Louder than sound, Quieter than silence

by Ritski


Does falling snow have a sound?
True, there’s the wind, whisking this way and that
spreading the crystals across the world like a blanket
But what of the snow itself,
the little flakes of frozen water.
Do they make a sound as they fall from the clouds above?
Is there a sort of whisper,
a twinkling as they make their descent,
so quiet that we just don’t hear it?
Too gentle for our ears to comprehend
against the roar of the world around us.
What if,
As they fall the world tremors against them;
the ground shivering as they land
The sound sending a ripple of vibrations through the planet
Like a leaf dancing on water.
What if the sound of their falling was so loud
So enormously loud
That if,
as they fall through the not-so-dark nights,
They cancel out their own sound
And leave us with the resounding silence
and nothing but that,
as they float to the earth below?
So quiet
Only because they are so loud
That we are rendered deaf
To their noise?


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