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Bristol, England

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I am a teenager currently doing my A-levels. I've always written stuff, be it poems or stories but never actually posted them anywhere or entered them for competitions.
Its only now (June 2013) that I have started entering competitions and posing them online.
I am really interested in science, particularly biology. If I don't become an author in the future, I would like to become an entomologist (the study of bugs) or at least something to do with conservation.
I am currently writing lots of short fiction/poems between my studies and am starting to write a book. It's all been planned and I have currently written 23,000 words. I would love to share some of it with you, but for now it remains private.

Favorite Author(s)

Patrick Ness
Suzanne Collins
JK Rowling
Anthony Horowitz
Charlie Higson
Michael Grant