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No Fear of the unknown (Yet!)
March 30, 2014
12:31 am

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                  No Fear of the unknown



Have you ever seen a ghost, I mean a real live .. Or Dead .. Ghost. So near; you could reach out and touch it, if it were possible to do so. And if you have, how did you respond to it; did you run screaming away?

Or was the fear inside you so intense that you just couldn’t move, or were you only slightly shocked and didn’t know what to think.

I myself have seen the unexplained a few times.

One incident of which I write about now, lasted only a minute; but it seemed much longer.

I live on an Indian reservation, Although I do have some Indian Blood in me, I’m considered a non-Indian.

We moved into our home in July 1993, it was a new house, we were the first to live in it.

It’s 3:00am July 2012, the annual Pow-Wow is going on. But at this time all is asleep.

I awake to go to the bathroom.

The house is dark except for a nightlight here and there, I walk from my bedroom down the 20 foot long hallway, not very far.

Two feet before the door, I was attack by a string of multi color lights in many different shapes and sizes, none exceeding over 6 inches.

Swirling about my head they were making me feel dizzy; instincts had me ducking and turning my head from right to left trying to keep my eyes on them as they flew around and around following each other.

At first I believed I was imagining these things, But I had not been drinking, I wasn’t on any Medication, nor was I sick.

But wait! The lights were reflecting off the walls, this makes them real.

After a good 30 seconds or more, they moved away from me, still in a string

moving in a serpent like motion this animated curiosity curved up to the ceiling.

Then curved down to the floor in the center of the doorway of the washroom, which was two feet from the bathroom door.

Like an Animated Cartoon these individual forms of light, began merging, they were building upward from the floor into one single shape.

After a few moments standing there as big as life, was a girl.

She stood about 5 feet tall with light auburn hair hanging loosely below her shoulders.

Her head was tilted down as if looking at the floor, hung over her shoulders was a blanket with multi colored shapes as a design.

She held it tightly around her as it hung just above her ankles.

She couldn’t have been more then 11 or 12 years of age.

She had a dull pale blue Aura; about her from head to toe, as she stood there very Transparent, she never looked up at me, not even once.

Suddenly she started walking towards the living room, passing in front of me she went out of my view to the other side of the wall.

I walked into the living room and looked around, then into the kitchen; but I never seen her again, she was gone.

So I went to the bathroom and then got back in bed and went to sleep.

The next day I thought about what had happened, and I couldn’t understand it, not what I had seen but what I felt, .. No fear, No Nothing!

What I mean is I wasn’t scared? Or shocked or anything, I had just seen a Ghost or something and all I felt was curious.

The more I thought about it I realized that she was not scary looking, I did not feel that I was in danger or that she was there to harm me, the fact was she looked sad, and lonely.

What was the reason that I was not scared, maybe because of what happen two weeks earlier.

July 1 2012 3:am

My wife had made a cake the day before, a yellow cake with Chocolate icing, I got up with a sweet-tooth, I went into the kitchen cut a piece of cake, and sat down to eat it.

When suddenly a very loud lovely and pleasant voice said. “Is that corn? “ That was it, that was all she said? What did I do? I was still half asleep, I said “No its Cake!” Then I ate it!

It wasn’t till I was done that I thought about it. “ That didn’t sound like my wife?”

I got up from the table and looked around seen nothing and went to the bedroom, my wife was still asleep, I woke her up and asked “Did you get up?” She answered “Un-uh .. No.”

laughing I said. “ I thing we’re being haunted.” Then I went to bed.

There was no fear, because her voice was pleasant, I felt no danger.

I don’t know if these two incidents were related or not, nor has it happen again.

The only fear that I have right now, is writing it down, the last person I told about this said. “What did you smoke that night? “


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