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    @serenalantha hey….I love your writing, your style. …even your profile “my own world ” ….my locations the same …. read “my poets dream” ..the first poem I put up on here… .thx for sharing your identity with your words….God bless

    • Hi Beloved,

      My Names is Kate,
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  • JennDTX posted in the topic Destined to be in the forum Free verse 3 years, 5 months ago

    @SerenaLantha im jiffy note seeing your response to my poem. ..thank you so much,  I’m glad you enjoyed …and yes. analyzed it to the T …thank you ahem. ..God bless 

  • Bravo @serenalantha ………… Sharp imagery here with awesome comparisons that offer clarity of life and death……. The beginning offers such truth. No matter what we obtain in life an how big the home we live in is we all get buried in the same size box……… Personally I can’t help myself though. I live by the ‘He who has the most toys’…[Read more]

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    @serenalantha there was no one that got away in so far as the fish were concerned. It’s in the freezer………….. My priorities are straight…… Just my Samsung Note went to that idiom old mariners dubbed Davy Jones’ Locker……….. I’d like to think a Great White now has the capacity to stay in touch with friends via Samsung…[Read more]

  • Bravo @serenalantha ………… This poem is outstanding…. The beginning sets the tone and is a lure to the rest of a wonderfully written and colorfully descriptive bit of………….. magic. Absolutely incredible painting of a dark, stormy night in a grave yard as seen through your eyes. “As heavy onyx vapors mask indigo cirrus…[Read more]

  • @serenalantha was this for school also? Let me know if you want a full critique on this one. 

  • If you need critiques for any of your poetry for school… just let me know @serenalantha. I always love to read your positive and uplifting posts. Glad to hear you will be writing lots!

  • Thanks for the comments @serenalantha. I appreciate it very much!

  • tlhopkinson posted in the topic An Echo in the forum Other forms 4 years, 11 months ago

    Thank you for your kind comments @serenalantha. I wrote this for a specific Mythic Poetry Series and oddly they selected a different poem from my submission. This one took a fair amount of research and is in villanelle form, which is one of my favorites but is not that easy to write correctly! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  • Aww shucks @serenalantha ………… I can teach you to speak Gaelic fluently and it’ll take you less than an hour (depending on your tolerance for alcohol). Here’s how you do it. Just follow the instructions carefully and you’ll be “sharring th wooshnishen” in no time…….. I have no clue what that means if it means anything at all but a…[Read more]

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    Well shipped a week ago, no big bugs to date, some minor stuff but there always is. Feeling some relief but still not time to celebrate yet either. Just a waiting game now… caught up on a bunch of sleep. Another week or two for the tale to unfold. Hoping for the best…

    Been awhile since I’ve been around around here…. not sure where to…[Read more]

  • Jamboree posted in the topic Masquerade Musings in the forum Rhyme 5 years ago

    Lovely poem @serenalantha 

    This paints a brilliant image of how someone can seem completely different on the outside to how they feel on the inside.

    The thing I most enjoy about this poem is how easily it reads. Each line flows well into the next and there isn’t a super complicated meaning hidden under layers of words. Bravo,


  • Killerelite posted in the topic Live to Vent in the forum Rhyme 5 years ago

    This is so non typical of your poetry @serenalantha I had to jump back to your name twice as I read it to make sure that it was indeed written by you………… The manifestations of a sullen poem caused by someone you know give the reader that knows your writing something to think about………. And if you wrote this off the cuff and are not…[Read more]

  • tlhopkinson posted in the topic Under the Sun in the forum Rhyme 5 years, 2 months ago

    As I first started reading this my first thought, wow these are long sentences… which is something I also write in often, and as I contemplated the poem and the sentence length, I believe it has a lovely effect of lengthening or reaching, just like sunlight. Beautifully done @serenalantha!

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