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THE COLOUR YELLOW - Brotherly Complicated
July 26, 2014
5:31 am
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I go to school as, what you’d say, a Sixth Former.

I go to school as, as I’d say…

Actually, who and/or what do I got school as?

I don’t know, and, needless to reiterate, I can’t really know, now can I?

I go to school, there are about 400 or so 16-19 year-olds in the Sixth Form part of the school, and there are 16 tutor groups in the Sixth Form.

If you are, say, as dim-witted in a supposedly important area as my parents are, then I’ve done the math for you.

There’d be about 25 students in every Ernest Bevin Sixth Form tutor group. So that’s not far away from the dreaded number 30. 30, the average that has caused me so much pain.

Given that I was in Mr Oddy’s group, with about 45 people in it, you can expect my fears of being punished to appear from time to time.

A main point in this chapter is that, before I was even aware of being in Mr Oddy’s group, I remember being either in Mr Omo’s room – Room 301, Year 11 – or in the Sixth Form Block, I forgot.

I was unsure about going to Sixth Form. Mr Omo said that it’d be “a home away from home”.

I said that ”I have been living with o many boys in a sweatshop for 5 years, and not 1 of them have acted brotherly towards me”.

But now that I’m in Sixth Form (still regretting going on Enrolment Day), I’ve supposedly got brothers that are the same age as me – twins – and brothers that are 1 year older than me – older brothers.

In Mr Oddy’s tutor group, the class is divided into 2 blocks – the Year 12 students (me) and the Year 13 students (the older brothers).

In my lessons, I am joined with:

Adrian and Villy for Art,

Noor for Computing,

and Vithvurshan for History.

They have all been in Ernest Bevin, they are not outsiders. They would have known what it’s like to be in Sixth Form. More specifically, they’d have known what it’s like to be in Ernest Bevin’s Sixth Form as a 16-year old and so.

Or at least, that’s what you – the Realist – would infer from what I am telling you.

Here is what I am telling you:

I find it rather confusing for someone to be in a year group when they’re not supposed to. Noor’s taking another year, Vithvurshan’s taking another year because in the first half of his first year, he had cancer. Villy – according to Miss Hirst – has messed up so many times in Art, and so he’s retaking. And I’m guessing Adrian must’ve failed an exam or so.

So I’ve a 16-17 year-old in Year 12. You’d call that normal. I’d call that normal (though “normal” is in the Realist’s vocabulary).

You’ve got a 17-18 year-old in Year 13. You’d call that normal, and I’d call that normal (though “normal” is still in the Realist’s vocabulary).

But here’s the problem, where it all gets really confusing for me:

You’ve got a 17-18 year-old in Year 13. That Year 13 student takes their final exam somewhere in June, and they fail. So now, they have to take another year. That’s 1 year down You’d call that normal, and I’d call that abnormal (“abnormal” sprouts from the word “normal”, which is still in the Realist’s vocabulary).

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