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June 1, 2013
3:44 pm

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Walking in the darkness through the fallen leaves

The moon shines upon the ground illuminating my foreign dreams.

The caverns moan as the wind caress their walls

This moment has been long approaching and I can no longer stall.

I find her at the cliff’s edge with her arms extended to the side

My eyes grow moist and I know I can no longer hide.

“Do not be afraid” she soothes and turns towards me grinning.

“Your life may be over but the journey is just beginning.”

My breath catches in my throat as her words echo like thunder

And I look at the hand she has extended towards me in wonder.

“Do not fear what you do not understand

For that is a disease that already plagues your land.

Free your mind and rise from the ashes of your insecurity

And follow me to this land of purity.

Let go of the judgment that has soiled and rotten

The innocence of your mind that has long been forgotten.

So take hold of my hand and allow me to guide you

To the land of your journey that is long overdue.”

Awed by these visions I step forward once more,

 Closer to the guardian that will lead me through the door.

I take her hand and the smile returns to her gentle face,

And look around me one last time to say goodbye to this place.

She waves her hand and a doorway appears

The gentle light shining through it calming my fears.

We step through the door and as the light engulfs me

I take one last breath and smile

Ready to start my new journey. 

"He who does not know can know from learning"
June 4, 2013
2:37 am

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This has a great fantasy feel. Which is one of my favorites. The setting and flow is well done too.

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June 5, 2013
9:53 pm

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I love that this is almost like a story in a poem. The descriptions and flow of this piece are beautiful and add to the enchantment of this poem. This is a great write!

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