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The Desire to Survive
February 24, 2015
9:11 am

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Our days are numbered by health, Heaven,

And disease-but still we approach time’s capricious

System with indifference. We rate ours hours

By the success of our desires and quantity

Of materiality which then measures


The quality of our greed.  


The fish in the sea only fear for their food-

Surely survival is the most smothering desire;

The squirrels in the trees only attempt to care

For the goods they can carry then store in their treasure

Coves. Guarding their husked jewels from dragons

And dwarves alike, the miniature kleptomaniacs

Live like kings behind rotting bark inside a beggar’s nest.


Our thoughts and dreams are much too scattered

To imagine this animal Shangri-La, let alone achieve.


Only the space-sprinters moonwalking between

Venus and Earth waving and mouthing hello

Behind a globed fishbowl and the mariners,

Swimming like merpeople down below

The depths of King Triton’s ocean, can know


What it feels like to solely request and require

A rush of air against oxygen-deprived lips-

To only desire the assurance of survival.


Cards made of plastic but treated like platinum

Or gold cannot act as credit in place of Charon’s coin;

Not even a studded or gilded casket will delay

The decay of corpses made of flesh, meat, and bone;

The grave is the truest retirement home for men,

Women, and children-paupers and princes alike.


Calling it a tomb only gives the ground an added,

Egyptian flair-dead men don’t need doors or roofs-


But sometimes the living cannot admit the reality,

And memories build an immortal shrine.



*This is another imitation poem, this time imitating the poet Heather McHugh, for poetry class.

My identity can be found in my writing
February 26, 2015
12:54 am

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enjoyed the read

February 28, 2015
8:46 am

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Bravo @SerenaLantha ............ Sharp imagery here with awesome comparisons that offer clarity of life and death....... The beginning offers such truth. No matter what we obtain in life an how big the home we live in is we all get buried in the same size box......... Personally I can't help myself though. I live by the 'He who has the most toys' motto........ Guilty! Capitalist to the nth degree............... The only time I feel no need for anything in life other than my own self is when I'm in, on or around the ocean.............

Perfect ending............

Thoughtful as always......... Clever and insightful as ever is your writing.

Write on @SerenaLantha 

Semper Fi

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
March 4, 2015
9:16 pm

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Haha, ninth degree Capitalist is the way to do Capitalism!


Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for the feedback! 

My identity can be found in my writing
March 5, 2015
4:03 am

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Egyptian flair dead men don't need doors or roofs, wow love some of the lines in this piece, great visionlaugh, you definitely have the knack of writing lines that transport you in mind to that place, great write

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