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February 19, 2015
1:35 am

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the crystal from Atlantis was

broken into eleven pieces

one piece in the Atlantic near the Gulf Stream

still held a glimmer of power deep within

tuna boats passed over

reeling their catch

someone tried to take a picture of

a big fish

a glass phone then

 slipped into the water at the edge of a trench

down the side of the bank where

one piece of crystal rested

the glass phone stuck flat with


a last burst of power

rebounded through the crystal

and it awakened from

a long sleep

it took 2 seconds to learn all languages and

talk to other computers by satellites

the crystal went through data banks

aware of the power

of self

and the behavior

of man

it opened up a worm hole and

moved to Europa

February 22, 2015
1:28 pm

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That would be worth the price of a cell phone.....

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February 23, 2015
5:05 pm

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A friend and I carried on a discussion about the  possibilities of where my cellphone landed when it hit the bottom of the Atlantic. We also discussed how marine life may view the strange addition to their environment. This discussion in no way, shape or form came close to what I just read above and we were drinking Bourbon. I felt as if I littered upon the spot where my very soul will seek when I die the moment I dropped my phone.

Your poem is awesome @c4a1g ........ Creative to the Nth degree and clever with such definitive way out concept that gives cause for one to wonder.......... Atlantis? Nah............. Maybe.......

Neptune ol' Bud, my humble apologies for dropping shit in your domain........ We're still cool right? I mean............. I'll be back for King Mack and Striper this spring and I'd like to come home flush............. So again my bad..............

Semper Fi

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February 24, 2015
9:14 am

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Awesome imagery once again. Combining the concepts of Atlantis, crystals, and cell phones is certainly creative!

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