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Universal Silence
December 8, 2014
10:24 am

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Often does the quiet night cheer

In celebration of the waning dusk;

To be bold, black, and beautiful

Is the twilight sky’s loudest cry

Though the atmosphere is mute.

The stars twinkle in their fanciful

Fashion as if to wink rather than

Whisper, a morse code all their own;

The planets revolve in the utmost  

Restraint lest a sound dared be heard

And create a cosmic clamor

Within the noiseless environment-

Mars, even with his violent roars,

Submits to this reverence of silence

Lest the more swiftly spinning spheres

Suddenly became startled and shook

In solar-systematic surprise

Of this unprecedented celestial sound.

All the busy bodies orbiting the sun

Obey their unspoken code of ethics

Though none truly care for it,

Yearning to hear the familiarity of noise

Which Earth’s children are so fond

Of sharing as they laugh, sob, and sigh-

When night falls, all the world strains to hear

A second’s worth of sound while half

Of Earth grows hushed and still in slumber’s

Sweet serenity, yearning to seize

The fading end of a child’s echoed cry,

The last sound the universe might grasp

Before the stirring sun’s eventual rise;

Yet, the quaint, cratered moon

Longs the most to hold the mumbled memories

Of parents’ chides and lovers’ goodbyes

In its heavy, hardened heart.

Hidden behind a hazing mist,

It offers light and idolatry in its stretching shine

In desperate attempts to earn another’s audible

Acknowledgment before the sun and daylight

Can force it back into solitude’s cruel silence;

A cirrus cloud’s wisp make shield the crescent’s sight,

But it cannot prevent the kiss radiating from the moonglow;

No, neither can the stubborn, selfish sun

Seek to send the moon to an early decay in the name

Of an endless and universal silence

When all the world knows that only when a babe

Hears its whimpering mother’s muffled voice

Does life truly commence.

My identity can be found in my writing
December 9, 2014
3:56 pm

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Brevity Selena excellent work here, love that nostalgia of night sky, brilliantly well written loved it good job


December 10, 2014
12:54 am

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enjoyed the images

thank you

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