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The Blues (for Huey)
August 13, 2013
1:23 am
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40 acres and a mule

That's what they promised me

You too

my brothers

my sisters

it's true

But it's all The Blues


I ain't lying

and I ain't buying

promises they're trying

Promises of More

More dope

More money

More milk

More honey

More! is definetely cool

but I'm still waiting on the mule

Restitution Blues


Even from the mark

Get set


Start of time

Some cave baby crying


can't sleep

Didn't get nearly

enough to eat

Her cave daddy was out clubbed

Had her portion of grub

taken away to pay

her portion of cave

Just the way it was

Still is

Rock Bottom Blues


Later the Moses purposed

all the land his

that's what God gives

when man and crew

can take

from the Hittite


from the Moabite


from the Afra-kin


from the Mexi-kin


from all those

other colored skins


Yes, that's what God gives


The god dammned Semite

who thought

his father's land his

should have mutilated children


just stopped having kids


Should have been more Able

paid proper dues

'cuz the Lord

it is written

plays Biblical Blues




each had a day

The Greeks


to the strongest make way

for the Romans

the Huns

stopped by an omen

the Gatekeeper waits




Charlemagne reined

America gained

Napolenon waned

Europe discovered war

and then

Europe discovered war

all over again

And everything old is new

As noted in

Historical Blues


Civilizations do not rise or age

'cuz the same damned things writtten

on the samed damned page


While those of evil intent





Misconstrue truth

without regard or regret

Refuse to attest

what the rest of us see

Claim what is cannot possibly be

And swear they know justice

better than we


But I know 'cuz

I'm living Blues legacy


It's not just happy none

on the 10 o'clock news

It's here

It's now

It's Clear and Present Blues


From earth we come

to earth return

everyday a hustle

everyday a burn

everyday another prayer is prayed

"Lord make me the player

not the one being played"


Rich daddy, hot mama

easy touch, hard case

shining examples of each shining race

all turn their faces

when facing the Truth


And the Truth Is

You Die


And you'lll die

wanting stuff

If your club

isn't big enough

You die singing

The Blues 

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