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One Stormy Night. ( a story)
September 23, 2012
11:58 pm

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                                     One Stormy Night.


By: Lyn Nolan.
Based on many true stories.

    At 3: a.m, On one dark Stormy night in the City of the Angels.
 Headlights cut through the darkness in what is usually a quiet Los Angeles urban neighborhood, causing the large drops of the hard poring rain to become incandescent through the oncoming lights. The car pulls into a driveway of a home in this central area of the city; of which the driver has never been to; Before tonight.
The vehicle comes to a rest, and moments later a young man jumps out, pulling his jacket over his head to protect himself from the harsh falling rain. He runs across the wet lawn, ignoring the convenience of the concrete walkway; and then up the steps to the porch. He knocks on the door, and the outside light comes on. And as he awaits for the door to open; the sounds and sights of the storm around him, makes his mind wonder back two hours earlier.  To the moment when his unusual night began.

A night that would forever, alter his life. The young man is Martin Kennedy; and as he travel’s back through the page’s of his mind. We too must travel back with him. The trip is short, and will not take long. So you need only to pack light.

It is 1:a.m. July 20, 1958. and 34 year old Martin Kennedy, who is employed as a Mechanic by The R & E Trucking Co. on the eastside of the greater Los Angeles area has just completed one of his nightly projects.  Martin has always enjoyed working evenings, he has never been a day person because he is unable to sleep at night, and besides he likes his co-workers, who are good people, and they too; like working with him. This makes his job very enjoyable indeed.

The Service Manager has asked Martin to stay later.
He really doesn’t mind working overtime when he is asked, it’s good money. But not on this night, this is Sunday Morning.
And he couldn’t wait to get home to watch the late movie. Just as he does every Sunday early morning. So with a smile, Martin gives a flat No! 
After all; 15 years on the job, six days a week, 8 hours a day. He deserves a little TV time, now and again. And has the seniority to say no!..
Martin’s wife Andrea; a 32 year old homemaker who has never worked outside of the home. Knows that he will be in soon, So she gets ready for bed, not because she doesn’t want to see him. It’s just that she has become acquainted with his habits, and as long as he is the bread winner, and will not force her to go out and work, she will let him have his way.

 Although Martin’s modest paycheck just keeps them paying the bills.. He really doesn’t mind if Andrea works or not; just so long as she’s happy. Then there is his 12 year old daughter Vicky, an A average student, of whom he’s very proud of. She is his whole world. She and Andrea both. And are usually asleep when he gets home. So he has the TV all to himself. This is the way he likes to unwind. Alone.

After watching his Sunday morning movie he will sleep for just a few hours, as he must be ready to go to Sunday Morning Church with his family.
This ritual, has been practice by Martin and his wife and daughter for the past six years.
Martin is a good man, and he loves his family, and his Spiritual Father; more then life itself.
But tonight, Martin will be tested by his God; In a way that he would never believe possible.   As the whistle sounds, he puts away his tools and heads for the gate, he can’t wait to clock out. It was a rough shift. 
He had been working on two trucks that gave him a lot of trouble; He thought he’d never get then running. He was responsible for staying until they were out of the way. But this time he got lucky, and got then done. He was able to get out on time. As he walks through the gate that leads to the parking lot he wishes a goodnight to the security officer on duty. He always says goodnight to the gate officer, even if he doesn’t know him.
Martin then stops and looks up at the dark sky, There were no reports of rain tonight. But There are no stars. And the wind is starting to pick up, and what’s that on the ground? He reaches down and picks it up. It was a small single piece of ice the size of a pea, that melts very quickly from the warmth of his hand.
Martin thinks to himself. {This doesn’t look good. It started off as a very warm night, but it is getting cold.}
Martin then turns to the Security hut and says to the officer. “ Say-ah, Tim; anything about rain in the forecast, on your radio?.”

(Tim answers.)   “Nope! .. Not working. Someone broke it. But it  Smells like rain if that helps Any?” (Martin starts to head out and says) “Thanks Tim. And hey, I’ll get you another radio,  See you.”  Martin know’s the gate Officer can not afford a new radio with his paycheck. At $1.00 an hour, he has to watch every penny. Martin’s high wage’s of $2.25 an hour; can allow him a little more luxury, but not much. He then walks to his car, gets in and starts it up.
He starts thinking about his life. “Everything is good and all that.” He says aloud. (He often talks to himself.) “But it’s so dull. I wish something exciting would happen.”

He puts the shift of his new  two-door Dodge Sedan, in gear. And then pulls out of the parking area onto Ramona Boulevard. He love’s driving home at this late time of night. There is usually very little traffic, if any at all.  And he feels safe; in his new Dodge, it’s the first new car he has ever owned. It was an expensive car, but he got a good deal on it, because of the recession. Only $1300, the $65 a month is a lot of money. But well worth it.
He turns on the radio just in time to hear the weather report. (Radio announcer.) “And now the weather update for our listeners who are still on the road tonight.

The weather service has issued a severe storm warning for the greater Los Angeles area,
And surrounding communities. This could be a dangerous storm with expected heavy rains, as will as electrical activity, and possible hail up to two inches in diameter. ..
How They know all this! Is be on me, But I guess that’s their job. 1 inch hail would be  more then enough and that’s too much! Now what I get paid for; to report the Weather.

The weather service has also reported that this could be the worst storm, that L.A. has seen in the past ten years. With their record of being wrong. .. I don’t know if I should believe them or not. .. Predicting the weather is still not an exact science, But I will give them the benefit of the doubt. .. These guys do work hard for us. So if you are on the road right now.
A little extra caution may be advised. If this storm hits; It maybe hard to see at times. I do remember that storm ten years ago, if this is anything like that one. It’s going to be  real down pore. If possible, seek shelter for the night. If not, then stay with us and we’ll keep you informed.  This is Uncle Ricky. (Elliot field.) taking the spot of Chuck Brad  while on vacation. on K F W B. With not only the Weather, But the new sounds, and a few oldie’s but moldy’s. So stick around, with me.”

(Martin.) “Great! .. Just what I needed, not just a storm! but a bad one. well I asked for excitement. God never listened to me before! Why now?”
Martin had hoped to get home before the rain started. But with the first few drops on his windshield,  he knew that the weather service was right, and that there was no chance of getting home before it hit! ..  The storm had arrived.
 “I knew;  This would happen.” (He said to himself as he turned on his wipers.“) All I have to do is wash my car. ..  it never fails . . .  Uh-huh; If Noah hadn’t been washing the ark there would  never have been a flood.” As Martin takes his time driving home; just ahead is a area  that he dislikes, and has for a longtime.   

This place that Martin always passes on the way home. Is a Cemetery that stretches out almost a mile long. It’s really a nice place, lots of trees and always kept clean. But it’s still a Cemetery. And Martin has never liked graveyards. Not even one as nice as this one.

Owned and operated by the New Calvary Mortuary, it was one of the largest funeral homes in the  Los Angeles County area. He heard that Comedian Lou Costello, of the famed Abbott and Costello comedy team, had been interned there.
Only one of many well-known Celebrities whose home is now at the Calvary. But this was not enough to encourage him to go autograph hunting in there. It wasn’t very likely that anyone would sign his book anyway.

(Years before July 20,1948)
The clock strikes midnight at the home of Peter grant.  He’s a sixteen-year-old boy, with the sexual hunger of a twenty year old man. His parents have gone out for the night and are not expected to return home until the following evening.

So Peter, like so many times in the past` has thrown a little party for his friends. Peter of course is the first to get a little buzzed up, and in his fun loving condition; see’s a younger girl of whom he has not seen before, and he likes the way she looks. She was dressed in a long white` pretty linen` dress, pretty brown eye’s, and shoulder length wavy` auburn hair.  Her rosy cheeks` and  soft milky complection. Made her stand out. She was tiny, and he liked her at first glance. But his approach to her; is a little unexpected even for him. (Peter.) “Hey there, hi. You’re` new here. I know what it is that your looking for. Why not with me? Come on. .” (Young Girl.) “What?` I` I` don’t know what you mean? What is it that you want? What are you talking about? . . . ”

Peter grabbed her and started pulling her upstairs. (Pater.)”Don’t be like that; This is what you’re here for, isn’t it?  Everyone else is.”  (Girl.) “Not me? .. Please Stop it` .. No! Please;` Why are you doing this to me?  please` leave me alone. ”
The boy keeps pulling her up the stairs, but she breaks away from him. Peter is a little bewildered by her actions, he has never been told no before. So he go’s to look for someone a little less picky. The girl now heads over to her friend and excitedly says to her.

“Jenny’ ..  Jenny’` I don’t want to stay here.”(But her friend ignores her, as if she wasn’t even there.)   Jenny` .. Please! Lets go.” (Jenny.) “Rachel` .. What’s with you? We just got here.” (Rachel.) “Jenny please; .. Let’s Go! There’s this guy Bothering me. “ She points to a boy who was talking to a girl at the bottom of the stairs.

(Jenny.) “Oh`Him, .. That’s Just Peter,  Give him what he wants` and he’ll leave you alone. Besides; My Brother won’t be picking us up until three o’clock”.                               (Rachel.) “Give him what he wants? .. What are you saying? .. I thought we were friends?  That you would take care of me. ..  Jenny I want to go now!” (Jenny.) “Find then. Go! .... I’m with my friends; and if you want to go now; .. Then your not one of then. So .. Just Go! There’s a bus stop down the street.” Rachel couldn’t believe her ears, this was her best friend? (Rachel then said to Jenny.) “My poor Dad, he was right about you. Your not my friend. I` I` don’t even know you. ... I don’t know who you are. Your not Jenny, your evil.” (Jenny just look’s at Rachel’ and smiled). Rachel then turns away.

She leaves from the party alone. Rachel is an average student, with average grades, She’s a pretty girl. But there is really nothing very special about her. Her Mother and father have very demanding rules. but loves her very much and wants nothing but the best for her. And she loves them, and tries to abide by those restrictions. She has always been a good girl` and lives a very sheltered life. But as with any child her age` she became curious about what she was missing. But picked` the wrong night to find out. 

It was about 12:50am when she found the bus-stop bench at the corner, it wasn’t that far from peters home but it was cold, and it began to rain.
With no coat on, all she could do was to cross her arms tightly to keep warm. There were a few cars that went by without even slowing down. But that’s okay` she thought; the bus must be coming soon. She then stood behind the bench and waited, and waited.

Rachel was wet and shivering from the cold, and the wind didn’t help matters any. It was 1:50am  when she heard the screeching of tires through the sounds of the storm. She looked up` and to the left and seen the bright eerie` headlights coming straight at the bench that she stood behind, like two demonic eyes; leashing out towards her.
Rachel had little or no time` to plead for her life as she uttered  “Oh God!` No` Please`God No! .. I’m so sorry Daddy!`” Then a sudden crash, and with in a second  the bench was reduced to splinters, the sound of breaking glass, Tires Exploding. Her eye’s widened as she seen the sight of the Monstrous Demon pick-up Truck elevating from the pavement in slow motion towards her. Years of her short young life passing in front of her eyes in a fraction of a second. An interrupted scream, a single moment of pain, and then darkness. And then just the sound of the rain filled the night, and nothing more.

Back in the present.)
 It’s 1:25am, and the rain was beginning to come down harder; along with the thunder and lightning it made the scenery very eerie` as Martin passed the Cemetery. It was also getting difficult to see the road in front of him.

Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, illuminating` the city streets and
Engulfing them in a bright pale blue light, this allowed him to see the Person` standing at the corner bus stop, behind the bench at the end of that mile long block, of which the Cemetery dominated.

 (Martin to himself.) “My God,`  Is that, Who is that?” .. Another flash of lightning allowed him to see plainly, but couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “What, ... That’s a child!  She must be crazy` being out here in this stuff.” He saw that it was a young girl just standing there by herself` who must be waiting for a bus` that he knew had quit running for the night.

Then the sudden loud crackle of thunder echoed and rolled across the city as he was  passing the corner.  He knew in his heart that he was going to pullover` and offer her a ride, but then at that moment he sees the girl waving her little hands. Inside he was glad that she was flagging him down, for now the responsibility for stopping was no longer his own.  “Shit! (He says to himself).. There went My movie!”
He pull’s over to the corner and comes to a halt. Then he reaches over to the passenger door and roll’s down the window and shouts. ”Get in!” But the girl doesn’t move.

 The heavy battering of the rain muffled his voice` making it hard for her to hear him. So the young girl just stood there giving a soft glare. As he sat there a moment his thoughts were of his own daughter` what if she had been out on a night like this. Would anyone pick her up? And if they did, would she be safe?  He just couldn’t leave the girl out there in this stuff` at this time of night; or anytime for that` matter.

And then suddenly the rain had an additional sound to it. The sound of pounding, banging as if someone was throwing rocks at the car. “Oh Shit!” He shouts out. “Hail!..  My New Car.” The car is battered Unmercifully.(He shouts again). “Oh my God!   Hurry! Come on, get in!”  The girl ran to the car with her arms over her head` trying to protect herself from the falling hail.  And opened the door, and jumped in. Her long linen dress clung to her skin from being so wet.  she then slammed the door behind her, and  he slowly pulled out. Again there was a blinding flash of an eery pale blue light.
 followed by the crackle of thunder that rolled over and through the crying City of the Angels. “God all Mighty!” He says as he pulled out, “Thank you for insurance; I am going to need it after this!”
Martin looked at the girl. he notice’s that she didn’t even have a coat on, and she was soaked to the skin. Her long wet auburn hair hung loose and straggly` a few inches below her shoulders.
And she was saying nothing. Just sitting there looking at the floorboard shivering. He also notices a small cut on her forehead just below the hair line where she had been hit by the hail. Diluted blood rolled down onto her eyebrow. And that dress!  (He thought.) ... his wife had one similar a few years ago. Well! .. Their always bringing things back. 

 “Are you alright?” (Ask Martin.) I`  I` think so? (Answers the girl.). “What in the name of God, were you doing out there?” (He asked.)  The girl looked at Martin. And said to him,  “I`  .. I don’t know? .. I` don’t know how I got there?  Take me home` please! ... They’re waiting for me.” He looked into her sad light brown eyes, and they told the story of how desperate she was to get home. (Martin.) “You don’t remember how you got out there?”Her lips were quivering from the cold.  He felt so sorry for her.
And as his parental instincts started to take over. (He answered.) “Sure kid` I’ll take you home. Why not! .. What else do I have to do; watch some old movie? But first; .. You need to get warmed up. You’re going to catch your death.”

Martin reached over and grabbed a jacket that was laying there on the backseat, and handed it to her. (and said.) “It belongs to my daughter` I’m sure she won’t mind. go ahead` put it on. And fasten your seat belt. I had to special order those, they don’t come with the car’s you know, it really should be standard; maybe Someday? But for now` if you want the things you must order them. And I did.   So I like my passengers to oblige me.  I’m one` who thinks that even Insurance should be mandatory. I really don’t know why I care?
But I do. So would you fasten it please? ” The girl did as she was asked, and buckled up.

“How long` were you standing out there?” (He asked.)  She took the jacket and replied as she was putting it on. “A long time; ..  I think I` I` remember now. I went to a party, . I wasn’t supposed to go. My friend talked me into it. .. I should have listened to my dad. ..  Things got all crazy. .. And this guy, .. Well, .. He got crazy too. He wanted to do bad things, but I’ve always been a good girl. For my Daddy I’m a good girl. You know what I mean? (Martin.) “Sure` I do; .. Go on.” I wanted to go home, but no one would take me. So I just left. .. I waited, for the bus, but it never came. .. It never came! “ (He then replied.) “Well of course not, the bus stops running at midnight. It’s. Ah. Almost 1:45 now.”

(Flash Back.)

At 2:10am, a Highway Patrol Unit comes up to the corner at the bus stop where a sheriff’s Unit is already sitting.  (Officer on Radio.) “1 Mary 14 to Dispatch, show me 10-6 at the 400 block of Whittier Boulevard at the Mortuary.” The Officer is Joe Miller, He is 28 years old and has been on the force for the past two years. Joe is unmarried and lives alone. He is one of the best Officers on this new force. He and Officer’s like him; of the Highway Patrol have been under the jurisdiction of the Department of Motor Vehicles. A few months ago` in 1947, it was Decided that the D. M..V. H. P. should be a department of it’s own.  This will be joe’s first case, under the jurisdiction of the new C. H. P. California Highway Patrol.  
(Dispatch.) “Roger, .. 1 Mary 14` what` do have Going? Over.” (Officer.) “Looks like ah`.. 11-83, .. It’s a 1945-Chevrolet pick-up, Charles-Ida-Ocean-773. It’s sitting on what’s left of the bus-stop bench, with two flat front tires.
Sheriff’s Unit is at scene. 10-29 requested” (Dispatch.) “Roger that, .. Don’t get wet; ..Out.” (Officer.) “Tell me about it, ..OUT.” The Deputy Sheriff at the scene is 32 year old John Mick; he too is unmarried and except for an old dog, also lives alone. As experience as he is; .. And as much as he’s seen through the years. This will be the one vehicle accident that will stay with him for as long as he lives.

Rachel is lying under the pick-up, She is alive; but unable to move or make a sound.  She is  pinned by the truck` although she’d been under there for only a short time` it seemed like hours.  Many things had been going through her mind as she laid there. But now something new. She was able to see the feet of someone as he walked around the truck,.
but she couldn’t call out to him. She was in a lot of pain and finding it difficult even to breathe. Rachel’s thoughts were all that she had to keep her company.
>”Why haven’t they found me? .. Please, .. I’m under here; Help Me! .. please; ..  just look under the car` .. It hurts me .. please get it off` of me. .. Daddy I’m sorry` .. I’m sorry but they won’t find me, .. So I can’t come home to you. Why won’t he look under here? .. Why.”<   

The C H P Officer gets out of his Unit and meets with the other officer. Both were shouting to each other to be heard over the storm. ( Joe.) “ How’s the driver?” (John.) “Looks ok. .. a drunk kid .. he’s out of it .. I didn’t think` I’d see you boys around any more. I thought you’d be taking care of all those rich customers, where’s that new shoulder patch. Under all that rain gear?”
( Joe. ) “You bet! .. I don’t want to get it wet, .. Who knows when I’ll ever get another one; .. Hey! I requested an I D check on the license. .. If you haven’t already.” (John.) “I Already did, .. I didn’t get an answer yet. .. How’s it feel not to be working for D. M. V. Any more.”  ( Joe,) “Great! .. Did you call for a Tow.. And an Ambulance?” 

(  The first C H P shoulder Patch. Came out at around the end of 1947.)

(John.) “Sure did; .. Should be here soon .. Do you boys’ have Full Departmental Status yet?” ( Joe.) “Last October, We’re officially an independent Department of the state of California.  We’re no longer taking any orders from the D M V, At all, Thank God. . ..Here comes the Ambulance now; We’d better give then a hand.” 

Just at that moment a car pull’s up.
Who’s that? (John asked.) The C H P Officer Shrugs his shoulders and answers. “I don’t know? Probably just a curious soul, I’ll take care of him.”  The Officer heads over to the driver’s side of the Vehicle, and the Man roll’s down his window, and shouts out to the Officer. “What Happened?”  ( Joe.) “Just an accident; It’s not you’re concern.”
(Driver.) “I just got off work, I’m a mechanic is there anything that I can do to Help?” (Joe,) “Yes! You can get home, so we don’t have another accident to handle. It’s a bad night, And you should get off the road as soon as you can, And be careful.”
The driver shakes his head and takes off. The Officer heads back to the pick-up to help get the boy to the Ambulance.
The boy is awakened and then taking out of the pick-up. ( Joe.)”Come on kid; .. get on your feet it’s just a little walk.” (Boy.) “But I don’t want to go anywhere.” He is then brought over to the Ambulance Attendant to be checked out. (Attendant.) “You shouldn’t have moved him; What if he’s hurt?” (John.) “Oh He’s alright, .. He just needs a good kick in the ass that’s all. Check him over.”

Rachel has seen many feet, and the truck seems lighter now. But she still can’t understand why they’re unable to find her yet. Her pain is becoming more intense in some places. But that’s not what worry’s her; She feel’s numb below her waist and that scares her.

She is beginning to have negative thoughts now. >”I’m going to die, .. but I don’t want to die` under here, .. Please won’t somebody  find me. Oh God! .. Please tell then where I am. Let me die with people around me` Please; Now I lay me`  Down to sleep, .. I pray the lord my soul to keep.”  (Rachel tries to cry but it hurt too much, So she held it back the best that she could.) “ If’ if ` I must die` before I wake,  I pray, Yes I Pray,  the lord, my soul`. My Soul` .. to take .. Amen.”< 
(Ambulance Attendant.) “I think he’ll be all right I guess? We’ll take him into Emergency just to be sure.”   ( Joe,  says to the deputy.)” He’s your baby` .. You were here first;  You  go on along with them. .. I’ll be down there in a bit` as soon as that Tow get’s here. Man! what a night!” But before the doors could be closed` the boy still out of it sat up, and Asked. “How’s that girl?”  The Officer’s froze. And glared at him. It was Joe that answered the lad. ”What girl Son.”

(The Boy.) “The one who was in front of me.” The officers still glaring as the confused boy continues. “Oh Come on; .. You know! ... The little girl?” .. Joe, turns to John, his face white. “Did you see any girl in the area?” 
(John.) “ No! Not at all.” ( Joe thinks a minute. Then,) “ Ah shit, the pick-up! .. Come on .. bring your flashlight. (John,) “Wait a minute! ... We have to secure the kid.”
The boy was strapped in` and handcuffed, then the Officer’s and the Attendants went looking around the pick-up. The rain was still poring down. After a few minutes one of the Attendants  shouts out. “HEY! down here!”

The Officers ran over to the right side of the truck. (Attendant.) “Down here; .. Under here, .. Oh my God! She` She’s` .. Under here,”  The Officers looked under the pick-up. There she was; looking right at them. Her face and arms  had cuts, bruises and oil smudges, but even through all that, they could see that she was very young and scared; and very pale.
(Rachel’s thoughts.>” They’ve found me.”< They notice that she was pinned between the wreckage of the bench and the pick-up. The undercarriage seemed to be resting on top of her` just below her chest. She tried to speak` but wasn’t able too.  The Officers seen her lips moving, With no words coming out of her mouth. she then reaches her hand out to Joe.

( Joe.) “Oh my God! I can’t believe that she’s been under there all this time. .. Look at that!”. He points at a sharp edge on the Undercarriage. “That’ll cut her in-two` If we’re not careful. That little piece of wood is taking most of the weight` but it won’t last long.  We must get her out` somehow; Those blown front tires makes it almost impossible.” .. (He looks up` at the Attended.) “Maybe a jack?” .. (Attended.) “Are you sure you want to chance it? One slip and she’s gone.” ( Joe.) “She must be in a lot of pain; you guys can’t give her a little something?” (Attendant.) “We don’t carry anything` like that.

We couldn’t use it, even if we did.. But. I don’t think that she is feeling too much pain though, The way she’s wedged under there. ..  It maybe the only thing that’s keeping her from having a lot of pain,  It may also be the only thing that’s keeping her alive.” (Joe.) What do you mean?” (Attendant.) “By suppressing the flow of blood, from the rest of the lower body. It prevents a lot of internal bleeding, and cuts down on the pain.”
The Attendant however was wrong about one thing, Rachel is` in a lot of pain. .. But he was right about her being wedged so tightly that, it was keeping her alive.

(John.)” Joe; There’s nothing we can do until the Tow gets here.” Joe tries to console the girl. “It’s ok` honey; We’ll get you out, it’ll just be a few more minutes.” Rachel reaches out with her hand` wanting him to grab hold of her. Turning back to the Attendant the Officer remarks. “God` she looks awfully scared poor kid.”
 (Attendant.) “Wouldn’t you be?” The C H P Officer go’s back to his unit and calls in. “Dispatch` I` uh, I have an..11-80  I need a Code 3` on an 11-41..Out!” (Dispatch.)”Roger that;  I’ll send another Ambulance as soon as possible. .. And as for you’re 10-29 request` your suspect has a warrant. uh` Hit and run 11-79.. Dispatch out!”

Joe, go’s back to the scene and relays the information to the Deputy.” Our friend has done this before, he’s wanted  for Hit and Run. How is she doing?” (John.) “The best she can.` Their doing what their able too for her;` and that isn’t much, ..damn she’s a good Kid. .. How is she staying alive?  One of us had better get an additional Ambulance down here.`” (Joe.) I’ve done that already; I called in an 11-41.

 It wasn’t long before the Tow arrived. (Tow Driver.) “It don’t look that bad, I’ll have it moved in no time.” ( Joe.) “Not so fast! .. There’s a girl under there.  You’re going to have to take it slow.” (Tow Driver.) “ a girl? ” The Tow Driver and the Officers with the help of the Attendants all assess the situation, and the best way to get the truck off of Rachel. When they all felt the plan would work; they moved on it. A short portion of the cemetery fence was knocked down to allow the tow to get in the front of the disabled vehicle.

The Tow backed-up and the chains were attached. ..The Pick-up was slowly raised as the men` waited on their knees. Soaked to the skin even with the rain gear on, but ready to grab the girl when she was free. As it was being lifted off of her, something happened. (Rachel.) “Oh God; She thinks to herself. “What’s happening I feel so funny? Oohw! the pain` it’s much worse! It’s all hitting me at once! Ooohw! Ohw-We What is it!” with the weight lifted off of her` Rachel’s eyes went wide, and she gasps! And as the blood began to flow normally through the damaged area’s of her body, and the feeling’s started to come back. She started to have heavy internal bleeding. .. and went into shock, and past out.

They slowly pulled her out. .. (Attendant.) “Easy,..Not to fast! Really easy, .. just slide her right onto the back-board. .. OK` now.” The Attendant checked her over and bandaged the worse lacerations. “Alright lets get her strapped down, that’s it` ..Now` we can get going.” (Joe.) “Is that it! That’s all your going to do? The girl could be dying!” (Attendant.) “Look Officer; I know what your feeling. I’m feeling the same way too, But I’m just a band-aid man; I do what I can. As little as that is. The real work is done at Emergency. So lets get her there. Once in the Ambulance Rachel opened’s her eyes, and see’s Joe looking down with concern. And he says to her. “You’re going to be all right; you just hang in there.” (Rachel.) “Please; Take me home. .. I must get home, .. Please.”
( Joe.) “Just lie still honey` ... What is your name?” In pain` She answers. “Rachel.” ( Joe. ) “Well Rachel, My name is joe. And I’m going to take good care of you. we’ll call your parents, you just lie still. .. Do you have a number we can call?”  Rachel gave the Officer her Phone number, and he had dispatch call her Parents. Rachel felt safe` and says “I’m going home? Everything is alright now?” and she slowly falls asleep. The Officers followed the two Ambulances into emergency. Then went in with the intoxicated young man to make sure that he’d not give any problems. Then Joe, went back to check on the girl.

When the Officer arrived at the Nurse’s Station` he asked the Nurse in charge. “Miss; how’s the girl?”  (Nurse.) “Excuse me?” ( Joe.) “ You know, the little girl! The one that was brought in a few minutes ago.” (Nurse.) “Oh` That` one ... I’m so very sorry, .. She was DOA.”  (Joe.) .. “What? .. The Officer couldn’t believe it, and it showed on his face.” No` no` Your mistaken` She was fine. I was sure she was going to be alright.( The Nurse continues.) I know you’re taking this hard. .. I really am very sorry. .. Excuse me.”

The Nurse then quickly goes on with her duties. The Deputy Sheriff then walks in` and asked. “How is she?” ( Joe.) “I`  I guess? That`she didn’t make it.” Joe turns and looks at John and says. “ She’s gone! .. We lost her on route.”
(John blurts out.)“What’s that?”  “But she look like she was going to pull through!”(John said with a lump in his throat.) “ (Joe.) “ She didn’t. ..   I don’t believe she suffered` she just went` to sleep. .” (John.) Well` that’s too bad.” John tried hard to maintain disciplined over his emotions. But Joe could hear the sadness in his voice, and seen the tears in his eyes. .   (John.)”We’d better get a statement from that kid. I don’t thank he’ll be driving for a very long time.” (Joe.)” If I have anything to say about it. He’ll be riding a bike the rest of his life. If he can get out of Jail. (John.) On this case. I’ll also need to get a hold of the coroners office.
(Joe.) Ah, John, We know how she died. As a favor to me? (John.) Ah yeah. You don’t need to say anymore. I know a few people. I promise, no Autopsy performed. No one will lay a hand on her; I give you my word. There’s other ways to get what they need.

( the present in Martin’s car.)

(Martin Continues.) “Well` you’re with me now` and things are going to be a little different. So` lets start with introductions. I’m Martin Kennedy` and I live about` 10 miles down the road` in El Monte. And your name` and where do you call  home?”  The young girl suddenly had a scared look on her face and said again, in a voice of desperation, “No!` Oh` No!  You must Take me home. Please` I must get home! ..Don’t you understand?  They’re waiting for me`  Please` .. Before that car come’s closer..”

Martin couldn’t understand just what she was afraid of, and gets a bit agitated` and  snaps at her.
 “Car? .. What` car? .. Look honey ..What are you running from? You know` my first thought is to drop you off` At the nearest police station. But I did Promise you that I would take you home, and I would rather do that then see you sitting around the station house half the night. But I would like to know` Just where you live? .. And I’m not going to take a stranger anywhere. so may I ask` once more, What your name might be?”

He wasn’t sure` if it was a drop of water from her wet hair` or a tear, that rolled down her cheek, But she told him that her name was Rachel. (Martin.) “Well now, that wasn’t so Hard` was it? I’m sorry about getting cross with you. So` what are you Rachel 13? 14` year’s old?” (He asked. And She answers softly But a little unsure.)“13?   “And where is home Rachel?” (Asked Martin. And Rachel softly replies.)  “Glendale Boulevard.”

(Martin gasps.)“Glendale?  That’s a good 50 miles away!  Well,  I did promise to take you home , didn’t` I.” (Martin` stared at Rachel` with a silly grin. But she said nothing.)
As they drove through the poring rain, the lightning and thunder became more intense. And he decided that it would be better and faster to take the freeway.  “Where` exactly` on Glendale Boulevard?” (He asked.) “ Just Behind Echo Park” (She exclaims.)” Martin mumbles. “That’s not` too bad, that’s only about 30 miles. The San Bernardino` freeway should get us there in no time.”

Then he turns to his passenger and says, “hey! ..You hungry? I know of an all night diner if you are.” (Rachel says softly.”) “No` thank you.” Martin then next` tries to make a little conversation with her.

(Martin is curious and asked.) “Tell me Rachel why were you in front of that Cemetery? That  was an odd place to be` at this time of night.” (Rachel.) “There was nowhere else, that I could go, that’s where the bus stop is.” Martin felt that the answer made no since, but at the same time` it was also logical. Martin mumbles. “Why of course; .. how silly of me.
 Although Rachel answers his questions, she really says very little.  He now cuts off of the street` to the on-ramp of the freeway and speeds up. (He says.) “Well don’t you worry, we’ll get you there.”

The freeway was empty, even for this time of night, that was unusual, but maybe the storm is keeping everyone indoors.
He tells Rachel a little joke to break the ice; “Rachel, What did the porcupine say, when he backed into the cactus?” (She doesn’t respond with an answer, but he gives the punch line anyway,) “Is that` you, Mother?” (And then he chuckles,).

But she doesn’t even look up. (He mumbles to himself,) “ Ahh, Yeah. The kid doesn’t like jokes. But she’s..right!.. Now that I think about it, .. I didn’t think it was very funny` when Vicky first told it to me` either.”It was almost 20 min. before he took the off ramp into the central part of L. A, now they were driving close to the Hollywood area. .. As much as he tried, Martin couldn’t understand Rachel at all, she was not like the kids he has known in the past, she didn’t talk very much, and she had this way-off look in her eyes. He felt that she must have been emotionally hurt somehow.

She was so very distant from everything. But then she acted, like a regular kid.  Looking out of the window,  watching the rain, and all of the sites that they were passing. That is! .. What little that could be seen. 

But there was one thing that he did notice about her. The closer to her destination she gets, the more excited she becomes.  As if she had been away for a long time. But for some kids, Martin thought to himself, even a few hours can seem like days to them.
So these emotions that she is displaying are probably normal. All he really knows for sure, is that she is very anxious to get home. And this made him eager to get her there` as soon as he could. 

Suddenly Rachel turns to Martin and says “Why?”.. (Martin answers)“Why what?”.. (Rachel Continues). “Why did you stop for me?” Martin was shocked that she actually was able to say something on her own. and he answers.“Well .. Because you required someone, and as a human being I was obligated to assist you in your time of need.” (Rachel was quiet for a few moments and then says.) “No one else would stop for me. No one else cared about me. Or worried about what happen’s to me. Why are you obligated,  and not them?  Why do you want to even bother? I’m nothing to them, or to you. I’m nothing to anybody.”

As he turned onto Glendale Blvd.,  he gives Rachel an answer. “ Well, I really can’t speak for anyone else, .. But I believe that we are all obligated to help our Brothers, or Sisters.. I mean, we are not our Brothers keeper. But we should look out for them. Most People just don’t want to get involved. They want to live in their own little world, safe from all worry’s and from all responsibilities` where another` is concerned. We all need to help more often.”(Rachel.) “But why you? What make’s you deferent.”  (Martin Answers.) Why me? .. Well .. Maybe it’s because you looked so alone standing out there by yourself, or maybe it’s just because I thought that you may have need of a friend.  Or maybe I do care what happens to you.”      Maybe, just Maybe you’re a little more them nothing to me. Even I, have needed someone, from time to time. Sometimes there is no one around to help. But I was there to help you. Just as my father` was there to help me.” (Rachel looks at Martin with curiosity.) “Oh yes! a good  friend  need not be Unrelated. It can be your own family member. Or even a perfect Stranger, Of course` you must be careful of some strangers they are not always there to help. But to hurt.  And some friends can hurt you too. You know sometimes we do not always see our Fathers or Mothers`as someone who can help us. But they can.
They are not always perfect. But they do try, most do anyway. So I would look to a Father, or a Mother Before any other person.”
Rachel wonders in her memories. And recalls something.
Sitting in the family room, Rachel and her Father` are arguing about her going out with jenny, who had just left, After inviting Rachel to a party.

“But Daddy I’ve never been to a party before, and Jenny` will be there with me. (Rachel’s Father.) That’s one of the reasons that I’m saying No, .. Sweetheart, I do not  trust Jenny, I never have. (Rachel.) “But Why? .. What has she` done?” Her father answers ... “Not a thing! She` ... She` just isn’t a good friend for you.” (Rachel.) “ Why;” (Father.) I know people who know Jenny, and they say that she is not a good girl, And that her parents are not good parents. (Rachel.) But Dad! .. (Rachel’s Father.) That’s enough! .. Now go to your room` and forget all about this` Please!” Rachel bitterly turns to her room and utters under her breath.
“Oh` alright!” Ken, Rachel’s Father, had heard that Jenny’s Parents did a lot of heavy drinking, and that they allowed their Daughter to do what ever she wanted to do.

Sitting in her room Rachel hears a tapping at her window, she gets up and opens it. (Rachel.) “Jenny` I thought you had left? ...(Jenny.) Not without you, what are best friends for? Come on,” (Rachel.) “I can’t go.  My Dad said no.”(Jenny.) “Are you going to keep doing everything that your Dad says. ... Parents don’t know everything. Sometimes there wrong! Come on, .. He won’t even know that your gone, My Brother’s waiting in the car he’s going to drive us. Let’s go!” (Rachel.) I really shouldn’t, but as long as you’re there to take care me` then it should be all right. Dad’s just being silly. Okay I’ll go. ..” And as Rachel’s memories`begin to fade.

She sit’s back. And look’s at Martin once again and says ..  “I really don’t have any friends, except for my dad and Mom. And you! If You would like to be my friend Mr. Martin?”.
(Martin answers,)  “Well yes! .. If you want me to be? .. Then of course I will be. And there’s no Mr..  It’s just Martin, My Dad is Mr.” 
Martin now came to a short residential area. Still fighting the storm, he begins looking for the address that Rachel had given him. After a while she raised her hand and pointed. “That’s` it!” (She excitedly said) “There it is! ... That’s my house! Isn’t`it Beautiful! Look at it! ” 

Martin smiled. He was actually just as excited as Rachel was. He pulled into the driveway and took a deep breath. It was an average house, kind of small, an old colonial style.
With a small lawn in front and a small porch with a canopy. (Martin then says.)  “Come on Rachel` I’ll go with you.” But the moment he opened the door, Rachel started to get sick. (She answers.)  “I` I` Can’t! .. Something’s wrong I uh, I` don’t feel good.”
He looks at her and see’s that she is Looking kind of pale. He reaches over and laid his hand against her forehead. “What is it? .. Rachel are you sick? ..Yes. your warm,  Just wait here.  I’ll get your parents.” Rachel then grabs a hold of Martins Coat as he begins to leave the car, he stops and turns.
What is it`  Rachel?  “Please, tell` my Dad.. and` ..and` my Mom, that I` I`tried, and that I love them` Please!  Martin you will always be my friend, won’t you?” (Rachel said to Martin, as he looks at her in wonderment, and then consoles her.) “Don’t be silly Rachel` your going to be just fine.”   
He jumps out of the car, and pulls his jacket up over his head. And runs across the wet grass to the steps. Then up to the porch. He then knocks loudly on the Door, the outside light then comes on.
And he stands there with his mind wandering for a few moments. Then the door opens. . And a man stood there holding open the old wood type` screen door.
He was about in his late 40’s, a little gray around the temples. He didn’t look surprise at all to see Martin` as he said. “Can I help you` Son?”

Martin said to the man.“ I’m sorry to disturbed you Sir, its so late I know, and on a night like this, but I have your daughter in my car.”.
(But the man only replied with,) “I beg your pardon?” (Martin says again,) “Your daughter; I brought her home.  . .  I think she’s ill. If you have a blanket or something that I can throw over her.” The man looks at him, with a look of familiarity and says. “Please! .. Come inside. And we’ll talk about it.”

(Martin.)”Talk about it?” That’s not what Martin wanted to hear. “What’s there to talk about? Didn’t you hear what I said?  Don’t you understand?” ( Martin said again.)“Your kid is in my car. she’s ill! .. She was out in the rain too long or something.”
The man answers not seeming to be upset about what Martin was saying. “Yes Son I do  understand! Now come in out of the rain.”
(Martin now aggravated. Replies with) “No! Just wait there,  . .Forget about the blanket, I’ll ..go and get her, Ok? Just wait there.”  The man waits at the door as Martin go’s back to get Rachel.

As Martin returned to his car he begins to talk to himself. “Man! .. No wonder she was standing at a bus-stop in the middle of nowhere.
Her Parents don’t give a Damn whether she’s home or not, Poor kid. What are you going to do with people like that? I should report him that’s what I should do; . Yes, .. Maybe I’ll do just that!”

He reaches the car, and then grabs the door handle and opens the door. Only to find the  jacket which he had given her to wear. laying in the passenger seat, with Rachel not in it.    it was still zipped up. And still damp from her wet clothes, and the seat belt still fastened securely around it. (He says abruptly.) What the hell! Where is she?”

He looks in and all around his car, (and says.) What’s going on here? and begins to shout,  “ Rachel, ..RACHEL? Where in the heck is she?” Martin says as he disparately tries to find her. Then a flash of lightning, the crackle and crash of thunder, echoing through the night, . The loud sound of heavy drops of rain striking the ground and his car, It was as if the heaven’s themselves was calling out for the Child. Or Satan was trying to keep him from finding her.

The heavy rain was making it hard for him to see as he searches outside and around his vehicle. and then again he shouts out. “RACHEL!” then he climbs back into it,  he looks over into the backseat. He felt` as if  he were going` crazy! He could still smell her wet hair. But where` is she? Nowhere could she` be found, He then climbs out of it and  says aloud,.  “This can’t` be happening!”

As he stands facing a few feet from his car, trying to figure out just what is going on. A thought enters his mind.  But he immediately shakes it off. Saying to himself “ No way!”
Just at that moment a flash of lightning produces a large distorted shadow of someone or something on his car, and then a hand rested upon his shoulder. Startled he quickly turns.
Only to see the older men standing next to him with a large umbrella. “Come on` son,” (said the man). “You’re not going to find her.”
(Martin.) “ Not going to find her?...Why. .. Why not? ..Where is she? .. I had my eyes on this car all the time! .. She couldn’t have got out! not without me seeing her.” (He shouts again.) “RACHEL!”
( The older man says) “Come on son, .. I think, I may owe you an explanation, but lets get in, out of this rain first, and I’ll try to explain it to you . Come on` lets go.”

Martin bewildered didn’t want to follow the man into his house, But he did. and as he enters the home, and stands in the livingroom, he see’s sitting on the couch, an attractive middle age woman, the man points towards her, (and said.)“This is my wife Susan, and   I’m Ken Randall.” Ken` makes a request to his wife. “ Susan; .. How about making some coffee for us all?” (Susan looked up, and says.) “Did`..did` he?” Ken` then interrupts. “Yes he did!” Susan then gets up, and goes to the kitchen.

 “Sit down Mr. Uh, ..” Knowing that Ken, is asking him for his name.  He gives it. “Ah, Martin, (He looks up and rubs his head.) Martin Kennedy.”.. He stands there soaked to the bone.  “Well Mr. Kennedy, Please!  Have a seat.” (Invites Ken. as he hands Martin a towel.)  “I’ve always liked that name, he’s a good man, and a good senator don’t you think?”

Martin still a little shook up, replies. “What? .. I Beg your pardon?”( Ken reiterates,) “ Jack Kennedy! He’s a good man; I’m hoping that he runs for office someday.”( Martin answers) “Oh, Uh, sure I hope so too.” Martin still in a little shock laughs. “Ha Ha ha .. Do you always keep a towel in the living-room for a wet guest?”

“Please;.. Mr. Kennedy sit, ..” ( Ken Invites once again not paying any mind to Martin’s humor.) as Martin looks down at his wet clothes.
(Ken says.) “Oh don’t worry about your clothes, it’s only good clean rain water. Please sit` Mr Kennedy.” Ken says again. Martin then sits down. At first not knowing what to say. Or ask.

Martin then rubs his forehead trying to think, he then looks up at Ken. Then see’s a picture of Rachel sitting on the end table and says.  “Ha! Now` Look! I tried not to think in this way, But! ... There doesn’t seem to be any other explanation.  She’s` .. She’s` dead, isn’t she, ..That’s what this is all about. Am I not right??”
(Ken answers.) “We also, don’t like thinking of her in that way.  But Yes, she passed on, .. About 10 years ago.” (Martin.) “Ten years; .. But that’s Impossible, .. Isn’t it? ..  How did she die? .. I’m sorry. But`.. but`I must know.” (Ken.) “ That’s quite alright. .. You must have picked her up at the corner in front of the Cemetery? .” (Martin.)“That’s right, .. Is that where she’s` buried?”

(Ken.) “Uh..No,.. She’s not interned there. But, it is Where she died. at the Bus Stop. You understand, she wanted to go to a party that night.  I told her no,  That she couldn’t go. But she was so intent on going` that she crawled out of her window and went anyway.
You see it was her friend` that talked her into going to the party.  Friends? ..Sometimes, Their intentions are not as good as they may think.

And of course Rachel didn’t fit in with the kids at the party. Well you know how it go’s a guy got a little out of hand, and tried to take advantage of her, or so I was told, and she became frighten.
She wanted her friend to bring her Back home. But Jenny, didn’t want to leave. Well,.. Rachel being a resourceful little girl, decided to take the bus home.” (Martin).” But, .. The bus stopped running at midnight.” 
(Ken.) “That’s right! .. It did, But she didn’t know` this; how was she supposed too. She didn’t know that area. .. So there she was, waiting for that Bus.”

“Then it started to rain, .. it rained hard. But my poor little girl, stayed right they’re, waiting. All she knew, was that she had to get home.
Well it so happened, that there was another party going on in that same area, which had just broke up. And a young man started driving home. I really can’t blame him for what happen next. .. But I do! .. If it wasn’t for him she’d be alive today. But there were so many intervals that night. .. I mean, he couldn’t see very well  because of the rain, the road was slippery, and he was speeding, and he had been drinking.  And then Rachel at the right place,  at the wrong time.
All of these little parts added  up to a very bad night for a little girl.” (Martin.) “You’re saying a car accident?” (Ken.) “Yes, ..  A very bad one. The young boy went out of control and headed straight for the corner, and crashed right into it. And into Rachel.

He of course was not hurt. When the police got there, it was still raining very hard` much as it is doing right now.  It was an hour before they even found her. Trap under the pick-up truck, her ribs crushed;. she suffered so long before they found her. And she had been awake all that time.”

Susan comes into the room. “Here is your coffee, here you go; Did I miss much? .. Is it Martin?” (He answered her.)”Yes Mrs. Randall it is. And thank you very much for the coffee. and No, you didn’t miss much, But, .. You don’t have anything a little stronger? Do you?” (Susan.)” Well uh! Just some beer,” (Ken.) “How about getting both of us a beer?” (Susan Replied,) “All right, I’ll Drink the coffee myself. I’ll be right back!”

 (Ken continues.) “ My poor baby, .. She couldn’t even cry out for help; they found her only when the boy asked how she was..”
(Martin.) “It took him an hour to ask about her?” (Ken.)”Well’.. He was still a little drunk. Even today He doesn’t remember what he really did.  Anyway, .. When they finally got her out, from under that heap. She was rushed to the nearest hospital. But it was to late.”

She was only 13` years old, when she passed on.. 13! .. Mr. Kennedy can you possibly imagine what she must have went through! Believe me,  I have,  More then once! ..
I see her, and feel what she went through again and again. Every day of my life. They say that she shouldn’t have lasted as long as she did. The pain she must have been in.”

(Martin.) “Oh my God!... It couldn’t be the same one.” (Ken.) “What is it Martin?” (Martin.) “I just thought of something. An Incident just about Ten years ago!...No it can’t be. .. Ten years ago, I was coming home from work just as I always do. It was raining just like tonight. I came up on an accident, I asked the Officer, if they needed any help. Of course he said that they didn’t. So I went on my way.
The next day I read in the News Paper that a young girl had died in that accident!” (Ken.) “Their has never been any other accident at that corner that I can remember. “(Martin.) “Nor I, .. Was it, ah, Yes! That’s right! It was a pick up truck?”
(Ken.) “Yes it was. Maybe you were meant to bring her home tonight.” (Martin feeling sick inside, says.) “Then it was her. It’s hard to believe it, .. I was there!”
(Martin.) “I’m not the first, am I? .. I mean, I couldn’t be. .. How many have tried` to bring her home?”( Ken.) “Your right; .. you’re not the first` their has been Four others before you. The first one was a woman. I remember` I got so angry at her; poor thing. I thought it was some kind of cruel joke! .. I’ve since wrote her a letter. Explaining everything. I hope it helped her.”

Susan comes back into the room. “Here’s you’re beer Mr. Kennedy, And here’s your’s dear.” (Martin.) “Thank you` Mrs. Randall.” (Ken.) “Thanks` Susan.” She then sits down to listen.

(Ken continues.) “Uh..Oh yes the following year someone else had picked her up, and tried to bring her home. It made me wonder, could it be possible? ..
That she is trying to come home. The next year there was nothing. But the year after, She tried again. This time; When the good Samaritan came to the door. ..  Before he could say anything. I ran out to his car.

Only to find nothing. After that; I knew! That whoever brings her home, had to stay with her. Until I could get to her.  And bring her in. It’s been 10 years, and she has tried  five times. That I know about; Maybe more! Who knows how many times that someone just passed her by without stopping.”

(Martin.)“Yes, she did say something about that. I didn’t understand then, .. But I do now.      But I just can’t believe, that I’ve been driving around with an apparition sitting in my car.”  (Ken.) “An apparition? .. An apparition is something that you can see, but isn’t really there, Mr. Kennedy was she` there?”( Martin shakes his head, and replies.)
“ She was there! I swear she was solid, warm flesh and blood. My god! I swear` to you She was` real! .. I just can’t believe that she` was a ghost.”
( Ken.) “ a ghost? ..No Martin,.. I don’t think that she is a ghost, or an apparition, or a poltergeist, not in the usual since. I believe, that it was her spirit! You see your speaking of two different types of entities, a Ghost is someone who has died and really doesn’t know that their dead; so their Soul hangs around. Sometimes forever. But a Spirit! Is the Essence of that person who once was; More then a soul, the person themselfs.” when it shows itself; it’s solid! ..Maybe for only a short time. But it is flesh and blood, don’t ask me how I know this, I just do.”

(Martin.) “She only shows up when it rains?” (Ken.) “Storm’s, only when it storm’s, that’s when she is seen. Sometimes I think that’s the key, but I don’t know how it works.”
(Martin.) “So she haunts` once a year on the 20th of July if its storming.”
(Ken.) “Rachael is not haunting anything or anyone.  She merely wants to come home.
It doesn’t always storm like this every year. And the date doesn’t really matter.  She has shown up` on different dates. It’s just a coincident’s that it Stormed this way, tonight on the date that she died.”   (Martin.)”She was so` real.”

(Ken.) “I believe now; that there’s another plane beyond our own. That sometimes a person might enter and live. Not always; but sometimes. And that it may be possible to leave that plane. Just maybe` a thunder storm can open that door: or something like that. Cause Rachel has  successfully done so` five times. If there is; .. and if its at all possible to leave that place that she’s in. Then maybe one day, I’ll get her back. Before that door can close and take her back in, if the door close’s with her with us. Then maybe we can keep her.”(Martin.)

“Mr. Randall,..Where is she buried?”( Ken.) “In the Forest Lawns Memorial park. In Glendale. Why?” (Martin.) “I’d like to see her grave. If it’s alright with you.” (Ken.) “Of course` Mr. Kennedy, I think she’d like that. But why is it so important for you to see it? ” 

(Susan.)”Mr. Kennedy how did our little girl Look?” (Martin answers.) “Alive! Mrs. Randall, Very`  Very` alive. And she said that she loves you both` and that she tried very hard to get home to you! And that; Mr. Randall, is why it’s so important for me to see her grave. That! And because I’m her friend. ”

Martin drove to Forest Lawns to look for a Friend. And he finds her, under a big tree in the middle of the Cemetery. he stood there for a long time. .. And looked at all the surrounding area, and how beautiful it is, he then looks down at Rachel’s headstone.
Martin then talks to this large stone above her grave. “It’s nice here` Kid, .. I really think you would have liked the idea of the nice big tree.” He reads the engraving on the stone.
                                                RACHEL LEE, RANDALL. 
                                                    Our Loving Little Girl.
                                       Your Trials are over before they began.
                                BORN- MAY 11, 1935.  DIED-JULY 20, 1948,
                                               May You find Rest in Peace.  

Martin says aloud. “I’m sorry Rachel about what happened.  It wasn’t fair to you, not at all. But why haven’t you been resting my friend? It’s your time. I needed to come see you once more. Ha Ha Ha! You know how I feel about Graveyards. Only you` could have got me to come in one. Well, ..Goodbye My Little friend, and sleep tight.” He then turns and starts to walk away from Rachel’s grave, leaving her to eternity.                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         But as he walks away. He finds that she is still not ready to rest. He hears a little  faint voice being carried by the wind, a whisper that says.  “Thank you` Martin,.. For Caring about me. You’ll always be my friend. ” He stops and turns to look back At Rachel’s grave, and he smiles and says softly. “Its ok Rachel, I do care; and I understand now. Its ok! .. You can Rest. I’ll be back to see you, I promise.”
But Martin knows in his heart that Rachel will be seen again. You would think, that it would be over with now. That Martin would just go home and live his life, and forget about his little friend, only to tell his story now and again.     
But not Martin, he’s just not that type of guy. He knows that Rachel will never rest As long as there is a chance to come home.  So every time that there’s a stormy night, such as the one that Rachel was lost in.
You will find Martin, between 1:am and 1:30am driving slowly pass the Cemetery on his way home, looking for Rachel, hoping to find her. As he did on that One Stormy Night. To bring her back home.  

                          Martin Visits Rachel’s Grave three times a year on her birthday,
                                           On Christmas, and the day of her death.
                          But in all these years since. Rachel has never been seen again.  
                                   It’s as if she finally found peace, through Martin.


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