just a girl

3rd place- fiction story contest

Just a girl… written by: Lune

Every girl in the world wants to be loved, and dreams of a ‘blue prince’ and I’m not the exception…   my name is Elizabeth, I’m 15. I dream with a guy who loves me, I get depressed, I cried for stupid things, I love, I like fashion, I love music…just like most girls… there’s just one difference, I have cancer…

In school, everyone see’s me like a ‘strange bug’ , no one see’s me like what I’m … a normal girl except for my best friend, Mary, she’s so cool!! She never judge me, she’s always there… now I want to tell you some things of my life. First of all, some things, so you could know me better. My family….we are my mom, my sister, and me…my dad… well, he’s never home, when he knew that I was sick  he started to drink…now his home is a bar…we didn’t see him for 3 years…

I live in the hospital since 2 years, the doctors said that I was so sick that if I go outside the contamination of the air could worsen my situation, so, I stay here. Actually, it’s not that awful… I met some people here, for example, Peter. He’s something like my bf…I met him a long time ago, he has cancer too, we talk for a while and we like each other, now we spend a lot of time together.

There’s Mary too, she’s a nurse…she’s 18, but I met her in school before I got in the hospital, so when she ended high school she started like a nurse here… I had another friend, emerald, I liked to spent time with her. She died 4 month ago… sometimes I think that she’s still here and I start talking alone until Peter or Mary come and ask me “are you talking alone again?’ I never told them what I really think… I miss her so much…

Sometimes I dream that I’m not sick and I’m running in a big park , but then, I wake up and the reality shot me, I’m in a hospital bed and I’m sick. I know that I’m gonna die soon and there’s nothing that I could do.

Well, that’s my story, but before I say goodbye, you have to promised me that you are gonna to be a nice person with everyone, if they are sick or not. They deserve love because they have to pass for so much hard things…

just remember that, please.

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