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Paddy's tin whistle
June 26, 2014
12:30 am

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Grandfather played the tin whistle

with Paddy on his knee

for his grandson he played

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on


on Paddy’s tenth birthday

Grandfather gave him his own to play

Paddy took to it like a duck to water

soon  learned from his Grandfather

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on


every school function when Paddy was there

sweet songs filled the evening air

Paddy played loud and

Paddy played strong

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on


Paddy joined the army on his birthday

eighteen years and shipped away

he took his tin whistle and he  played

marching songs

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on


the Sergeant said one day

you could hear Paddy’s tin whistle

a gunshot away

when we go to the front lines

you must not play


Paddy played his tin whistle

on leave to entertain troops

new found friends and

new found love

he played

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on


his company took  a hill one day

in the middle of a fight

was surrounded at the base

late into the night


Paddy  heard the Major say

get your tin whistle

I need you to play

the radio is gone and

a planned air strike for this hill is on


Paddy get your tin whistle and play

and a hundred and fifty men will pray

they hear it a gunshot away


Paddy got his tin whistle and

climbed the tallest tree

he wanted the sound to carry

it was not a good place to be

he played all night with all his might

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on


when the air strike time had come and gone

a soldier was sent to get him down

but a sniper had found him first

a flag draped end to a man

 as he was lowered into his land

you could hear

 a hundred and fifty tin whistles play

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on


love made a son far away and

he was given his father’s name

his grandfather brought him home and

arranged for his stay

gave his grandson  a tin whistle

on his tenth birthday

Paddy  took to it like a duck to water

he learned to play songs of his great grandfather

songs of Ireland

songs that will live on

June 28, 2014
8:50 am

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Writer this is a wonderful tribute to the notion of heroism, family, brotherhood and tradition. "Songs that will live on." You've given this poem a cadence as if it were a melody. The melody of a Tin Whistle perhaps. The ending gives a good feeling.

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
July 8, 2014
10:02 am

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Love the feeling of family, heritage, and tradition that comes from this. 

“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”~Anon
July 27, 2014
12:11 pm

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Welldone c4aig nice piece, should of got 1st place but hey what do these judges know who ever they are ha ha


July 31, 2014
4:11 pm

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Your writing never ceases to amaze-the simplicity and truth behind each verse and line carries the poem just as greatly as the concept does. I love that your writing is often like a story, and each stanza has a following story to tell. This poem definitely did not disappoint with its family tradition, heritage, duty, death, then new life. It certainly shows how things that are important and a part of a family or just one person can carry throughout the generations to keep the ties between ancestors and descendants. The strength and bittersweet tone behind this peace perfected this poem in my opinion. I also love the mention of the "songs of Ireland." Well done!

This poem also reminds me of the song "Two Little Boys" which I heard quite often from my Irish mother- duty and family bonds combine to lead two brothers through the dangers of war.

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