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nobel-peace-prizeAlfred Nobel created a grant to award The Nobel Prize to those people who are found to contribute the greatest benefit to mankind. This award is given yearly for peace, medicine, physiology, chemistry and literature. The Swedish Academy which handles to prize gathers nominees from around the world and then decides on a winner. The prize is given in September or October.

Nominations are made by members of the swedish Academy, past Nobel Prize winners, professors of literature, literature societies and presidents of writers’ organizations . A nominee must be on the list at least twice to be considered. The Academy keeps these nominees secret until the award is given. However many nominators will divulge their choice.

The winner or laureate is granted a gold medal along with a diploma. Money is also granted depending on the income of the foundation for that year. These amounts can be between one million and eleven million U.S. dollars.

Alfred was a chemist and invented dynamite. He held 350 other patents. Even an element (Nobelium) is named after him. He was an engineer and owned businesses around the world. He created products from plywood to the torpedo.

He traveled most of his life and remained unmarried but fathered 8 children. One of his loves is thought to be the reason he added the Peace Prize to the list of prizes he left in his Will.

Alfred lacked a higher formal education but spoke several languages. He even wrote poetry in English. “Nemesis” is a prose tragedy with four acts was printed as he was dying and all copies but three were destroyed immediately after his death. Nobel was an atheist and Nemesis was thought of as blasphemy.

When his brother died the press mistakenly printed Alfred’s obituary. Saying, “The Merchant of Death is Dead,” referring to his invention of dynamite. This troubled Nobel after seeing how people would remember him. In 1895 he signed his last will and testament granting the majority of his estate to establish the Nobel Prizes.

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