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My Morning Blessing
August 1, 2014
10:51 am

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The morning sun greeted me

To the light of a new July;

The sun shone onto my face,

And the warmth welcomed me

To the heat of summer’s daylight.

It streamed in through the window

Overhead my bed, waking

Me to a glorious sight-

I glanced past the curtains

Then could hardly believe my eyes.

A yearling grazed along the path

Between two wooded rows;

It feasted on the clovers

Where the greenest grow.

I watched in fascination

And the utmost admiration

As it looked around

For either foe or friend;

The truest of the latter

Soon appeared as kin,

And its sibling sneaked

From behind to sample

The late spring remains.

They walked in order

One by one, marching

Along to the sound

Of their own hoofbeats;

They galloped in their play

And frolicked in their fun

And glided through the day,

Oblivious to the onlooker

Wishing them to stay.

My smile is bittersweet

As I watch them disappear

In an anxious and childlike fear

With a leap in their steps

And flick of their tails;

I wonder where they will go,

And I hope they will stay near,

For I saw neither buck nor doe

To take them away from here.

Their presence is a blessing

Too innocent to ignore;

Often we covet complicated things

And demand and yearn for more

When really it is the simple things

Which cause our hearts to sing;

There is a song in the soul

Of this divine and holy place;

It is whispered by the wind

And spoken in the trees,

Murmured by the wandering deer

And hummed by the buzzing bees-

Beauty is in abundance

In nature’s nurturing embrace.

My identity can be found in my writing
August 2, 2014
8:33 am

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Bravo @SerenaLantha ............... The world truly is a wonderful place when seen through your eyes.............. Whitetaill fawn are a joy to watch........ And this poem a joy to read. "There is a song in the soul of this divine and holy place."............................ That line is actually the beginning of an absolutely epic ending to this poem! ............. Couldn't be a more perfect ending and I really enjoy the feeling it gave me.............. Satisfaction............. Complete serenity "In nature's nurturing embrace." ..........The simplest of words become such a delight to read when placed by the pen of Serenalantha...........

Write on @SerenaLantha ........... write on


Semper Fi

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
August 3, 2014
6:01 am

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agreed with master of rants mr killerelite, bueatifully portrayal, felt the sun on my face, lovely words that made comfort inside,oozed with nostalgia and feel free feelings, good joblaugh, enjoyed immensely

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