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October 2, 2012
1:26 am

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Story By: Lyn Nolan                                          Word count 2779


 Sooner or later, everyone has a Psychic Experience.

But not every Person recognizes such an event. Think about yourself; was there a time that you knew that something was going to happen before it did?

Or maybe you had a dream, that actually did/or partly did come true? Well this is known as Precognition; Latin words, Prae (Before) + cognitio (acquiring knowledge). In short the momentary ability to see/or feel the future, to sense pending danger. Or yes, My God! Even love.

Is this a lesson on Extrasensory Perception? Are you going to get college credits?


Just a short introduction to an even shorter Story.


                           THE PREMONITION


 It was not an unusual September day, in the city of Los Angeles California, 1970. There was a slight overcast and a cool mild wind. There were many people walking at this time of morning, going about their business, and just living their lives the way they wish.

I was headed to work, I had to be there at 9:am and I didn’t have a car, I mean who really needed one in L.A.

 My job was only about three miles from home, but I didn’t take the bus today, as I usually do. I wanted to hoof it for once.

There is a lot of Traffic In the break of day, People going to work, or school. Or just going nowhere, Just to be going.

 I came to the corner of 7th and Alvarado, the light said don’t walk! Standing no more then a foot away from me, also waiting to cross this very busy intersection; was a young Asian girl. She couldn’t have been more then 17, of course I really wasn’t much older myself, but she was carrying school books under her arm.

 She was about 5-5 and very conservative, wearing a light colored loosely fitting dress that went down to just above her ankles. With little or no make-up, but she really didn’t need any; she was very pretty just the way she was.

 She turned to me for a second and smiled, I returned the smile. As I waited for the light to change, suddenly I seen in my minds eye a car hitting the girl and I.

It just lasted a second, a kind of flash. But it left me with a bad feeling; the light

changed, and I was about to step off the curve, but I couldn’t do it. That bad feeling just wouldn’t let me, then that picture flashed once more; only this time it was just the girl.

I noticed that the girl stepped into the street, I wanted to just reach out and grab her, and pull her back on to the curve; I was about too. Then I realized she would think that I was trying to attack her, or something like that. (I can’t do this! What’s wrong with me?) I thought to myself. (Nothing is going to happen!) I reached out, but then pulled away.

At the very same moment that I dropped my hand, a car came speeding from around the corner from my left.

I couldn’t believe what happen next. The girl didn’t even have the time to raise her head as the high speeding 1964 Pontiac GTO headed for her. The driver Jammed his foot down on the brakes, it’s tires were screeching and crying as they tried unsuccessfully to slow this wieldy vehicle down.

Like a Tank, it had no give at all against soft human flesh and bone. The powerful Pontiac strikes the girl with a thud, hard enough to launch her 20 feet above the ground. It’s amazing how the mind can perceive certain emotional situations, even to the point of affecting time itself. You’re mind can take a moment, and make it last what seems forever.

It was like watching a movie in slow motion. I observed her turn in mid air; Her arms stretch out as if she was trying to catch herself.

The poor girl’s eyes wide open looking right into mine; the shock on her face; and even a tear running down her cheek, was recognizable. Then she hit the concrete sidewalk with a louder thud, and moved no more.

It took only a few seconds for a crowd to gather around the girl. People yelling. (“Someone call an Ambulance!”) a woman wailing and weeping and saying (“She’s Dead, She‘s Dead!”)

Someone else saying, (“Don’t touch her. Get away!”)

I saw a phone booth, and ran as fast as I could to it, and dialed the Operator.

(“Yes, I need the Fire Ambulance, at 7th and Alvarado.

Please, a girl’s been in an accident, please; she maybe dying! Yes thanks.) I knew if she was still alive, that the fire Department would be her only hope to live.

I went back to where the girl lay; the police had already arrived.

(Officer.) “Did anyone see what happened?”

They were a lot of witness’s; I know that for a fact! But know one was coming forward.

No one wanted to get involved. So I did. (“Officer I saw what happened.”) Just then, I heard the siren of the fire Ambulance as it came in, and another two police cars as well.

They started working on the girl right away. I felt bad for her; I spotted a bone sticking out of the flesh of her leg. Oh my God, help her.

(Officer.) “Alright Sir, May I have you’re name please.”

(Glenn.) “It’s ah Glenn, Glenn Callan,”

(Officer.) “Address, and Phone number.”

I gave all the information the cop wanted, as well as what I had seen. I stayed till the girl was transported and I asked the Officer if she was going to make it.

(Officer.) “She’s in real bad shape. I’m told that she should have died, long before we got here, so the fact that she’s still alive, is a miracle in itself, She wants to live, that’s for sure. Other then that. I really can’t tell you more.”

 (Glenn.) “Did anyone find out who she is?”

(Officer.) “Well, according to the name in her schoolbooks, it’s Akiha Nakamura.

But at the moment it’s unconfirmed. Say Son, why did you stick around?

She’s not, you’re responsibility.”

(Glenn.) “I don’t know, I just feel for her, I guess. Thanks; see you later.”

So I went on to work, I was two hours late but after I explained. My boss understood.

I thought about Akiha for a few days, wondering whether or not she was all right or even alive.

But I soon put it out of my mind, Two months went by, and one day when I got home from work. I received a phone call. I answered.

(Glenn.) “Hello.”

(Caller.) “Mr. Callan?”

(Glenn.) “Yes, who’s this?”

(Caller.) “My name is McKee, I’m with the Williams Law firm; we’re handling the

Nakamura case. And your statement is in the Police Report. As a witness,

we kind of hit a wall here, Akiha needs her Medical bills paid, as

Well as a little cash in her pocket, to go back to school.”

(Glenn.) “Oh the girl in the car accident, .. say how is she? I take it, that she pulled

Through. What kind of a problem are you having?”

(Caller.) “Well she’s fine. I really can’t say too much. The driver of the GTO said that

Akiha was Jaywalking, that she stepped off the curve before the light changed.

And the Insurance Co. is using that, to get out of paying. And Akiha just can’t

Remember what happened.”

(Glenn.) “That’s Ridiculous; I was standing right beside her when she started to walk.

And that light was Green, and the sign said it was safe, before she stepped Down.

All the other cars, had already stopped at the cross walk.”

(Caller.) “ Are you willing to swear to that in court?”

(Glenn.) “You bet I will! And more if need be.”

(Caller.) “Oh right, that’s all we needed. I don’t think you’ll have to go to court, just

You’re word to me maybe all that’s required. Thank you Mr. Callan. Bye.”

Two more months went by, when I received another Phone call from the Williams Law Firm. I was told that they were instructed to give me Akiha Nakamura’s address, and asked if I would go to visit her. I said that I would.

So the following day, I went to see Akiha, her apartment was not to far away from me.

I Soon found it, and knocked. It took a moment for her to open the door.

As it opened I remembered how pretty she was before the accident, I wasn’t sure what to expect; the car hit her hard that day. But when I saw her it surprised me.

(Akiha.) “Hi. Are you Glenn?”

Her voice was very soft and sweet, and she was still very pretty, even with a small scar on her forehead, and the scar across her right eye, leaving it only able to open half way. It actually added to her beauty. Although I felt a little morbid thinking that way.

But it was the brace on her leg that went just above her knee, and down to her ankle that stood out.

(Glenn.) “ Yes, that’s me. .. I guess, .. Hi Akiha. How are you? You wanted to see me.”

(Akiha.) “Yes! But .. I remember you. Please, Glenn come in.

I can’t believe that I know You!

I don’t really remember anything about that day. But I do recognize you.”

I watched her as she limped to a chair and sat down. I went in and closed the door.

(Glenn.) “I didn’t know about your leg. How long are you going to have to wear that thing?”

(Akiha.) “Oh, this? Not very long, just the rest of my life; please, don’t be sad for me.

I was going to be a cheerleader. That’s the only thing that I lost. But I’m good!

Please Glenn, come sit by me. .. Please.”

I walked to the table and sat down, I don’t know why, .. I just couldn’t think of

Anything to say, except.

(Glenn.) “Do you live here alone?”

(Akiha.) “Yes, I’m 18 now. And it’s time for me to go on my own. Thanks to you,

I’m able to do that. I have something for you. Here.”

(Glenn.) “What’s this?”

(Akiha.) “A check for $50 because you helped me.”

(Glenn.) “No, … I don’t want to take you’re money, you need it for yourself.”

(Akiha.) “But I wanted to reward you for what you did for me. I wish it could be more

But that’s all I can afford. Please take it.”

(Glenn.) “My reward, is to find that your okay.”

Akiha lowered her head, as if in shame. I couldn’t let her feel that way, but I couldn’t take the money from her and live with myself, So.

(Glenn.) “But, .. I’ll make a deal with you, Let’s go out to a Movie and dinner, and

I’ll Take it, What do you say, we’ll you go with me?’)

(Akiha.) “Okay, That sounds like a bargain, as long as you don’t mind being seen with a scarred face cripple.”

(Glenn.) “No. Not at all, and theirs nothing wrong with your face.

I would be more then Proud to be seen with you. Your really very cute.”

(Akiha.) “Please, Don’t make me blush. Am I really? Ha he he ha.”

Akiha and I became the very best of friends, we seen each other almost every day.

If I didn’t show up at her door, she would call to find out why, and I didn’t mind it at all.

We’d go to the show at least once a week. And did many other things together. You would never find me without her.

Sometimes we’d just walk and talk. Many people that she knew thought our relationship

Was much more them just friends. But that’s all we were, even the two of us couldn’t understand, why we wouldn’t admit, that we loved each other. But we both knew that it wouldn’t last. This went on for about a year.

Until on Thanksgiving day she called me all excited, and invited me to dinner. I knew she had plan a meal for us. But she wanted me to come and see her, right away. So I went over. I knocked on the door and she excitedly opened it.

(Akiha.) “Glenn, Glenn, Please come in. come in, I can’t wait to tell you.

But ..no, .. after dinner, then I’ll tell you, Wait .. Just wait.

(Glenn.) “Akiha, What? What happened?”

(Akiha) “ You’ll see, After, We eat first.”

We had our little dinner, and enjoyed each others company, then she broke out a bottle of wine.

(Glenn.) “Wow! I’ve never seen you drink before, what’s the occasion?”

(Akiha.) “To give Thanks, That I’m alive, that I have you. And for this. Here,

Please my Glenn, Please read it!”

She handed me a letter, address to her, it said that she had been accepted to

New York City's Columbia University. Special Education Program.

All fees have been waived.

(Glenn.) “But what’s it all mean?”

(Akiha.) Just what it says, I been accepted, they sent me a ticket, aren’t you happy for me?”

(Glenn.) Yes of course I am, if this is what you really want. Is this what you want?

(Akiha.) Yes. It is. It’s my chance to be more then just a cripple. I must be there Monday

Or forfeit my Opportunity, which gives me five days, to get ready. Would you

Help me? And would you see me off at the airport?

(Glenn.) “Yes! You know that I’d do anything for you. With what ever you need.”

What she needed from me was my support, which I gave her. On Friday we went to dinner one last time.

(Akiha.) “Glenn. What’s the matter? You’ve said very little all night.

Is it because I’m leaving?”

(Glenn.) “You know that’s a big part of it, I’m going to miss you a lot. But there’s

more, something you should know. But I don’t know how to tell you.”

(Akiha.) “You can tell me, I’ll understand.”

I told Akiha about when we first met at that corner; and what I had seen and felt.

and that I could have saved her from all that pain and from being crippled.

I them Begged her forgiveness.

Akiha lowered her head for a few moments, then

Reached over and took my hand then said.

(Akiha.) “My Dear friend, you were not driving that car, nor did you push me in front of it, despite what you seen or felt; there was no way you could have known what was going to happen.

You stayed with me till they took me away. You helped

me when I needed you too. Without you I would never have got that money.

Without you, I don’t think I could have lived. You gave me hope, and made me

Feel loved. And made me feel pretty.

You befriended me when I needed someone. Guilt has no place in our

Relationship. And I want it removed. You have no fault in what happen to me. Please.”

(Glenn.) “You know, you’re very special to me. I love you.”

(Akiha.) “And I you, I don’t feel like going home right now could we just walk in the

park for a while.”

(Glenn.) “I’d like that.”

Sunday night I went to the Airport with her, I was with her till she left, we hugged and said our goodbyes, just before she turned to go, I asked her.

(Glenn.) Akiha, If I had grabbed you; and pulled you back to the curve that day?

(Akiha.) I would have thought you were a crazy man, and I would have run from you,

And probably would have been hit by a car. And maybe not be here to say

Goodbye to anyone. Goodbye, my Glenn. Love you.

She touched my face with her hand, then we really kissed for the first time. And she said to me.

(Akiha) “I, like you have wanted that for a long time. Thank you for respecting my

Honor. Love you my Glenn.”

She wrote me for about six months, in her last letter she told me that she met someone, and fell in love. Good luck Akiha, and have a wonderful life.

You do deserve it.

This is not an episode of Final Destination; this is a story of a new beginning. And something that happens every day to many people all over the world. What’s you’re story?




Hi hope you liked my stories, I noticed a lot of views on my One Stormy night; I don't know if anyone is really reading it, or just taking a peek, if you would like to leave a comment on any of my stories do it on lynnolan10@hotmail.com I give my word that I won't answer anyone's E-mail. .. Just looking for comments. thank you. Mr. Lyn Nolan 

October 2, 2012
2:46 am

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Good story and tone :)

"Because it was I that this little event happened too." that part got smile from me, and the end part about "final destination" did too, I actually thought about that connection at the beginning :) Premonitions is an interesting topic, I get deja vu occasionally from dreams and it is strange to say the least. Is harsh the girl got hit by the car either way, the world is a strange place, how things happen and work out sometimes I mean. 

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October 13, 2012
1:05 pm

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I enjoyed this story.It's an example of the truth being stranger than fiction. I wrote a fiction story I posted a few weeks ago that is completely fictional, and not about premonition, but has a girl almost struck by a car in it(actually, that almost happened to me once, or I think it might have).It's strange sometimes how we meet people, in completely unlikely ways, which we don't realize at the time, but later become good friends.How old where you when this happened? In your 20s? I wonder if that girl remembers you(she most likely does), and hope she has had a happy life.

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February 17, 2014
1:10 am

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I just now read this post, thank you for it. yes, the girl has talk to me; she has two girls of her own, and is very happy. Her leg has never got any better then it was.


March 1, 2014
10:32 am

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I enjoyed this as well. It is rather bittersweet, but enjoyable. You have a special way of drawing the reader in. I could not tear myself away from this despite the fact I knew parts of it would be sad. Thanks for sharing!

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March 1, 2014
10:36 pm

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Thank you for reading it, Serena. A story is just useless words, if no one reads it.

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