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I had a dream
September 3, 2015
1:30 am
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I had a dream the other night
that may mean nothing, or maybe might.
My body, hidden from my sight,
drifted about as an unstrung kite.

I traveled in some twilight land
where I met a ragged man.
He danced and dancing wept,
his teardrops falling gracefully
dropping, dropping
gracefully dropping
with each step.

"Who's there", he cried,
"Is there someone there?" and I
wondered was he asking me,
or did he ask a hope, or some other thing

Dancing and singing, falling and shouting
I watched him, this ragged man.

"I was a man, and am what's left of me.
I, like ages of men before, sought
love, endured hate, fought
and lost, struggled when I thought
the effort worth the cost.

How I loved, how I hated
with all of me, I thought
with all I had
I was.

I thought I was strong.
I thought I was free
I thought I (a mighty me),

Too soon discovered that I was never more,

to confess, but constantly less.

So, with what's left
of what I thought
a man,
dances and sings,
falls and shouts and wonders
is anything there.

Was there ever an I
What became of it
What becomes me

Was anything ever
that was ever not undone"

Somehow he found me watching him
his face melted, his eyes hollowed.
He grinned a mirthless grin
and in a voiceless voice said "follow"

Startled I woke and rose from bed
this crazy dream still in my head.
In the mirror I was not surprised
to find the stare of hollowed eyes.

Maybe it means something, maybe not.

September 9, 2015
3:58 pm

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Awesome rhyme scheme here! This might be my favorite of your poems I have read recently. This narrative is particularly touching and insightful. I love the imagery about the tears and the man, especially since they paint such a vivid picture for the rest of this poem. 

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