary.”

Nurse Elton commented.

“That’s nice. So very simple,” “Well, goodbye Mrs. Rush, Good luck and take care.”

Nurse Elton went on to her normal duties, leaving young Patricia to care for the baby. Patricia may have done her job just the way she was suppose too.

If not for the phone call that she received from her boyfriend.


The Rebirth:


Calls were not usually allowed unless it was an emergency.

But somehow, he was able to get the operator to transfer him right to where Pat was. The phone rang, and Pat answered,


(Short for obstetrics.)

“Tim? How did you? ... You’re not suppose to be calling me here, I told you that!

How did you get through? You’re going to get me into a lot of trouble!

Where are you Anyway. Where? .. reception? No! Ah … wait! .. No! I can’t!”

“I’m moving this baby to N.I.C.U! .. Wait! .. Well, she looks all right to me. OK, but just for a few minutes, then I must come right back. Just let me move her out to the passageway and I’ll be right down.” Pat says.

Hanging up the phone she wheels little Mary out, and leaves her no more then a few feet away from Matilda, and then saying to the new Mother,

“Mrs. Rush, I must go away for a few minutes. Then I’ll come right back. I promise. It’s very important, or I wouldn’t leave you, you understand don’t you?”

Patricia then pulls the side rails up on Matilda’s gurney, then turns to leave.

Matilda sees her child starting to move around, but not in a way that was good. and she says.

“No! I don’t! … I don’t understand. Please, don’t leave her alone like this!”

Pat looks back and says,

“I won’t be long!”

Matilda calls out once more.

“Please! Where are you going too? .. Stop!”

Pat pays no attention and hurries away.

Only moments go by. as Matilda looks on at her baby, she sees that her little girl is in trouble, and fighting for breath.

She is moving her arms about and beginning to turn pale blue.

Matilda starts to panic.

“No! Help her! Please! Someone! Someone, please, anyone?

Please help my child.

“Oh God!”

Matilda said, her voice trembling in fear. “She can’t breathe. …Help her, Please!

Help her!

“Oh my God! what’s happening here?

This just can’t be! Did they just leave Mary and me in an empty hallway?”

Matilda began to wonder.

Looking at Mary once again, Matilda said, “Oh no, …She looks so much worse. Mary; Mary! Someone will come baby,

They must! … Just hold on. … Please! … Mary! Oh God, she’s so tiny.

Don‘t let this happen. Help her god, please help her!”

Mary’s color darkens. Once again she moves her arms around, her little hands reach out, and her tiny fingers clutch at something unseen. Mary is dying.

As her fragile little body begins to lose its hold on it’s very short life, two other tiny hands presses up against the outside of the transparent plastic box.

It was a seven-year-old girl, with long wavy golden hair, and skin as pale as a white cloud, she looks down at the dying infant.

Tears form within her soft pastel blue eyes.

The tears roll down her pale rose-colored cheeks. As she says.

"ohhh she's Beautiful Mommy, Our Baby is so beautiful."

The little girl turns to Matilda, with a worried look, and calls out to her.

“Mommy! there's something wrong, Mary looks sick, What’s the matter with her? Mommy can’t you do something? She .. She needs help!”

Turning back to the infant, the girl see’s the child gently trembling.

Then Mary opens her eyes, and looks up at the little girl and seems to smile at her, then she slowly closes her eyes again, she no longer feels any discomfort.

The pain is gone; and there’s only peace.

The little girl’s lips quiver, and she begins to cry, then turns to Matilda once again.

With tears in her eyes and a slight crying grin, she softly says.

“Mommy, she knows me; She knows who I am. Please Mommy help her.”

Matilda jumps, crying out, “Mary? Mary!”

At this moment a young orderly walks around the corner.

He stops when he see's Matilda.

Seeing the fear in her eyes and the way that she was trying to get out of the gurney, his eyes quickly focus on what she was looking at, the infant in the incubator.

He runs over to Mary.

The little golden -haired girl steps back and says,

“Are you going to make her well? She’s sick, please make her well.”

The orderly opens the incubator and checks out the Child, and says aloud,

“Oh my God!”

He then turns and runs down the hallway yelling.

“Dr Green! Dr. Green!”

Matilda, still crying, tries again to climb out of the gurney. But she couldn’t get the railing down. And with the after-effects of the spinal block, it was almost impossible to climb out.

It wasn’t very long before the orderly came back with the doctor.

They both walked up to the incubator.

The orderly said.

“This is the way that I found her,


Dr. Green immediately opened the small chamber, and checked the infant’s vital signs. “She appears cyanotic, I don’t understand! How could this have happened, Who‘s responsible for this?” He asked.

Within moments the child opens it’s eyes and spits up, taking one last earthly breath, and slowly close’s her eyes, for the last time.

The little golden haired girl backs up and presses against the wall, looking at the stilled little body, she starts to cry and says.

“It’s too late! She's gone, They’ve taking her.”

This sad picture of the four of them, now fades away to the past, and reopens in the Forest Lawns Cemetery a few days later.




Matilda is now standing in front of her child’s resting place, she stands there with no tears; with the golden haired girl on her left, and Daniel on her right; the three of them not saying a word to one another, only standing there looking at the small headstone.

Daniel suddenly takes Matilda’s hand and tells her.

“Mom and Dad are leaving! I’d better go and talk with them. I’ll be right back.”

She answers,

“Ah’ yes, Tell them thanks for coming .. Okay?

” Daniel answers.

“I will Babe.”

Matilda looks down at the tiny grave, and makes her last farewell plea to her Daughter.

“I .. I’m sorry Mary, that I didn’t come to you when you needed me the most. I tried … I really did! But it wasn’t to be. .. I failed you, .. Can you ever forgive me?”

There was only silent’s .. a slight gust of wind blows a leaf across the face of the stone.

Then the little girl who was standing beside her, grabs onto Matilda’s coat and tugs at it, saying with understanding words.

“It’s alright Mommy. She knows. Mary doesn’t blame you. I know that she doesn’t.”

Matilda startled, looks down at her coat; just at that moment a well-dressed young man walks up to her.

She looks up, and with a half hearted smile gives greeting to the young man.

“Well if it isn’t the young Dr. Jekyll .. Did Mr. Hyde come along with you today? What ever could have taken you away from your butcher shop? And all those lovely ghoul friends of yours.” she said contritely.

Dr. Green understood Matilda’s anguish and even the sarcasm. But it did hurt, and she knew just where to hit him.

“Hello Mrs. Rush, how are you?” Dr. Green said politely.

Matilda didn’t answer right away. Instead she looked out into the cemetery in all directions and then replied.

“Did you come out to visit with some of you’re other patients? I don’t see them; point them out, which stones are they?”

Dr. Green shakes his head and looks down at Mary’s stone, then says.

“Mrs. Rush, that’s so very unfair. I told you what happened, and you know that I did all that I could.”

Matilda answered sarcastically.

“Oh! .. Did you say Just why; My little girl was left in the hallway to die; or why; You didn’t tell me that there was something wrong with her.”

Dr. Green answered.

“I couldn’t tell you that there was something wrong with your

Daughter Mrs. Rush, I didn’t really know myself!

All I was able to do at the time was speculate.

I ordered the tests, but there was just no time.

And as for the girl that left your child in the hallway, she is no longer with the hospital of her own choice.

And she’s going to have to live with what she did the rest of her life.

“ Frankly, Mrs. Rush, yes What she did was wrong.

But I think that she’s taking a bum rap. Mary had no chance to survive more then a few hours.”

Matilda, not really wanting to understand or even wanting to listen to, what the Doctor was saying, attacks his defense.

“Yes I know Mary had a heart attack. Or so you say; and the girl has been dismissed.

So now what?

Am I supposed to forgive and forget; Is that it?”

“I didn’t say that.” Dr. Green replied.

“I said the girl left on her own, and it was not a heart attack. I said she had congenital heart disorder. She had what’s known as a malformation of the heart.

Most victims of this disorder don’t even show a sign at all, until much later.

But Mary did show it, and even if we had gotten her to NICU in time, there was nothing we could have done.”

Matilda is now starting to listen to Dr. Green. She shows that she is interested by saying, “There you go again. And can’t you speak English instead of a foreign language?”

Dr. green answers.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Rush,” he said. “I’ll try to explain once more, so that you can understand.

You and I have four chambers in our hearts called ventricles.

Everyone has them, but not Mary; she had only three!

So she could not get the oxygen that she needed so badly in her blood stream.

It was because of this she could not have survived.

We just didn’t and don't have the Medical Technology to have kept her alive.”

Matilda tried to understand; she really wanted too, she then asked the doctor,

“What caused it? Her being premature?”

“No Preterm may have complicated the problem,” Dr. Green explained. “And may have contribute to her death.

But it was not the cause of her malformed heart.

The heart is usually the first organ to develop in the fetus.

“There may have been more then one cause for it.

But the point is that I and the hospital did everything possible to save your child.

And I’m very sorry, but I really had no fault in what happened.”

Matilda felt another tug at her coat, and looked down.

As the little golden-haired girl says,

“ Mommy can we go now?”

Matilda, feeling annoyed with the tugging of her coat, abruptly says, “What is it?” Startled, Dr. Green says, “I beg your pardon?” “Oh I’m sorry.” Matilda said. “Well, I guess I just have no choice but to believe you.

Now if you would forgive me, I must be going.”

Turning to leave, with the little girl following behind, Matilda suddenly stops and looks back at the Doctor then says.

Dr. Green, thank you for coming.

She then turns and continues to walk.

He stands watching as she walks to the car. Daniel, not far away, also sees Matilda going to the car.

He bids his folks a goodbye and then hurries there also.

Matilda opens the rear door and takes off her coat, then places it on the rear seat. Daniel calls to her. She turns to look his way with tears in her eyes and shouts back to him, “What is it Dan!”

As he reaches her, he takes her hand. At the same moment the little girl climbs into the rear seat and sits and waits.

Daniel, angry because she walked away, starts to exchange views with his wife. Daniel has told his family and friends that he and Matilda have a very special relationship. They never argue, they exchange views.

“What is the matter with you? Mom and Dad have come a long way to be here with us. And you have the nerve to just walk away?”

Matilda pushes the rear door closed and answers in a low but angry voice with the tears still flowing.

“I just lost my little girl, and you; Too speak of nerve, You ask what’s the matter with me? .. I just can’t believe you.”

Matilda opens the passenger door and climbs into the car. Daniel is left standing there with his mouth open. He then shouts in a whisper.

“Now wait a minute! She was my daughter too!”

Daniel then slams her door and walks around to the driver’s side of the car, opens the door and gets in and then continues. “ Just where are your folks? I sure don’t see them here.”

He then slams the door, starts the car and drives away with the two of them still exchanging views all the way to the driveway of home. Daniel shuts off the car. He and Matilda are still going at it.

Suddenly Matilda shoves open the car door, gets out and runs into the house crying, leaving the car door open, Daniel also gets out and shouts. “Matilda? Matilda!”

He too runs into the house, leaving the front door open.

The little golden-haired girl sitting in the back seat, sits a bit longer, then climbs up over the front seat and gets out of the passenger side door which is still open. She slowly walks into the house. After a few moments Daniel comes out and slams the car door, then go's back inside. a few minutes later the front door slowly closes. For now, we leave the Rush’s home.


The Visitor:


It is said that time heals all, but not for the Rush’s; it seems to hurt even more.

They try hard to put it all behind them, without very much success.

So many things remind them of that day in the hospital; especially Matilda, for she had to live through it all, that night. The room that they prepared for the new member of the family remains unfinished.

The new clothes and blankets that they had collected through the past months before the incident, remain unused. The toys not played with. ... Or just maybe, they are?

For the past few weeks, someone has been moving these toys from the nursery to the living room; and Matilda is starting to worry.

She thought to herself. ("Could Dan be moving these things around? Just maybe this whole thing, has affected him a lot more then he pretends.")

On one afternoon, the little girl was playing outside by herself. She was sitting on the backdoor steps when a small dog came up to her. The child was tickled by this, and laughed. Then started playing with the Puppy.

Matilda was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Daniel was watching the ball game on TV.

Matilda started to wash a few dishes. The window faced her, just above the sink. She looks up and out, when she heard the laughter of a child, and the barking of a dog, Matilda then says aloud,

“What in the hell, was that?”

She looks out of the window and she seen the animal jumping around. It was playing with the girl.

Matilda was naturally concerned about the dog; and called out!

"Daniel? .. Dan?”

Daniel was really interested in the game, and was a little annoyed by her calling him. but he answered anyway.

“Yes Tilda?” as he often called her.

Matilda continued,

“Do you know who this little Puppy belongs too?”

“What Pup?” asked Daniel.

A bit upset with his uncaring answer. Matilda said,

“There is a dog in the backyard.”

Daniel, unconcerned with anything but the game, replies.

“What’s it look like?”

Matilda repeats to herself.

“What does he look like? ”

Then she called back to Daniel.

“I don’t know? It’s just a little gray dog!”

Daniel, still unconcerned, shouts.

“Is it hurting anything?”

Matilda was looking at the little dog as it played, and she couldn’t really say that it was doing any harm, so she answers.

“Well. No, I guess not?”

So Dan settles the interruption by saying.

“Then I really wouldn’t worry hon. he’ll go away soon.”

Matilda continues to wash the dishes and talks to herself as she is doing them.

“Who’s worried? I’m not, I was just wondering whose animal it was, that’s all, and how do know it’s a he? Huh, I just hope that you’re barefooted the next time that you go into the yard.”

She chuckles to herself and thinks aloud.

“I’d love` to see your face, if you stepped in something nice and mushy. That would fix you. (chuckle!)”

The girl keeps right on playing with the dog. It wasn’t long after that, when Matilda set the table and called Daniel to dinner. He sat down, looking at the meal that had been prepared.

“Yum! Pork roast. Great!”

The young girl came running in to dinner also and sat down at the table. She sat there and noticed that there wasn’t a plate set for her. Then she got up and said.

“Oh that` that’s all right Mommy, I` I’m not really hungry. I’d like to go back outside and play with my friend a little longer. Can I` Mommy?”

Matilda didn’t even look up, just picking at her food. The little girl, felt a tear rolling down her cheek, but she just wiped it away; and went back outside to play with her newfound friend. Nothing was being said at the table, so Daniel felt that he should start a conversation.

“This is really good, New recipe?”

Matilda, looks up at Daniel and sadly answers.

“No` just something that I threw together.”

Daniel sees that he hadn’t hit on a topic that get's her interested so he tries something else. “Well, is that dog still out there?”

Matilda looks up and says, “Yes it is, and you know; it’s kind of strange!”

Daniel smiles, for he has found something that interest her. She continues.

“He must like it here; He seems to be having a ball out there.”

Suddenly Matilda looks at the empty chair, and then jumps to her feet, saying.

“Oh my God!”

She then heads for the kitchen. And in a very few moments comes back with one more plate and sits it down at the open space; along with flatware, and sits back down again.

She looks over at Dan who just stares at her in wonder, and she says.


She then utters softly.

“I just forgot.”

After dinner, Matilda cleans off the table and starts to throw the leftovers away. She suddenly thinks of the dog; and looks outside to see if he was still there. He was.

So she opens the back door and takes it out and empties the plate of scraps onto the ground, as the little pup watched. Matilda says to it, “There` now! You eat this all up, and when you’re done. You just take it home to your Master` and tell him it’s from me, Okay? and you make sure, that it’s a really big pile.”

Matilda then turns and walks away, the Child then says.

"Thank you Mommy, Sandy was hungry.”

As she played, and the Puppy ate his fill.

A young man came into the yard, and sat down near her.

“Well, I’ve been looking for you` for sometime. You’re not that easy to find, you‘d think you were President or something, hard as it was to find you. ” The man said.

She looks up and remarks.

“Who` who are you? My daddy doesn’t like strangers in our backyard. I think that you’d better leave.”

He then reaches over and pets the dog, and answers.

“Oh, but I’m not a stranger, I’m a friend.” She grabs the dog away from him, and says. “Whose friend?”

He then replies.

“Why yours! if you let me be?

“This is a very nice dog! Is he yours?” the man asks.

Still uncertain, the girl answers.

“No, he’s my friend! What do you mean when you say, that you’re my friend too? I only have Sandy. .. Wait! ..Your .. talking to me.”

The man then says.

“Yes .. Shouldn’t I? .. Sandy must be a very good friend. He’s a beautiful animal, but you must have lots of playmates?“

The Man continues. “I mean, you’re such a lovely child.”

She then begins to show sadness in her eyes, saying.

“No, just him.”

He asks.

“Are you lonely, little one?’

She then looks up at the man and says.

"No! I have my Mommy and Daddy, and Sandy. Why would I be lonely? Who are you anyway?”

He answers with a smile.

“Who Me! .. I’m Peter. And what about your` name sweet-heart, what might it be?”

She lowers her head, tears rolling down her rose color cheeks, as she tells him.

“I ... I don’t know? I don’t think that I have one?”

Peter then says with a smile.

“Sure you do. Everyone has a name. What’s the one that you’re Mother gave to you?”

She shakes her head and says.

“I really don't thank that I have any. Do you` know, my name?”

“Will-as a matter of fact I do. It’s Mary.” he said.

The girl answers again shaking her head.

“Oh no that was our baby’s name. She’s gone now. That can’t be mine too.”

“Yes, I do know about your baby. And I’m sorry about what happened. But Mary is the name that your Mother gave to you.” Answers the man compassionately.

The girl, unsure, answers.

“I don’t remember. Are you sure?”

“Yes, Mary.”

The man says. “

I’m very sure. But I must go now. Are you going to be all right until I return?”

“You’re coming back?” Mary Answers.

“I’ll be fine until you come back.”

The man continues.

“OK then, you be good, and Mary beware of the dark man. I’ll be back soon.”

Peter went away, and Mary left her little friend and went back inside the house. She sat on the carpet in front of the TV, and watched her favorite program.

Daniel and Matilda were sitting on the couch also watching. Then Matilda says to Daniel. “Why do we always watch this silly show? I hate it!”

Daniel says, “I don’t know? I was about to ask you the same thing. Do you want me to change it?”

Mary turns whining. “No Mommy! It’s my show!”

Matilda answers Daniel. “No .. I don’t understand why, but I’m compelled to watch this

Stupid thing, so lets enjoy it.”

Mary laughs at the program, and it makes her forget about her sadness. Then all of them went to bed.

That night, Matilda couldn’t sleep. She kept hearing sounds. She would get up and find that the toys had been disturbed. She felt uneasy about this, but she didn’t mention it to Daniel. The following night, it was Daniel that got up as Matilda slept. The TV was on.

He looked around the house, but found nothing, so he turned it off, and went back to bed; thinking that Matilda must have left it on.

In the next few weeks, the Rushes had more of their share of unusual experiences. Toys from the baby’s room were found in other rooms of the house.

Matilda had her dress tugged on a few more times. Daniel had many of his own experiences.

The little dog kept coming around, and, yes, Daniel finally did step into something in the backyard while barefooted.

“ah shit! Yes it is.” Daniel cried out.

“Oh my God!” he complained. “That just doesn’t feel right between my toes. Tilda!” He yelled. “Get a hose could you, and wash my damn feet off, Please. I have a bone to pick with that mutt.”

Many other things happened, and Matilda was getting scared in her own house.

One night, Daniel crawled into bed, and so did Mary, Right next to him, and she had a big smile.

Mary has been getting in bed between Daniel and Matilda for the past few days, just as any child her age would do; to feel safe and loved. and she felt pretty good about it, until tonight.

She will soon find that she is not like any other child, and that love is not all that easy to get. Matilda walked into the room, and started getting into bed. Little Mary gets a big smile and feels so good about sleeping with Mom and Dad another night, It's always so warm between them.

But then suddenly Matilda stops! She gets this horrified look in her eyes and jumps up and off of the bed. She remarks with fear in her voice as she leaves the room.

“No! Not this time! Not again! I am not sleeping in that bed! Not with that thing in there with us.”

Daniel looks at her, bewildered, and questions.

“What in the hell is wrong with you?”

Without answering him, she leaves the room.

Daniel get's out of bed and follows. He stops her in the hallway.

“Tilda! What’s up with you? What’s this all about?”

“What’s up! With me? You mean you haven’t noticed?” she replied tersely. “Just what’s been going on in our home! that thing in our bed!... In our lives?”

Daniel, not really understanding, is not sure what to say. Composing himself, he replies, “What thing? No Tilda; I honestly don't know what it is your talking about? Please tell me.”

Matilda felt like a huge dam! filled with too much water and ready to burst. Some pressure had to be released, and Daniel had just opened the spill gates.

“Tell you? Ha! Oh my God!”

Daniel really doesn’t see it, Or doesn’t want to know.

Looking to make it clearer, Matilda says, “Look! I’m not going nuts. I’m not! I was awake a few nights ago, that is, I was almost asleep when I felt these two cold tiny feet pressing up against my back. Daniel! You do not have little feet!” Matilda exclaimed.

“When I turned around, there was no one there! You were at least a foot away from me. And this has happened two other times before. And you ask ‘what’s up with me!

Dan, Wake up! There is something going on in this house. There is something here, and I don’t know what it is.”

Mary had gotten out of bed and walked into the living room. She could hear her Mom and Dad talking in the kitchen. She didn’t really know just what they were talking about, and didn’t really care.

It was late and she was sleepy, so she sat down on the carpet and just started playing with the fibers, hoping that they would be done talking soon. She could hear them yelling sometimes.

She still didn’t know what was going on, but she was contented just playing by herself. She knew it wouldn’t last long. It never had in the past.

But as she played she suddenly heard a sweet sounding voice that seems to come from everywhere.

“Mary!” The voice said. “Mary!” once again. Without looking up, Mary answered the voice.

“What! What is it that you want of me?” She asked.

The voice answered: “Your Mom and Dad want to send you away.”

Agitated by the voice, Mary answers without looking up.

“No! .. That's not true. You’re lying! they’re not going too, they love me.”

The voice mocks her. “Then why do they sit and talk about you in the other room?”

Mary still upset from the remarks of the voice said, “They’re not talking about me. Mommy just got scared about something in our bedroom, that’s all.”

Still mocking, the voice says, “She’s scared .. of you!”

Mary quickly replies. “She’s not! God don't like liars and he's going to get mad at you, and send you to hell if you keep lying.”

The Voice laughs. Ha! Ha! Send me? to Hell? I am .. Hell! And all it’s Glory.

At that moment Mary has a flashback of when she was playing in the kitchen. Matilda was on the phone talking to a friend, talking about when she was little that she feared stories about the devil, and that she couldn’t say devil so she called him the dark man. And that you never ever listen to the dark man.

The voice continued to mock.

“There is no God. Where is he now that you need him? Nowhere. But I am .. here.”

Thinking about all the times that she has seem her Mom on her knees. talking to God.

Mary says, “He’s here! God is with me right now! And you’d better go, or he’s going to be very mad at you.”

The voice now becomes agitated by Mary’s answers.

“Who has told you of this nonsense? Why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you the wonders of the world.”

Visibly angry, Mary said bluntly, “Go away! I'm not going with you anywhere! My Mommy told me all about you; and I know who you are too. You’re the dark man. I’m not supposed to even listen to you at all. cause you lie, Just go away.”

The voice answers once more.

“Your Mom has told you this?”

Becoming unsure of herself, Mary answers, “Yes! She did … sort of. I mean I heard her talking about you. And I’m not going with you. So you’d better just go away, or I’ll tell my Daddy about you. And he‘ll tell God about you.”

The voice then stops, never to speak to Mary again.

Matilda is still trying to convince Daniel that something is going on in the house. But Daniel is hard to convince, and he tries to get her to talk about what’s troubling her.

“Now just take it easy Tilda. Just what’s going on?”

“Matilda answers. What do you mean, what’s going on!” “Are you so unaware of what’s happening in your own home that you have to ask?”

Trying to put Matilda at ease so that she can make sense, Daniel said, “Not this again! Just take a deep breath, slow down and start over, Okay?”

Matilda tries to calm down, telling Daniel, “OK. OK. It’s been going on ever since we left the cemetery, something touching me, things out of place, like the toys we find in the front room. You know? Things like that. You mean you haven’t even notice it at all?”

Thinking for a moment, Daniel began to remember.

“Well, yes! I have noticed a few things going on.

But I thought it was my imagination.”

he admitted.

“And that stupid dog! Always out in the backyard playing with what?”

Matilda added. “Or who? Dan! One day I even felt something hug me! I really think we’re being haunted.

Laughing in disbelief, Daniel says, “Oh come on Tilda. You can’t really mean that. I mean by whom?”

Tilda answers.

“I don’t know By who? or even what! I just know that something isn’t right with us. I just know someone is here. Dan! Help me.”

Thinking, Daniel answers. “OK! I’ve had some unusual things happen to me too.

“Such as the other night, I found the TV on. It’s happened before, but … the other night was different. I felt something, I really don’t know what; like, I don’t know?

almost, familiar. as if there was someone or something in the room that I knew. I can’t explain it. One more thing, we're watching kid programs on the boob-tube, why?”

Abruptly answering, Matilda said. “Dan! You know that my Mom and Dad are into this kind of stuff.

Can I call and tell then about what’s going on with us?”

Not wanting to cause any more problems Daniel answers. “Well, sure! If you really think that you need too.”

Matilda looks at him with sad puppy dog eyes, and in a baby-like voice says, “I do Dan, I really need too.”

Daniel says. “OK, then it’s settled. If you must, you must,” “First thing in the morning. But for now, can we get some sleep?”

Amazed that he would even want to sleep after what she has just told him, Matilda answers with authority, pointing to the floor: "Well! Alright. But here! Tonight we sleep right here.”

“In the kitchen?” Daniel replied.

“No! On the floor in the living room!” Matilda mocks.

Shrugging his shoulders obediently, Daniel answers, “Alright. OK. I’ll get the pillows and a blanket.”

Matilda and Daniel snuggle close together and fell asleep soundly on the floor of the living room. Through the rest of the night they are undisturbed. Little Mary too was fast asleep, happily snuggled so close and tightly between her loving Mom and Dad.


The Revealing:


The next morning, bright and early, Matilda was on the phone with her mother, explaining to her about what has been going on in their home.

“I’m telling you Mom, we are being haunted!

I don’t know. By something, or someone. The dog? Yes, it’s always out there. Really? .. I didn’t know that.

Dan! Mom says that animals have sort of a sixth sense and can actually see spirits.”

Dan’s trying hard to watch the morning news, but answers. “Yeah! Hey, that’s really nice Tilda, …ahh … give your Mom my love; Okay?”

Tilda, agrees to relay the message. “Oh Mom, Dan sends his love. And he said that he is more then willing, to have a seance.”

Overhearing what Matilda had just said, Dan quickly whispers his disapproval.

“I said what? Tilda! what are you getting us into now?”

Matilda whispers, “Shhh ... Be quiet now! No not you Mom. Yes Mom He just can’t wait. Tonight! No, … That’s perfect. Yes the sooner the better. Dan’s all for it. And I’ll make a very special dinner for all of us, alright! See you tonight. Bye.”

Dan is sitting, looking at Matilda in shock.

“A seance? Tilda I know that you said that your parents were into this kind of stuff, but a seance? Tilda.. really!”

Tilda asks.“ Dan, don’t you want to sleep good at night again?”

Dan said as a matter-of-fact. “Tilda, I’m not really having that much of a problem sleeping myself.”

She starts to walk into the next room, making a remark as she is leaving:

“Maybe not! But if I don’t have this seance, you may find it, very hard to sleep. I guarantee it!”

Dan just sits and stares at Matilda with an open mouth, saying nothing.

Outside in the yard, little Mary is doing the only thing that makes her happy. Playing with Sandy, who seems to be her dog now; for he’s always with her.

Once again she receives a friendly visitor. Peter has come to see her. He walks over then sits on the grass alongside Mary.

“Well! I see you still have your friend with you.”

Mary is not sure if this man is good, or evil.

Inquisitive, Mary asked, “Who are you? Mr. Why is it that you're the only one who will talk to me. Did the dark man send you? I told him that I would not go with him.”

Peter answers assuredly, “I know! And that was very good, because the dark man would have never let you go.”

“How come you talk to me, when no one else will?” Mary asked.

In a soft voice, Peter replied. “Really? I do? Doesn't you’re Mom and Dad talk to you at all?”

Tears welling in her eyes, Mary says, her voice tailing off. “No, No! one will. And I don’t know why? Did I do something bad?”

Gently placing his hand on her arm to comfort her, Peter says. “No Mary. There is no bad in you at all.” Mary begins to cry, looks up at him and asks. “Then why won’t anyone else but you, talk to me? The dark man said, .. they don’t want me!”

“The dark man?” Peter repeats. “I did tell you to be careful of him. Your mother has been calling him that from the age of five. No Mary, the dark man is a liar. Your Mom and Dad have always wanted you. That’s why he’s mad, and lie's to you.”

Looking up, Mary asks, “Who is he? Who is .. the dark man?”

Peter answers. “Well little one some people call him the devil. But we that know him just call him an evil child for that’s all he is. Just one of Gods children that went the other way, and gets into a lot of mischief."

“Am I an evil child?” Mary asked.

“No Mary. You’re one of the Master’s good creations,” Peter said.

With a smile beginning to form, Mary asked, “So you’re Master created me?”

Realizing he had not made himself perfectly clear, Peter said. “Well, sort of. You see you’re Mom and Dad had a lot to do with your creation. That’s how the Master planed it. The two of them made you. But the Master did have a hand in it. Do you understand?”

Giving a puzzled look, Mary says, “I think so? Peter am I an Angel?”

Peter answers. “No Mary, not yet anyway. Unlike what people believe, there are really very few Angels.”

Hearing that, Mary held her head down for a few moments thinking, and then looked up at peter asking. “Are you an Angel?”

Laughing out loud at such a thought, Peter says. “No little one I really wish that I was, but no, I’m not. I was born, and angels are not born. They are created. In fact, they were the Master’s first creations, even before the world itself. And the angels that are here now are the same ones as in the beginning. You see Mary. Angels don’t die, not like you or me. Sometimes one or two may get lost, but there is no need to replace them.”

Mary trying to understand, says. “Mommy said that Angels help people.”

Pleasantly surprised, Peter answers. “You’re Mommy tells you a lot for someone who doesn’t talk to you.”

“Not to me,” Mary says. “I just hear her talking to her friends when they come over to see her. But I like hearing about Angels! It makes me feel good. Do they really help people?”

“Angels are God’s unseen warriors, and messengers.” Peter answered. “He sends them on lot’s of jobs to help many people. But there are just too few of them to help everyone. So the Master has souls like me; to fill the gap.”

“Like you?” Mary asked. “I don’t understand? There are not enough angels? Then how can he help so many people?”

“Well, that’s where we, come in. The ones that were born. The ones called Denizens Beneficence Angelic. Beings who dwell among the Angels. We don’t have the power that they have, but we have just enough power to help those in need of us. Why there are hundreds of Angelic Dwellers. And We’re what people see; and are mistaking for the true ones ”

Stumbling for the right words, Mary asks, “Am I, a Den I Zen Ben - efe - cee -?”

With a hearty laugh, Peter says. “Angelic Dweller, it’s much easier to say. And no, not yet. You see, you’re to be the first!”

Again puzzled, Mary asked, “A first for what?”

“I will tell you later but now I must go,” Peter said quietly. “But I’ll be back soon.”

“Where are you going?” Mary asked.

“There are a few more things that you must learn before I can tell you anymore. You’re Mother awaits.”

“For What?” Mary asked.

“You’ll see Mary.” Peter assured. “It’s the last you must learn. Be good now. Goodbye.”

Except for Sandy, Little Mary is now once again all alone, with a lot of unanswered questions. So she goes to the only person who may have an answer, to some of them.

Matilda is hard at work in the kitchen, preparing dinner for her Mom and Dad, and of course Daniel, who just went out the back door to water the grass.

As Daniel walks out, little Mary comes in through the open door and walks over to her Mom, tugging at her apron, and asking. “Mommy am I alive?”

Jumping back in shock, Matilda calls to Daniel. She then runs outside and cries out,

“Dan, Daniel! It happened again.”

Startled by Matilda’s shouts, Daniel drops the watering hose and turns to see Matilda running to him.

“What, What has happen again?”

“Something or someone pulled at my apron.”

“Tilda! You’re just imagining things. There’s nothing here, look around.”

“Dan! You were not standing in the kitchen like I was. Something pulled at.”

“(OK! OK, I heard you.” Daniel said. “Your Mom and Dad will be here soon; maybe we can get to the bottom of this. What ever it is? We’ll get rid of it.”

At that moment the doorbell rang. Tilda quickly runs inside and walks to the door, opens it, and there was her parents, standing outside of the front entrants with big smiles.

Her Mom reached out and said, “My baby girl! We’re so glad to see you! How is our baby? You look so good.”

Matilda is so glad to see them. She was feeling somewhat better, and says, “I’m alright, and so glad you came.”

But suddenly feeling like a little girl again, she pleads, “Please! Mom, Dad, won’t you come in. We have so much to talk about.”

Matilda’s parents are Raymond and Monica Wilson. They are firm believers of the supernatural. Although they are amateurs in this field and only do it as a pastime they are actually sought-after by many of those needing spiritual help, and have come to believe that they are gifted.

Ray has been retired from his hardware store for five years now.

Monica, who has never worked and has spent most of her life as a homemaker, believes that running a home, is more of a job than Ray will ever know. He’s had it easy; she has always said. She has been involved with the unknown, for sometime now, and has finally convinced Ray to get involved also.

The couple travel from state to state, seeking the unnatural; but have never really found anything that was believable, but tonight; they will find the spirit world, in their own backyard. And they will never be the same again.

Raymond comes in behind Monica, looking at every corner of the room. He then sees Dan.

“There’s that son of … ahh! …in-law of mine. The one who ran over my dog last year. You know Son; old Rex has never forgotten about what you did to him. He’s really going to take a bite out of you, when he sees you again.”

Ray puts his hand out in friendship. and says, “How you doing boy?”

Dan laughs, saying, “Just fine Dad. How have you been feeling?”

Shaking Ray’s hand, Dan adds. “And how is that old dog of yours?”

Ray smiles and replies, “He’s just fine! But he still wants to bite the hell out of you.”

Dan laughs again and says, “That’s good, I’m really glad that the accident didn’t change him any.”

Monica is skeptical. After going through so many false sightings she is hoping that there is really something going on in Matilda’s home. Monica starts to talk to Matilda like she was still a baby.

“Now sweetheart! What’s all this hogwash about a ghost in your house?”

“It’s true!” Matilda said. “I mean I don’t know if it’s really a ghost or not. But there’s something! Please come in and sit down, both of you, and I’ll try to explain it after dinner.”

Matilda goes right on preparing the meal, as Ray, Monica and Dan talks over old times. No one wanted to bring up the alleged haunting, until Matilda was ready to talk about it.

“And what’s been going on, in the past year?” Ray asked.

It’s just at this time that little Mary came in from the outside, through the door that was left opened. She has been spending most of her time in the backyard lately. She now stands in the middle of the living room, looking at the newcomers; and listening to them talk. The voices were so familiar. She knew who these people were. She doesn’t know how, it’s just a feeling way down deep inside of her. She then says quietly, “Grandma? Grandpa? Hel-Hello, It’s me, Mary.”

No one answers her; they don't look up. Mary's Grandparents do not know that she’s in the room, or even exist.

Mary, is starting to realize that there is something wrong. Something that she has been trying not to see, a realization that she had closed her eyes too.

“Grandma, Grandpa. Don’t you see me? Can’t you even hear me? Please.”

Mary then walks into the kitchen and stands just within the door looking at Matilda. She realizes something more. Matilda is not looking at her either. She tries hard to make herself known. "Mommy Please. Not you too. Don’t you see me here? What's wrong with me? Why do you all hate me? What did I do?”

She looks back into the living room, sees Daniel sitting on the couch and quietly calls out to him.

“Daddy? Please look at me. Daddy You must hear me! What am I? Please tell me Daddy, you have to see me! I'm real! Daddy I am. Please!”

Mary then goes to the dining table and sits on the floor, just slightly underneath, and puts her tiny hands around the leg of the chair; then her arms, and hugs the leg tightly; and just sits there looking at everyone, and says to herself.. " Sandy I'm alone, I have nobody. Peter Where are you? Please .. Tell me what I am?

Mary knows now that she is apart from all others, And has been for months. But this was the only moment that she has ever felt so isolated, So unloved, and so very lonely.

With tears rolling down from those pretty pastel blue eyes, she remembers one other time that she cried, standing next to a dying baby girl. She then said to herself: “Mary? Is that, … Why you knew me? You were looking at yourself?”

Holding onto the chair as tight as she could, she stares into empty space and softly utters one tiny word to herself: “Mommy?" Mary knows now, Just who, and what she is.

Matilda comes out of the kitchen and call’s everyone to the dinner table. Dan takes his place as the head of the family. As Ray pulls out the chair for Monica he has a little problem, Mary is still hugging the leg.

“Well what? … what’s with this chair?” Raymond says as he pulls it out of Mary’s arms.

“It’s stuck. Oh there I got it. You’d better mop that floor. It’s sticky.”

Monica sits down, and then Raymond and Matilda take a seat. That’s when Monica notices the one extra plate at the table.

“What’s this? Expecting one more for dinner my dear.”

Matilda, seeing the extra plate, excuse’s herself and gets up to take the plate away.

“Oh I’m sorry,” she said apologetically. “Force of habit.”

Monica stops her and tells her to leave it there.

“How long have you been setting an extra plate at the table Matilda?”

Dan interrupts. “She’s been doing it a long time Mom. I’ve asked her why, but she can’t, or won’t tell me.”

Matilda answers, “My God! What’s the big deal, it’s just a plate, I don’t know why I do it. … it just makes me feel better, Okay! .. I mean, I don’t even think about it anymore. I just do it!”

But Mother won’t take that as an answer and says. “Feel better about what? How long?”

Matilda reluctantly answers: “Since the funeral. But Mom, It’s just a plate, isn’t it?”

Monica, annoyed by her daughter’s answer, says. “Maybe to some people.”

Sensing that something is up, Matilda says. “Alright Mother, what do you know?”

“Well, right now, I’m going to enjoy this wonderful meal that you prepared. We’ll talk after. Could you please pass the potatoes.”

The family did in deed enjoy their dinner. It was during the cleaning up, when the men went to the living room and Matilda and Monica were left alone, that Monica started to open the conversation.” You know that some spiritualists believe that if you set an extra plate at your table that you’re giving welcome to a loved one who has passed away.”

She denies the allegation. “Mom, I’m not giving welcome to anyone. It’s just a habit! I told you that I don’t know why I do it. It just doesn’t seem right not too.”

Matilda tells her Mother about all that has happened after Mary’s funeral.

Her Mother listens with much interest, and comments.

“You’re not saying that its Mary, are you dear?”

“Mom! of course not, Mary was just a newborn. How in the world could she be haunting our home, get real! That’s the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard, I never even thought once that it could possibly be Mary. Not once.”

Monica reasoned.” If it’s true about what I have heard, then it really isn’t all that ridiculous.”

“All right Mother! What do you know?” Matilda said in exasperation.

“Oh nothing dear,” Monica said. “But some spiritualists feel that a child; like Mary for instance, cannot enter Heaven as a helpless infant.

I mean you’ve seen these pictures; depicting little babies with wings flying around heaven.

Well, they don’t feel that it’s like that at all. Instead it's believed that the soul is just as alive as we are. And that it grows and learns just like we do.

But that it needs to start older. Just as it's believed that Adam and Eve began as a young man and woman.

So must the spirit be created as an older child. so it's thought that seven being a sacred number; that it is most likely the beginning age. I mean God rested on the seventh day, and you can find this number all through the Bible. ”

Surprised, Matilda answers, “So what are you saying Mother, that the age of seven is a great age; to start a new life? Come on Mother! You can’t believe that. Its insane thinking.”

Monica continues. “Maybe; and maybe you must be a little bit insane to believe that little baby's are flying around heaven; with the only missions in its existence is to sell soft toilet paper, or to shoot little Arrows at peoples rear ends, so they can fall in love? Dear! A one day old Newborn cannot take care of itself. It needs someone to take care of it. Are we to keep thinking that there is someone taking care of all the hour or day old children that are in heaven. Who do not know that they even exist? No! I don’t think so.

Sweetheart ! They must be able to walk and talk and know that they are. So a 1-hour-old baby, is going to have a seven-year-old soul. It makes perfect sense to me, and I believe it.”

“Dan! Are you hearing this?” Matilda asked.

Dan and Ray are sitting in the living-room. hearing everything, not knowing if they should put in their worthless two cents or not. But Ray jabs Dan in the ribs and tells him in a whisper, “Be careful how you answer.”

“Dan says nervously.(Ahh! Yeah, Tilda, what your Mom says makes perfect sense to me. You did ask her for her help you know.”

Matilda queried. “Yes! But really! Mom, that’s against everything that you ever taught me. What am I suppose to believe?”

Monica, becoming more agitated, asked, “Do you still read your Bible? Where in it, can you find anything about a newborn’s soul? I think it says something about the hall of soul's in Revelations, but that’s it!

Suffer the little children, Do you really think that their born to suffer?

We don’t know! It's said that a child is not held accountable for his or her actions, until after Seven, the age when their suppose to know right from wrong.

How can you have a soul-mate if you’re too young to think? I could bring up a lot more. it all fits! ”

Monica turns to Dan. “Dan, What have you experienced? And please don’t tell me that you haven’t. I know better than that. Its time to open up.”

Confused, about what Monica was trying to say. Dan answers. “Well - yes, I suppose that I may have had a few little experiences. Let me see. … well! … I woke up one night and I thought that I heard crying. So I looked around the house. But I never found anything, nothing. And then I found that the toys had been moved from the nursery. I’ve even, seen things move! And I’ve felt things that I really couldn’t explain.

But there is one thing that really bugs me. I have a young niece, and as she sleeps` she kind of drools on her pillow. She's only six, just a baby, you know? It leaves spots, saliva` stains. If you look at our bed you'll find the same kind of stains on our pillow, and even my shirt sometimes. ”

Matilda remarks.” You wondered about that too?"

Dan answers. "But of course! It was not from me. and I'm sure it wasn't you."

“Dan! This has been going on and you didn’t tell me?” Matilda asked in shock.

He answers.” Well, I couldn’t. You were already having problems of your own.”

Matilda says. “It would have been nice if you had! I mean, just to know that I wasn’t going crazy.”

Monica ask Matilda. “What else?”

Matilda brings up quickly. “That dog! That damn … dog! Always playing in the backyard by itself!"

Monica reminds her.” By itself? Are you sure? As I said before animals have a sort of sixth sense;"

They can see things that we can’t! .. Don’t ask me why? But if there is something out there, the dog knows it. And if he’s playing with it, then it can’t be all that bad.”

Dan asked. “What about this seance, will it work?”

Monica says.” I really don’t know. It never has before. All we can do is try,

Matilda asked.” Are you really that eager to get rid of Mary?”

Dan quickly turns to Matilda, with a shocked look on his face, and said in disbelief. “Is that what you think we’re trying to do? Get rid of Mary? You yourself said; you didn’t believe that it was her!

That’s so totally unfair of you. You don’t know` that it’s Mary for one thing, and for another` it could be one of those demons! Tilda I didn’t know Mary, and neither did you! But I think that Mary` would want us to do this. Don’t you? Think about it.”

Matilda` feeling confused, answers. “I just don’t, … I don’t know?”

Dan, now realizing what Monica had just said, gives concern for what they are about to do. “Monica! You’ve never had a seance work before?”

Monica answers. “Well, no not yet! Why, Is it important?”

Dan. “Ahh` No! I ah` was just wondering, why you do it? If it doesn’t work! But I’m not going to ask. So, How do we begin? Sit around the table and hold hands? Or something of that nature?”

Monica answers with great expectations. “ Yes; the energy we all possess is more powerful that way! Ray! Would you like to join us` or are you going to sit there all night with your mouth shut?” Ray answers. “Well, It's always been safer that way. But I guess` I can` take part in it.”

So everyone gets up and heads for the dining room to take their seats. Mary who wasn’t invited` went along too..

The stage was set. Everyone was in their place. Ray, hoping this time he would see something worth the effort. Matilda, not sure about what’s going to happen. Daniel, a disbeliever to the end. And Monica, believing that it’s the only way to get an answer. And Mary, wanting only to be seen and heard, and to know what it feels like to be loved.

Monica explains how it’s going to work, and just what everyone must do and what to expect.

But what about Mary? Sitting on the floor` watching and waiting. What is this all about.

Was the dark man right after all? Are Mommy and Daddy really trying to get rid of her? What is a Seance and what does’ it have to do with her. She sits and waits.

The lights go out` and the four of them clasp hands` and close their eyes. And for a long time not a sound. Then suddenly Monica breaks the silence.

“We are calling on the entity that dwells within this house, in the name of Jesus Christ, and all his power’s, If you are here you must answer!

for we all call upon you, In the name of The Father, The Son, And The Holy Ghost.”

Then it’s quiet once again. Suddenly, the silence is broken once more by the faint cry of a child.

Little Mary` feeling lonely and lost, has started to cry. But this time, her cries don’t go unheard. Everyone hears her weeping.

Dan exclaimed. “Oh my God! Do you hear that? Shit! .. Monica! That’s coming from within the house!”

In a whisper, Monica answers. “Be quiet` Daniel!” Matilda says “Mom, this isn’t funny anymore!" Her eyes darting about the room.

Monica quickly replies. “Shhh! This was never meant to be funny! Mary? Is this you, Mary? Can you let us know in some way, If it is you, Baby?”

Little Mary has become very intent` to let her Mom and Dad know that she is with them. So in desperation she picks up a small toy that was lying on the floor, and flings it across the room. As the toy strikes the wall and bounces off, Mary giggles.

The four look at one another in disbelief.

Matilda says.” Mom! Are you doing this? And if you are` please stop it` Right now! You’re scaring me.” Dan interrupts. “Tilda, your Mom’s not doing it. Monica!” Dan continues. “Is it really Mary?” Monica answers. “ I really think it is,”

Ray is tired of all of this, as he calls it; Hog-wash, and is the first one to try and make actual contact with this unknown entity. He snorts, “I’ve had enough of this shit! Mary, Mary` honey, is it you baby? If it is?.. Come to your old Grandpa. Come on! Don’t be afraid. And I promise you` that I won’t be ether.”

Again there is the sound of a child crying. Then Ray slightly jumps.

Mary had walked over to her Grandpa and started to climb into his lap. Ray is shocked and just sits there, his mouth agape.

“Ray, what is it? What’s wrong?” Monica asks.

Ray looks over at Monica. His face almost white` and the look of disbelief in his eyes. He answers. “Oh crap, she’s here, in my lap. I didn’t want to believe it, but! She really is here!” .. I` .. I` can feel her!

“Dad, No! .. you really can feel her?” Matilda asks.

Matilda reaches out` above her Dad’s lap but feels nothing, she moves her hands back and forth` but the only thing that she touches is the empty air.

“Dad, where is she? .. I don’t feel anything! There` there’s nothing here! Are you sure? You really feel something?”

“Oh yes!" Ray answers. "But its not a feeling, it’s more of` … Of a sensation. But she is here!”

Ray moves his hands over an unseen figure.” I` .. I can feel her! .. Her hair, .. her arms. But yet! .. I don’t feel her?” Matilda, wanting so much to know that it really is her child, begins to call out to her.” Ma` Mary? Mary` honey, please! come to Mommy baby. .. Please` Mary, I need you to come to me. Dad! .. Is she coming?”

Ray answers. “I don’t? .. Wait! She’s starting to move. Yes! I think that she is. She’s moving away from me. Call to her again.”

Matilda begged. “Mary baby, please come to me honey.”

Mary is beside herself. She is going to sit in her Mommy’s lap` at last! This is too good to be true. As she begins to climb onto Matilda’s lap, Mary has a look on her face as if she has been doing it all her young life, This was nothing new, She giggles then sighs.

“Oh my God. Yes! I can feel her. I can! Oh My baby, you don’t know how I missed you.” Matilda said, feeling her daughter.

Matilda held the unseen child in her arms` until the sensation of holding her went away, which was just a few minutes. And when she could not feel her anymore. the four of them talked for about an hour.

Even Ray with all that he has seen in the past could not comprehend what had just happened.

And Dan just could not believe that his child who had passed on, has been right there` with then all this time.

What did it all mean? Dan wondered.

Matilda became very excided. “Dan? We have so much to do. We have to get her things ready! Mom? you know that we never did finish her room. Dan? You’re going to have to finish painting it! You know that, don’t you?”

“Tilda,” Dan said.

Matilda’s Mom and Dad looked at each other with sadness in their faces.

Matilda looked at them sitting there with grim face’s and said, “What! What’s wrong with all of you? Dan` What is it?”

“I think! … Well I think that you’re getting a little ahead of yourself, I mean about Mary.”

“What do you mean? How?” Matilda asked.

“I believe that I know what Dan is trying to say. Mary is a free spirit,” Ray said. “She’s not going to be able to stay. You can’t keep her.”

“Can’t keep her? Not stay! … what are you talking about, Dad!.. Mary has been here a full year! She doesn’t want to be free, She want’s to be with us. She’s my child! Dan. .. She’s, our child! You can’t just give her up! Not now!”


The Transformation:


It was about this time that Mary heard her little friend Sandy outside, barking and growling. The door had been left opened for air, so Mary went outside only to find that someone else was playing with her dog.

“Peter, Peter?” Mary said excitedly. “I thought that I would never see you again. Oh Peter` wait till you hear what happened. You’re not going to believe it. I have a family now. Isn’t that wonderful? I have a Mom and Dad. Peter, aren’t you happy for me?” Peter answers. “Ahh` yes! I heard. You really have caused a little setback all right,” Mary says puzzled. “Setback? I don’t understand?”

Peter continues.“ With your training. You’re almost done now. It will soon be time for you to come with me.”

Mary becomes upset! and says. “But. .. I don’t want to go with you. I can’t! Peter, My Mom and Dad need me to stay with them. I can’t go with you now. I thought that you would be happy for me.”

Peter says, lowering his head and petting the dog. “I’m sorry, Mary, but it’s not up to me. You just can’t remain here.”

Mary almost begging, refuses to go. “No! no I must stay; Please You don’t understand, I’ve been so very alone all this time. You can’t take me away now. Not now! When I’m so close to having a real family. You just can’t!”

Just at this time Matilda came to close the backdoor and saw this strange man playing with the little dog in their backyard. Alarmed! She calls out to him, making sure that Dan could hear her. “Sir! Can I help you? What are you doing in my yard?”

Mary then says to Peter ..“Mommy can see you?” Peter unwillingly answers. “I’m afraid so little one, not that I like it any. ”Peter talks to Matilda, trying to explain his presence.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Rush, I didn’t mean to disturb you! Matilda shouts calmly. “how do you know my name? Who are you?.. Dan?” Matilda begins shouting louder. “Dan! Come out here! Dad, you too!”

Ray and Dan come running out, followed by Monica. Dan turns and see's the intruder.” What the? … Tilda! What’s going on here? Who’s this? ”Dan looks at the man and asks. “I beg your pardon Mister! But who in the devil are you? And what in the hell are you doing in my yard?”

Peter replied. “I really wish you could rephrase that just a bit. Again I’m very sorry for inconveniencing you, but I have a job to do here. You really were not supposed to see me just yet.” Ray agrees. “For some reason I believe you about that! Come on Dan, let’s go call the cops.” Dan hesitates. “Just wait! OK Mister who are you? Just what is it that you want here?” Peter request. “Would it be alright if I come a little closer?”

Dan motions for him to come closer.

“Thank you Mr. Rush. It’s so much easier to talk to you this way. My name is Peter, I’m a friend to your daughter. I ahh …have been here a few times before, in the past year." Dan says angrily “Now just a minute, My daughter? What in the hell are you talking about? I have no daughter! Why are you here?”

Peter exclaims. “Really! Must you speak in this way? Very will , I was Just visiting with Mary, your daughter.” .

Dan turns away and says. “You’re right Ray, call the police. Ladies get back in the house.”

Peter requests. “Please Mr. Rush. You have already decided that ghosts may exist. Would it really hurt you to go slightly further?”

Dan stops, and then looks back at the man and waits. “Thank you Mr. Rush.” Says Peter. he then holds his hand out to Mary, but she stays away from him. He then looks back at Dan and the others and says, “You see that! She won’t come to me anymore.” Dan looks but sees nothing. “You’re keeping a very special creature from beginning her new existence,” Peter said.

“You see, it’s my job to make sure that she’s ready before she goes on. But it’s not that easy. We have never had a new Guarantor before.”

“Just what in the crap, are you rambling about?” Daniel said and continues. “You’re talking about Mary as if she were alive.

“Well, in a way she is,” Peter said. “I can see her! Can’t you?”

“No I can’t!.. Are you trying to say that Mary is here? And that you are, an Angel?” Dan said.

“No! I’m no Angel. You can believe that! I am an Angelic Dweller. Those who walk among, the angels.

Actually, it’s kind of cool, don’t you think? Walking with the Immortals.

Well, I used up a lot of time. Time that she needs. You see,

The Teacher always gives a little time for the guides to acquire the knowledge that he, or she, need to work with the children. But! There really has never been anyone like her, So I’m sort of going by ear here.” Ray answers. “What Children?”

“Ahh. Well .. You, And those like you. Gods Children. Yes, I’m afraid Mary’s time is just about up!” Peter explained.

“Well! That’s -- that’s certainly not fair! We only now found out about her. That is if you’re telling the truth and your not some kind of mental case! You can’t just take her away from us now, we don’t even know her,” Matilda said to Peter.

“I’m not taking her away. It’s not up to me. I’m just here to help her to adjust in anyway that I can. And take her where she needs to go whenever she’s ready. And thanks to all of you, she is ready.”

“Thanks to us?” Monica asks. “What did we do? We didn’t even know that she was here!”

“You didn’t need too. You just had to be with her. You were her teachers -- all of you. I mean, Who better to have as a teacher than your own family to really learn about life and death, love and fear, strength and anger, and, yes, even God. Just about everything that she needed to know you gave to her. And now she’s ready to become what destiny, and God has chosen for her.”

“And just what is that?” asked Ray.

“Well, Ray! I may call you Ray, can’t I,” Peter asked.

“Mr. Wilson will do if you don’t mind.”

“Ahh, yes! Well, Mr. Wilson, something new that has never been seen before, and maybe never will again. An angel that was born. From the beginning of time, angels were created.

Now comes Mary, a hybrid, Once a human being, but soon to be our first-born angel.

It’s really very exciting if you think about it.”

“I’m sorry!” Matilda interjected. “But you can’t have her! Not now! Not ever! Find yourself some other hybrid! If you will.”

“It’s too late Mrs. Rush!” Peter said. “You have no say in this.”

Dan interrupts: “Tilda, do you realize that you’re arguing with a man that doesn’t even exist. About a child that we can’t even see!”

Matilda address‘s. “Dan, you’re talking about our one and only child here! We can’t just give her up to him, just like that.”

Mary was sitting on the grass trying hard to understand what was being said. She felt that her Dad was right. To him; and every one else, she was not here, and never was.

All this time she wanted her Mom and Dad. Now that she had them, she had to leave. And what about Peter! How is it possible that they are able to see him? To talk to him. Mary wanted more then just her Mom to know that she was there. She wanted her Mom, and Dad, to know that she was alive. So Mary took steps to get what she wanted.

“Peter, Peter!” Mary said.

“Yes, Mary, What can I do for you?” Peter asked.

The Rush’s and Wilson’s could not believe that he was trying to convince them that he was talking with Mary.

“Mary’s talking to you?” Matilda said in disbelief.

“Peter, I’m not going to go with you.” Mary said.

“You’re not what? Now, Mary, you must! You can’t stay here. There’s a new life awaiting you. I can’t just leave you here!. You’re going! And that’s final!”

“No! I’m not!” Mary said emphatically. “Not unless my Mommy and Daddy can see me like they can you.”

Taking her request under consideration, Peter thinks awhile. He was not sure about what to do, or if he could even do anything at all.

He couldn’t force her into going.

There was only one thing that he was able to do. Saying no more, Peter closed his eyes and tilted his head back towards the night sky. He clasps his hands tightly before him, then his lips begin to move as if he were talking to someone.

“Sir! What are you doing?” Matilda asked.

“Shhh!” Peter said in a whisper. “Praying!”

After a few moments Peter looked back at Mary and Asks, “You are sure this is what you really want, Mary?”

She looks up at Peter with hopeful tears in her eyes and answers, “Yes, please.”

“Well Mary, I don’t have the power to grant your request.”

Mary’s heart sunk. That is until Peter pointed behind her and said, “Now, that fellow over there, Does have the power.”

“Oh my God! What is it?” Matilda said.

Everyone stops and gasps at what Peter was pointing at. A huge young man dressed in a bluish gray leathery lappet or garment, almost like a uniform of war, with a blue shoulder sash that had strange markings. He was adorned with long golden hair and had a golden shield in his hand and a sword of silver and gold on his side.

His face showed kindness, but his eyes were strong and harsh. There seemed to be an aura of light about him. His arms were big and strong looking like that of a warrior, bracelets of bronze and copper on his wrists.

And there was one more distinct feature about him. He had wings! Huge whitish-gray wings, folded against his back.

“My God, Peter! What is he?” Dan asked in awe.

“The only one who has been given the power to grant Mary’s request. The Arch - Angel, Uriel; The Angel, of Death. Or Transformation.”

Uriel slowly opened his wings, giving a spread of 30 feet or more. Then he raised his hand above his head and grasp a ball of fire from non-existence, and pulled it down from the empty night sky.

Then he looked down at all of us in the yard; and smiled, as he tossed the ball of fire with a mighty thrust from his powerful arm; to the earth, on hitting the ground, it bursted upward, back into the dark sky.

It’s thousand’s of fiery particles rained back onto the ground and covered everything. A small figure began to slowly become visible and solid, as the fragments bounced on and off of her tiny body.

And as Mary began to materialize, the huge manifestation, laughing as he slowly vanished, had left behind one real, living little girl.

After the shock wore off, all eyes turned to Mary. She stood there with her hands folded in front of her. She was wearing a pink and white dress, and her hair was done up in ponytails on either side of her head, complements of Uriel. There she was, standing there as big as life itself, with a big smile and a slight tear rolling down her cheek. Mary had come home at last.

Matilda had lost a baby not more then an hour old. It wasn’t easy for her to believe that this little girl had been that child.

She slowly walked to the girl and stopped two feet away, standing there and studying her. No one was saying a word. Matilda then started to shake her head from left to right, and then began to cry.

She dropped to her knees, her trembling hands reaching out to Mary. She runs her fingers across Mary’s pretty face, gently wiping away the tears from the child’s eyes, and then from her own.

“Is it really you?” Matilda asked as she slowly wrapped her arms around Mary.

“My God!” Matilda said laughing, still wiping the tears from her own face.

“You’re so real! How long are you going to stay with us?”

Peter Interrupts: “Ahh, not long Mrs. Rush. In fact, only a few hours. I’ll be back by morning to take her.”

Matilda looks up at Daniel who is having a lot of trouble believing what has transpired over the past few hours, or what he is seeing now.

“Dan!” Matilda softly calls out to him. “Come, my husband! Say hello to your Daughter.

We don’t have a lot of time to be with her. Come.”

Dan didn’t know what to think as he slowly stepped over to Mary. Still not saying a word he gets down on one knee, facing the child.

Mary looks at him, smiles and softly says, “Daddy! Can’t you love me?”

It was these five little words that made him break down, and begin to cry.

“Oh my sweet Mary, I do love you! I do!” Dan said as he embraced his only child with all the love that has been penned up inside of him for her, that even he himself didn’t know he had.

Not wanting to disturb this moment, Peter turns quietly to leave, but is stopped by Monica.

“Oh Peter! I was right wasn’t I.” she said.

“About what? Mrs. Wilson.”

“My theory about a baby’s soul being older.” she asked.

“Ahh, yes. I’ve heard that theory also.”

“Well! Am I?” Monica pressed.

“You’ve seen it for yourself haven’t you Mrs. Wilson?” Peter said.

“Is that all your going to say?” Monica asked.

“Yes Mrs. Wilson. The Spirit is ageless. Yes, a baby’s Animus can appear a certain age. And a spirit is referred to as a soul when it’s merged with the body. But the Psyche or spirit is as old as it needs to be. As for an age, look to the scriptures and the sacred numbers. You’ll find them to be seven, fourteen, twenty-one and twenty-eight. The last is the age of the Angels.”

“But what about ghost?” Monica said.

“I can’t tell you everything Mrs. Wilson, Some things must remain a mystery, or life becomes boring.”

“Monica continued. Peter, are you an apostle?”

“No, I’m just a nobody named Peter. I should go now. If you start me rambling on, I won’t know when to quit. See you in the morning Mrs. Wilson.” Peter said.

“Monica answers. I don’t think so, but, bye Peter, and thank you … for everything,” .

Peter walked away saying softly to himself, “For what? I did nothing. Uriel did all the work! Such a show-off, he could have just sprinkled a little fairy dust, and got the same results. But No! He had to go with all the theatrics. Such a child! Hummm, I wonder if there really are fairy’s?”

So for a few hours Mary is really happy for once. She has been blessed with the most sacred of all gifts, the one that we take for granted.

The gift of life. And her parents and grandparents must give her the 1½ years of love that she never knew, in just one night.

No one sleeps tonight; there are so many things to do before morning. Games to play, and memories to make. And cake and ice-cream to be eaten for the birthday that Mary never knew.

To be able to actually eat Mom’s cooking, so many new feelings, new experiences that Mary has never had before. But the best one of all was the feeling of love. And being close and touching the ones that you are devoted too. Nothing could replace this.

Matilda and Mary were playing dress-up games with some of Matilda’s old things.

When Mary asked, “Mommy, why can’t I stay with you? .. I mean forever. Why can’t I? .. I don’t want to leave you and Daddy.”

Matilda Answers with almost a broken heart. “I don’t know baby, I really don’t. I wish I did! I’ll talk to Peter when he comes back.”

Daniel walks over to Matilda and Mary as they were playing, he then tells Matilda that her parents are leaving; and that he would sit with Mary so that she may say goodbye to them.

“Leaving?” Matilda asks. “But why?” . She gets up to go to her parents. When she walks into the room she sees that Monica and Raymond have already got their coats on and are at the front door.

“Mom! Dad! What’s this all about? You can’t be leaving? What about Mary! She’s still here you know. Don’t you want to say goodbye to her at least?”

“Baby, I wanted your Mom to do just that, but she wouldn’t.” Ray said.

“But Mom! Why?… Mom she loves you too. She’s going to be very upset that you didn’t stay. And that you didn’t even say goodbye.”

“I’m sorry dear, really I am, but I just can’t be here when he takes her. I just can’t! You understand don’t you dear? You’ll say our good-byes for us, won’t you?

I’m sure she’ll understand. She’s a smart girl. Tell her for us. Come along Ray.”

“Yes Hun, .. bye baby.” Ray says with a tear in his eye.

Pausing for a brief moment, Matilda says, “Of course Mom, I do understand.

Dad! Drive carefully. I’ll tell Mary that you both love her.”

Matilda returns to the den where Daniel is still entertaining Mary.

Matilda sits down on the big stuffed chair against the wall, behind Daniel and Mary.

She watches the two of them play.

She thinks about how much that she and Daniel have missed, not having her. There must, be a way to keep her.

She looks at her, and thinks, [Mary is so alive! We just can’t allow her to die. Not again! It’s getting so close to morning with every tick of the clock; there must be something we can do, but what?]

Matilda’s thoughts are haunting.

An hour later, Matilda starts breakfast, not knowing if this will be the first and last refection Mary would ever have. Matilda wanted this to be the best she ever made; a meal that Mary would always remember. She call’s Daniel and Mary to the table; and they begin to enjoy a feast fit for a queen.

“This is some banquet,” Dan exclaims.

“I wanted it to be special,” Matilda said with a loving smile.

“You could have giving her a bowl of cereal, and it would have been just as special to her.”

“I know, but this makes me feel better. Is that so wrong?” Matilda said.

“No! Not at all ….” Dan answers.

But before breakfast was done Peter suddenly reappeared from out of know where.

“Peter! Can’t you knock! And you could have at least waited until after we ate,” Matilda said.

Peter: “You don’t like me very much. Do you Mrs. Rush.”

“I don’t like, what you intend to do,” she said tersely.

“Mrs. Rush, you have been given a gift. .. Do you know how many there are out there who has prayed to see their child just one last time, even if it’s only for an hour! Because of the special circumstances that are involved here, you’ve been granted an entire night with your child.

“For the rest of your life you will remember this past night, and you will never have to

wonder like the rest of the world, if the realm of the supernatural really exist or not.

You will know! Isn’t this enough?”

“I want my Daughter, to help her with her homework, to hold her when she’s sad, jump for joy when she’s happy; Is that asking too much?” Matilda pleaded.

Mary is sad for her Mom, and she understands. She wants to stay, but she has learned that sometimes you can’t always have what you want.

“Mommy, please! I love you, but I’d better do what Peter asked of me.”

Mary gets up from the table and walks to her father and gives him a big hug and kiss.

“I love you Daddy, plea … please remember me,” Mary asked with a tear in her eye.

Daniel looks at his little girl for a few moments, then takes her into his arms. With tears in his eyes, he tells her. “Never! My baby, you’ll always be in my heart and mind.

For as long as I live, .. always.”

Mary smiled. This is what she wanted to hear. She then turned to her Mother and stood looking at her for a time, and finally said, “You’re my Mommy. And I’ll always be you’re child, no matter where I’ am.”

Matilda gently strokes back the hair from Mary’s forehead with her fingers, and answers.

“Yes baby, and I’ll always be you‘re Mother; waiting here for you..”

Noting the time, Peter says, “It’s time Mary.”

“I know. .. I was just wishing that my Mommy and Daddy, could see what I am about to become. I’m scared for it to happen without them.”

“I’m sorry Mary, but you know that’s impossible. If you are among the mortals you must remain a child, that’s the way it works. As long as you are here, you’ll remain what you are.”

Mary says to Peter. “But I am a child!”

“Yes, For now, but soon. … ”

Just at that moment Peter stops, and looks up.

“Wait a minute! .. But sir, it has never been seen before. Even I; have never seen it!

Alright sir, as you wish, you’re the boss!”

Peter then turns to Mary and says, “Well, it looks like you’re getting your wish once again.

I’m not sure just how you do it? But you seem to have some pull.

Your parents will get to see you change.

“Mr. and Mrs. Rush, you’re going to remember what you’re about to see here, for the rest of your lives. Believe me.”

“You can speak to God?” Matilda asked.

“No!.. No one speaks to God, .. not directly. But he knows what you are thinking, and he makes his words heard, in one way; or another. In my case it was another. Ouch my ears still hurt.”

Mary stands there wondering about what’s going to happen, and when? And if it was going to hurt. Mary didn’t have to wait very long to find out. Suddenly without any warning.

Like an Explosion, Mary became engulfed in the fiery light of God.

She stood frozen. Only her eyes, and lips had movement, and the pain was more then a child should bare. She looked at her Parents, fear that she has never known before, showed in her eyes.

“Daddy!” She cried out, the only word that she was able to speak.

Daniel didn’t know what was happening.

All that he knew was that his little girl was in pain.

He reached out to grab her, as he shouted: “STOP! .. STOP IT! What are you doing to her? LET HER GO!”

Peter raised his open hand and shouted, “Mr. Rush! Please! Don’t! You mustn’t interfere, stay back!”


Matilda grabbed Daniel’s arm and pulls him back to her.

“Don’t Dan! You’ll only make it worse.”

Mary was able to move now, and reaches out her arms for Daniel, then looks up and around, there were winds of great intensity within the room, swirling around her, then suddenly she screams in pain and falls to one knee. She drops her head down, again crying out “Daddy!” as she falls to the floor.

“MARY..NO!” Daniel says in a shout.

Matilda also shouts. “DAN!.. DON’T DO IT!”

The light that surrounded Mary grew as she grew; then she takes on a different, and older appearance.

her hair becomes longer, and her clothing seems to dissolve from her body. Then she cries out as something begins to emerge, from either side of her bare upper back. Mary throws back her head in pain, with her eyes shut and cries out again. “Please, Mommy!”

As the growths on her back continue to emerge up and out, Matilda is horrified by what she sees. Mary is being twisted and torn. She pleads with Peter.

“Please! Peter, make it stop, she’s just a child! My God what are you doing to her?”

“I can’t Mrs. Rush … I’m not the one who’s doing it. Pray to the all mighty, only he can stop it.”

The buds on her back have now become identifiable as they continue to emerge. Wet feathers covered the growths, almost as if a young chick were hatching from its egg.

Soon the pain that Mary was going through, was joined with the sounds of singing, the voices of men and women, coming from what seem to be everywhere.

Mary now stood up, as the buds on her back had now fully emerged into wings. She stretched her wings out from wall to wall, as she stood with her head bowed. The glowing flame-less fire; now diminishes. The woman still not looking up. hands folded in prayer. It was over within a few minutes. But not for Matilda.

The winged young woman, now stands 5ft. 7inches, dressed in a beautiful white satin gown, and a sash, of what seem to be silk, but was much thicker; that laid over her shoulders and extended down the length of the gown.

The broad sash was sky blue in color with gold leaf designs, and it had Angelic Script down the length of the sash.

The young winged woman’s long golden hair rested upon her shoulders, over the sash.

Matilda looked at the winged woman, as all became quiet once more.

“Mar .. Mary! .. Is, is that you?” Matilda asked, as she reached out her hand.

Only to pull it back quickly in fear.

The winged young woman now raised her head and looked toward Matilda.

There was no question now; the pretty soft pastel blue eyes could only belong to one person.

“Mary? It is you. But wh .. what happened to you? I mean, look at you! You’re so, .. so beautiful! But why did they put you through so much pain? It almost killed us to see you like that.”

Mary was silent for a few moments, and then she answered.

“Birth is always painful Mother. It’s just that a newborn can’t tell you about the pain, that it must go through.”

“You called me Mother. I’m still you’re Mother?” Matilda asked.

“But of course you are! Everything that I am, you and father gave to me. Everything that I know, you and father taught me. You’ll always be my earthly parents. My Heavenly Father has not denied me this. Nor has he denied you.”

Daniel slowly walks over to Mary and stands looking at her. He looks deep into her eyes, and she looks into his, and in her eyes he is able to see his little girl that’s still within her.

“What now, Mary? What awaits you? What happens to you now?” he asks his daughter.

“So many questions Father. I will go with Peter to begin my new life. The arch-angels have so much to teach me, and I’m eager to learn all that I can.”

“Will we ever see you again?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t know? Maybe someday I well be allowed to return for a short time. But if this comes to past, I would return as the child that you knew and loved.”

“We still love you, even as you are now! We always will, don’t you know that Mary?” Matilda asked.

“It’s time we go, Mary,” Peter interjected.

Matilda snaps out at Peter: “No! Not until she answers me.”

She then looks back at Mary, and again softly says. “Don’t you know that?”

“Yes I do Mother. But I still must come back as the child that I was. It’s the way it is done. I can’t show my love for you as an Angel. That love is for all, so I must show it as your child.”

“Come along Mary. It’s late and you’ve been here much too long,” Peter reminded.

Mary’s wings were dry, she folded them behind her. Then suddenly a vast porthole opens on the wall that Peter is standing next to. A doorway full of radiant multi-colors and cloud-like shapes slowly stirring and pulsating. Sounds like rushing water and high winds, were coming from the porthole.

Mary once again looks toward her newfound parents and softly says: “Goodbye. I will never forget you.”

Then the beautiful Angel walks slowly into the stirring maze and vanishes into its eternal lights.

Peter looks towards Matilda and Daniel and remarks: “Well Mr. and Mrs. Rush, it’s been quite an experience. Even for me.”

Peter then turns and walks through the door then stops before entering and turns back and says:

“You know its been said that miracles just don’t happen anymore. I’d call this a bit of a miracle wouldn’t you?”

Peter then turns and walks into the doorway, and he and the doorway slowly vanishes.

Matilda and Daniel stare at the wall, and then their eyes turn towards each other. There were no tears, just wonderment. Did this actually happen? Or was it all a hallucination? Looking around at their home, there was nothing disturbed, everything was as it was.

“Dan! She’s gone! But was she ever here? It all seems like a dream.”

“Yes! She was here, but you know we can never tell anyone about this. They’d put us in the booby hatch.” Daniel said.

“I know! It’s the family secret. But that’s going to be a hell of a secret. You know, we don’t even have anything to remember her by. Nothing!”

“Not true!” Dan tells Matilda as he holds out his hand.

“Dan, What is that?” She stares intently at his palm.”

Dan looks at Tilda and softly says to her.

“It’s a lock of Mary’s hair.”

Matilda asks. “Dan, how did you get that?”

Dan continues. I took it when we were playing together; I figured that I would never have another chance. So I asked her if I could cut a lock, and she let me.”

“They let you keep it?” Matilda asked.

She gently picked up the lock of golden hair, from the palm of Daniel’s hand, and she could almost swear that it had a heavenly glow to it, and a very slight look of transparency.

“That couldn’t be possible.” She says to herself … “Not possible? What am I saying! With all that just happened!”

Matilda carried the hair to the corner of the room. She always kept a little jewelry box on the end table, a 24k. Gold-filled box with a white ivory top, there was a carving of a little Angel on it. It just fit in Matilda’s hand.

It was in this box, that she would always keep Mary’s golden soft hair, with a little pink ribbon tied around the lose strands, to keep them together.

Matilda and Daniel are really alone for the first time in over a year, and they didn’t like it.

A few years later.

It has been sometime, since the lock of hair was placed in the little box for safekeeping. And soon after, the Rush’s had another little ray of sunshine that they named Cindy.

The six-year-old girl was playing one day in her Mom’s reading room when she opened the small hope chest that sat by the window. She had always been curious about what was kept in there.

The Child thought to herself. {“What kind of wonderful things could Mommy be hiding in here?”} She seen lots of items of interest, many pretty things. She then found, a tiny gold box concealed under an old book, hidden deep within Mom’s chest.

“What could this be?” She muttered. But at that moment Matilda walked in, and finding Cindy in the chest remarks:

“Cindy! I told you that you were never to go into that chest!”

But Cindy had already opened the tiny box.

“Mommy, there’s hair in here? .. Is it my hair?” Cindy asked.

Matilda walked over to Cindy and sat on the floor next to her.

But she doesn’t take the box away, instead she began talking with the Child.

“No, it’s not yours! it’s you’re sister’s.” Matilda explained.

Cindy was very surprised by her Mom’s answer.

“My Sister?”

And now the questions started.

“I have a sister? Where is she?”

Matilda answers as she takes the box and picks up the hair and looks at it.

“She went away a long time ago.”

“Why did she go away?” Cindy asked.

It’s always hard to answer a child’s questions, but we Mortals do try.

“Because she had .. Ahh .. Because she was older than you,.. And it was time for her to leave home. That’s all.”

But most of the time the inquiries don’t always stop when you want them too.

“What was she like Mommy?”

Matilda answers the only way that she could.

“Oh!.. Well,” Matilda smiles. “She was quite a little angel.”

Cindy smiles and says: “Like me! Huh Mommy?”

Matilda smiles again, and answers Cindy.

“Yes honey, just like you.”

Cindy smiles and giggles, Then takes the hair and smells it, and got wide eyed. she then said.

“Mommy It smells like bubble gum, here smell!”

Matilda smiles and says. “Humm. Yes it does. Come on, lets play outside.”

And so the drama ends, but it’s not forgotten, and Matilda and her family must live the rest of their lives in the shadow of an Angel, something that maybe all mortals should do.



The Lost Angel Found:

On July 30th 1951 Rosanna Nolan had been introduced to life.

At The Los Angeles, General Hospital, but my Sister,

had entered this world with only three out of four chambers of her heart fully formed.

The Doctor didn’t inform my Mother that there maybe a problem. She and my Sister were just wheeled out into the hallway; about 5 feet apart, until her room had been made ready. The baby was to be taking to N.I.C.U.

Their time in the corridor was about an hour. But after only 30 min. She cried out for help and watched her child pass away.

Unlike the story, my Dad was know were to be found. She went to the Hospital alone in a cab at 2 in the morning. My Mom sometimes talk about her when I was young.

My Sister’s interment was at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, in an area called rock- a- bye baby land.

My Mom and Dad are gone now. And it took me a long time to find Rosanna; 5 years. The people at Forest Lawns were pretty nice about it, they have more then a few Cemeteries out there.

When it was known that I was looking for her, they also searched. And found her In 2009. the spot she lies in, had not even been paid for. But they said it was alright, she didn’t take up much room, and it was a long time ago.

She had no headstone, just a Grave marker with a number. I’d like someday to give her one. But this will have to do till then.

The Lost Angel, is not about my Sister, but I wrote it for her, Now you know about her too.


What is the Question? What happens to a infant after she or he, pass’s on?

                                                                   Thank You





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