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February 26, 2015
6:30 pm

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jack the ripper to the theory ive looked at was executed in America, plurals to dates and times if old newspaper articles to the dates,

February 28, 2015
8:29 am

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Ah Jack The Ripper................ I'm thinking that his/her legacy would live and die in London mate. In that nothing concrete was ever brought forth as evidence to the whereabouts of the famed slasher........ Key word being concrete........ Just plenty of speculation by the minds of the times and we all know how that goes......... Personally we'll take your Jack The Ripper and give you Kevin Dahmer and Ted Bundy in trade........... Deal?

My take is that judging by the background of Jack's victims he was probably just some regular bloke with a small member targeting those that truly made him feel inadequate....... Hey just sayin.......... I could be right you know........

Later mate..............

Semper Fi

Those individuals who deem themselves perfect barely scratch an elbow in their fall from grace. Wm Steele
March 1, 2015
7:51 am

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indeed sir killerelite, after is last notorious slashing back in 1888 the killings stopped, now in no expert but a serial killer feeds on killing, so after the last victim if u dig out some old article from the new York paper to discover a ripper type killing of a prostitute which he made a very similar mark of a cross on her cheek same has one found on a victim in London, on his second victim in new York he was court and found he was a German seaman which had travelled to London and then on to new York, this guy git the electric chair, just seams the killings in London had stopped and then three months later similar spree happened in new York, just a theory ha ha, anyway hows it going in the united states of pensylvania

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