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signs can come in many forms
July 19, 2014
1:39 am

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a new mall was opening

in a city one hundred miles by road

eighteen miles by boat across the bay

a parrot from a medium’s fortune telling act

flew away after a gull with

red paint on her wings

across the bay and down the shore

through Owl Valley to land where

owl watching is a fine game

asleep in trees they blend

in with limbs and bark hard to tell

thought I saw one when

a bright colored bird flew by

I ran with my glasses saw blues and reds in

shades so bright it didn’t look real

in a moment of youth I jumped a small stream

the moment of youth slipped and

reality set in

I missed the small bank and

 landed soft in a pool

no broken bones

 was thankful

I turned myself over

and stared into the shallows

ripples in the water

 calmed to a mirror

 I saw a face so familiar

my moment of youth saw

how old I could be

 then I heard

someone say to me

chase your dreams

be all you can be

thought it was the Creator who

 gave me a sign

then I saw it was

the parrot was sitting on a limb

above the stream saying his line

for the medium then

an artist saw colors through

a white stone on the bottom

and gave it to the stone carver

as I walked home

drenched clothes stuck and

slipped slowly

with each step the writer heard

one line after another

when I got home after

gallons of hot water

I fell back together

started a leaf carving to

remind me of the fall

a solar powered pump

makes a stream

as water trickles down the leaf

I will remember

chase dreams and

 be all I can be

July 19, 2014
9:58 am

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I think all of these lovely complete little stories are excellent candidates for short film... maybe an art form you should pick up :).

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Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
July 19, 2014
3:12 pm

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maybe I am story-boarding in my writing and never thought about it  :)


 10 years ago I studied to become a 3D animator  2years work and 20,000

got diploma made Deans list

put out 154 applications ... got back nice letters all different ways of saying no

then did prints of my art and sold a few ... got frustrated and put all my designs on a shelf and

went to work in sales and office. Since I found this site I been writing more ... painting more

and trying again to put my art out there

got it on Fine Art America under DC Bursey ... me


thank you for all your comments

they keep me from falling off the wall of creativity 

July 19, 2014
5:23 pm

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We all have to make a living, but that doesn't mean we have to give up art. You are remarkably creative and could take your lovely short stories in any way you like and have some level of success that will be satisfying. Children's books, fables, short stories, art and poetry mixed media chapbooks, performance poetry, theater, and yes, I believe many of these would translate well to short film. Even if you only create for yourself, you should know those options are always there should you want to invest your time in any of them. Lots of talent here on thoughts, but yours is very versatile. 

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Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
July 23, 2014
2:58 pm
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I agree.  very creative.  you know, I believe you use the word 'creator' a bunch of times in your work, just sayin'.  Anyway, enjoyed the offering. 

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July 31, 2014
5:01 pm

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A sign can certainly appear in the strangest place, and a wonderful concept can exist in the simplest story. Chasing dreams is extremely important, and I think your creativity behind this is proof. This amazing journey all to find a parrot is both amusing and thoughtful, as is the moral behind this piece.

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My identity can be found in my writing
August 1, 2014
8:19 am

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Your ability to travel back and forth with thoughts and characters so fluently in a poem is incredible @c4a1g ................. the re introduction of the parrot in place of the creator is a great twist............ This was a fun poem to read and gives insight to the creative mind of an amazing poet........... I really loved this poem and will read it many times. It is by far my favorite of yours. Canadian air must indeed offer a clear vigil for writing such a poem...............


Write on @c4a1g .............. write on


Semper Fi

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Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele

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