Heavy Hearted Today

by Killerelite

I saw your heart cry mercy
at the sight of a hungry child.
You offered food
not pity nor despair.
You handed a beggar your monies
to give solace to his pain
when all around just turned
and looked away.
You’ve left a piece of your soul
in a hostile, foreign land.
To know your country honors
freedom in your passing.
And you have given
and never taken,
with a warm smile and timid nod.
Until this day when
you have left this world
my friend.
Now I hear nothing
as Taps echo through my mind.
And I feel nothing
as the past comes reeling by.
Our paths will cross again my friend
just as here on earth
and like the Marine I know you are
when it’s time for me to come
I expect you to be standing at the door.

Semer Fi……….G

Sgt. W.C.Gray………..Friend………..Brother………..Humanitarian of the highest caliber…………. and a True Devil Dog

Rest in peace my friend…….. OORAH!


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