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Caution......... Foul language
December 13, 2014
12:24 pm

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A trip to the local watering hole last night set me to thinking about the American vernacular. Cursing in particular......... having studied language I can honestly say I’d never considered the actual need for cursing. I am however guilty as charged for incorporating curse words in my vocabulary.
But not to get into my own engagements with foul language let’s start off with the why it’s done........ The first particular word group is the damning of someone or something. Dammit. Goddamn. God dammit. Goddamn you.............. The religious provocation notwithstanding this word group outside the singular word damn or dammit has a direct religious convocation. When one uses it God is called on to damn someone or something. It is to many sacrilegious or blasphemous............ And if the person using the word is non religious what’s the sense? I mean if you have no belief in God why try and damn someone by an element you have no belief in? And if you are religious and use the damn word group is there a proxy for making it okay? I hardly think so. My own opinion is that it is a redundancy of terms. According to the Bible, God is neither vengeful in that regard nor would he/she listen to one of his/her own creations calling for someone to be damned.
So advice for all who endeavor to have anyone or anything damned is to just concede to the actuarial and realize that your damning of him, her, or it will have no direct impact other than maybe making you feel better. There will be no 666 on the forehead of your directive and God will not in fact damn anyone just because you wish him/her to do so.
Right to the next word group. The juicy group. The fornication group. Fuck...... Fucking........ Motherfucking.........Motherfucker. This word group is also redundant. Probably the most misused of all curse words. In it’s singular form how can one possibly use the word fuck without having a question mark behind it and a hopeful look on our face? And Mother Fucker? Well quite honestly someone directing this at certain people are just enunciating a fact........ Being called a Motherfucker well........ I guess I’m guilty..... Fact. My wife is a mom....... and you get the picture. But call someone other than a married male that has children or a male that is in fact procreating with a female that has children a Motherfucker and it’s just plain silly. Single female a Motherfucker? Hardly.......... An to shout the word fuck......... Unless there is someone nearby that may just oblige what’s the point?
The next word group to lightly delve into is what I call the unfun highly used group. Bitch... sonofabitch......bastard...... asshole. And a myriad of terms for male and female sex organs that are just not proper when directed at another human being no matter how they are used.
For the guys........... Call your wife or girlfriend a bitch, cunt, pussy or any other expletive you can think of and note the look on her face just before you spend the night on the sofa......... Get my drift?
For the girls............ Call your husband or boyfriend an asshole, dick, prick and our reaction is more like............ “Um okay.” Not a big deal. Has no real effect unless your significant other is EMO and we’ll stop there.
All the other word groups of cursing are pretty menial and mundane by comparison to those I’ve mentioned. And I’m sure you can add a significant amount of information to what I’ve written with your own knowledge of American cursing. Just stub your toe in the dark. “Shit!”
Or receive a debt notice from the IRS. “What the fuck?” Then there’s the sacrilegious form of notice given for bowel movement. “Holy shit.”
I recently asked one of my favorite writers if they cursed. Having no memory of reading any curse words in any of their print. The reply I got made me laugh.......... “Do I curse? That’s a weird fuckin’ question.”
Go figure........... Personally me trying to clean it up when I have the need to unleash a sonic hailstorm of derogatory verbiage is useless. But I’ll definitely try and not do so in earshot of another human given the fact that I’m able to convey anger without cursing..................
Semper Fi

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Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
December 13, 2014
5:24 pm

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very true mr killerelite, although the c word is banned, my other half would castrate me gladley even if i said it thru telepathically

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