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Reincarnation (one of my first slam pieces...)
March 24, 2013
10:53 pm

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I have lived so many lives

Each role so different—

As different as each stone

Nearly reincarnation

The life of a child, daughter, sister, student, friend, poet, wife, and mother

Sometimes I question…

Where is the life of my own?

The life of me?


Each time I am reborn

I continue to live all previous lives

They never pass away

Each life its own precious gem

Turning to molten rock as it evolves

And then re-formed into the next

The red lava of renaissance

A conglomerate of them all


My birthdays exchange glances

They wonder when I might stop changing

They encourage me to age gracefully

And before long I will be 40

Child bearing days have come to an end

But this mother-life will continue

For as long as my children have children

And their children have children


Child, daughter, sister, student

Friend, poet, wife, and mother

Most times I want the cycle to continue forever

I revel in the reality

I bask in the sweetness of experience

Now and then, I wonder if it will ever begin again

I long for the simplicity

I ache for mystery— the life of an infant


Where is the life of me?

On the other side of four decades?

This next life, the newest incarnate

It will be an homage to myself

The life of me.

Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
April 2, 2013
4:25 pm

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I was surprised to see this in the Slam category, as my own feeling is that is is a very well written Free Verse poem.This is a look into the evolution of TLhopkinson as it pertains to the complex persona of self. Having read many of your poems, I've an image of you having written this with the world at bay. Behind locked doors, family gone on a mission for your time-out, favorite cocktail in reach and your fire crackling..............."and do not return till I've finished thank you very much."

A very unique beginning and ways of depicting yourself, the roles you play. The questions at the end of the first stanza stopped just shy of you having to throttle and shake some unlucky Hopkinson/friend had you not vented it so.

Your being "reborn," and the line "red lava of renaissance a conglomerate of them all." In accord with a nineteenth century poet. Bravo for creativity and inception here. However, maybe at the risk of being humble, or it just did not fit, you have missed a few of your life cycles only naming eight. You had not mentioned writer, (not the same as poet for I know you are an excellent technical pen) editor, mentor, teacher, catalyst, artist, linguist, etc........................................

Birthdays exchanging glances is a poetic way to age, with a tryst of sly humor.

The ending I liked very much. After previously mentioning of being forever a Mother, you are given to allegiance of self from four decades forth having expunged inherent time and energy on those in your life that need you.

And now having said all that, I shall don my wetsuit in hopes of staving off the inevitable lightning bolts I've earned from that ever analytical, never satisfied with her own work, word modifying poet that is TLhopkinson...................


Write on TLhopkinson...........write on.

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
April 2, 2013
4:42 pm

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Thanks for the contemplation of this piece and the response. I guess I consider it slam because I wrote it when I was participating in a monthly slam event for about a year or so. Funny thing was that someone in the audience thought I was REALLY talking about reincarnation, not as a metaphor and came to tell me about her own past lives... um yeah, AWKWARD. huh2

Wine is bottled poetry. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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