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Patty Puss
October 13, 2015
3:28 am

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Patty Puss is a platypus

who now lives in Main after

a long journey from


Pattie  lived with her mom and sister

near a bend in the river


it flowed into the sea

a storm brought waves into their

safe little cave

up a bank by a wharf where

a small fishing boat was tied

mom led the sisters along the bank

in wind and waves

and went into the water for safety

but Pattie got picked up by the wind

and blown tumble over again

 into a dark room with

walls that were slippery

Pattie could hear the wind

but felt none blowing

after a while it lulled her off to sleep

she woke to violent moving

as the sea tossed the little boat

the beer cooler she was in


and rolled again

a pack of crisps tucked neatly in

the side compartment

poured out

salty and filling

Pattie thought


saved many for later

each day she had one

and a sip of the frothy water

at night when no sun poured in she

stared at stars through cracks in the lid

one day a fisherman from Main

found the small boat

barely afloat and

found the beer cooler then

looked within

it was a



an otter or

a beaver

to him it looked like a freak of nature

laughed to himself cause that’s what some called him

poor Pattie was cold

hungry and tired

being wrapped in a warm jacket was

as close to heaven as Pattie could imagine

the kind fisherman took Pattie home and

placed her in Puss’s bed by the wood stove

Puss sensed Pattie was young and afraid

and snuggled her in the wrap of her tail

the fisherman figured he better not let the neighbours know

or they would have it dissected and

then stuffed to show

the next day the fisherman called out to his cat

puss puss and Puss ran out to get a morning meal

but Pattie stayed in the warm

the fisherman tried fish and cat food

had some luck with worms

Pattie was a picky eater until he laid down a pack of crisps

Pattie came to dinner every time the fisherman

yelled Puss Puss

he could not have 2 Pusses

so he called Pattie

Patty Puss because of the sound

of her nails on the floor

and Patty got used to her new name

almost the same

but sounded different from

the fisherman who

bought a house on Trinity

from his cousin on the Rock

left his country and home

so he could be alone

on an island at

the head of a bay

he sent Patty along with Puss

no one seen Patty so

there was no fuss

he was greeted by an army of

open arms

cousins he would fish with had

large families

bags all un packed


Patty and Puss settled in

the welcome

the smiles

the help with the toil

Ron knew he was finally home

a new home in

a new place

no one stared at his face

or pointed in laughter

he worked along side men who gave

respect with their kindness

invited to a Twine loft

for a scuff and a scoff

poor Ron understood neither

he filled his twine needles and

took his gloves

walked in

on a fiddle playing man

and piles of food on long tables

all his life in Main faded in one name

as he heard hi

I'm Sarah

can I have this dance


Ron never knew a step

but faked it from

the joy

the music

the first and only time he was asked

a table for two appeared

they sat


talked and stared

laughed at the morning sun

a new life had begun for


Puss and Patty

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