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April 10 poetry challenge - Adventures of the Farmhouse on Route 6
April 10, 2013
10:48 pm

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When our entire address was “Route 6,”

the road in front of our house was dirt

and rocks, and the irrigation ditch

was deeper than I was tall.

On a good day, the wind would blow

pig-farm stench in the other direction.

On cold days, we’d step out into waist-high drifts,

dragging our worn-out sled behind us

and slide down the hill, right over

the snowed-in cellar door.

On warm days, we could run outside

in our underclothes or take a walk to the pond.

On weekends we’d build forts in the unused ditches,

and scoop up grass-clippings

to fill garbage sack furniture.

When the evenings were warm,

we'd collect fireflies in mason jars,

with a few leaves and stems,

to keep them as two-day pets.

Sometimes, I would feel bad,

(being the oldest, I knew they wouldn’t make it)

so I’d set them free when my brother wasn’t looking.

At dusk, when dad came home,

he’d holler over his CB radio

out a speaker shaped like a megaphone

stuck to his car roof with a magnet.

It was quiet, you could hear his tires

on the gravel road long before

he started his announcement.

We didn’t care; we ran outside

as if we’d never had a better surprise.

Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
April 11, 2013
12:03 am

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This is deep. I like the simplicity and how personal this poem is. Lots of imagery as well as emotion embedded in the tone.

Have to tell you I have really enjoyed the challenge pieces you have written this month. Since they aren't edited as much as your regular pieces it shows a different side or step in your process that I feel like I didn't get to really see before. I actually enjoy these less filtered poems just as much as your regular ones :) .


Perfection; my greatest strength and weakness.
April 11, 2013
12:06 am

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That was a great compliment, especially from you. If KE had is way I'd never revise, but its just not me ;-) .

Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
April 11, 2013
10:25 am

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What a wonderful way to pen memories to a poem. Sometimes the simple things we have in life are the most cherished. I enjoyed the fact that you set the fireflies you had captured free while your brother wasn't looking. You must have had quite the silver tongue to explain their escape, I'd enjoy hearing that.

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
May 2, 2013
7:34 pm

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The title is perfect and makes the reader want to see the poem. Another @tlhopkinson original.

I am a man with one distinguishing manner. I view life as a nonstop roll by circus. Whatever my senses signal to my brain, it is received as humor.
May 3, 2013
12:44 pm

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I've been trying to get more creative with titles and also to make sure they contribute to the poem. Thanks for noticing ;-)

Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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