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My Girlfriend Forgot My Birthday
September 8, 2012
11:48 am
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I really meant to make this work, but my selfishness wanted more.
And although it metaphorical, I'm walking out the door.
You couldn't change, or give me what I asked for.
So now we're back at square 1, and it's how it was before.

You said that I could love you, but love is more then words.
It shouldn't be so distant, it shouldn't be so torn.
Just know you meant the world to me, and now that world is dead.
I just can't shake the memory, the memory of what you said.
You said "Go away," when I needed you to care.
"Go away," and my heart began to tare.

I tried so hard, but it just wasn't enough,
and now I'm lost in the shards of broken love.
I'm sorry I got tired of waiting just to cry,
but you took me for granted, and tore me up inside.
It's been said, I don't ask for very much.
It's been so long, all I needed was your touch.
I've fought against so much less tanjible then fear,
but I guess my words that day weren't all that clear.
I said I wouldn't give up, and I know how that sounds,
but I meant to advance, I never thought you'd shoot me down.
You pushed me away when I was at my wits end.
"Go away," and I lost my best friend.

I felt like there was so much in store for you and I,
but you wouldn't take a chance, amd I can't live that life.
I told you I'd care no matter what, and that's the truth,
but since the start, this has been my fight to lose.
You pushed me, and I pushed back, right before the ledge.
Now I'm all alone, standing at the edge.
And I know if I don't jump, you're gone for good,
but I hesitate and wonder if you would.
You let me walk away, and you seem just fine.
I really hoped it would be different this time,
because I love you with all my heart and that's not going to change,
but your words feel so harsh as you're putting out the flames.
You said "Go away," when you took it all from me.
"Go away," and my heart was broke completely.

It hurts when you don't notice, when I really need your love,
and I don't know if you know this, but it's never been enough.
So let me set this straight, I'll get over you and this,
because I'm done with this once a month bull shit.
I can't just wait when you're gone for so long,
you know I'm patient, but I'm not very strong.
So I'm rolling the dice, and laying it all out for you,
but if you don't want to see me, there's nothing left to do.
When I lose myself and hurt so badly, I think of you,
but now I'm there, and I need to stand without you.
I'm sorry I wrote this, but my heart is bleeding,
and even though I said it, I'm not really leaving.
I just pray you think well of me when you read this.
My heart is empty, because I know I still need this.
Love, just please be happy. I can live with that.
And just remember, I'll be around... if you'd ever take it back.
Go away, unless you're going to fight
Go away until we've got it right.

“I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious”

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