January 2013 Newsletter

December 2012 Writing Contest Winners

The December 2012 What December means to me contest has concluded! The winners of December’s writing contest are:

1. Winter’s Witness ~SerenaLantha
2. Thoughts of home ~c4a1g
3. A Christmas Story ~Forgewright


Thoughts Incorporated New Slogan

The contest to decide our new slogan has come to an end! Thoughts Incorporated would like thank everyone who wrote for and voted in the contest. Without further ado our new slogan is:

create – share – inspire – encourage – discover
-by tlhopkinson


January Found Poem Contest

Start date: 1/7/13 – 1/18/13
Poll: 1/19/13- 1/25/13
Topic: Found Poem


Featured Writing

When I Was A Kid… -by Night_Sky_of Feelings

Beauty- by SerenaLantha

Drops On A Window-by MyLittleWhiteRose


Monthly Writing Quote

There are two kinds of writer: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder.
– Brian Aldiss


This is your Brain on Books- by forgewright

Ever wonder what’s going on in your noodle when you read? Recently, while researching how the brain works (It’s just the kinda stuff I enjoy) I came across several interesting articles on the subject of reading and how the brain functions. I’ll summarize these here.. read more


Persistence writes a book- by forgewright
So many great authors give us incredible stories of every kind of genre. Famous writers with abilities we can only dream of developing. A writer must want something enough to maintain the motivation to put a story together. Life just seems to get in the way… read more


Website Updates
Thoughts Incorporated is now accepting guest blog posts. Accepted posts will be added to the blog and featured in the monthly newsletter. For more information please read the guidelines




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