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Sarah Marie


my own world….

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I am a writer. I have only written a few short stories, but I have over two hundred poems. I am in the middle of about twenty books, but I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED WRITING ONE BOOK!!! But, alas, I am now in the editing stage which I fear may be just as traumatic. Nevertheless, I would not do anything else. I hope to have the editing completed by my eighteenth birthday in April.
My cousin and I are working on a book of her photography and my poetry that we hope to self-publish by the end of the year-just something to get the both of us started if my own book does not get published first.
I love God -I am a Christian first then a writer, which is a very strong thing for me to say personally since writing is truly my life. I love my family even though they might not quite understand my needs as a teenage writer. Still, my parents are my biggest fan club.
I have won two contests on ThoughtsInc and placed third in another two contests on here. I have been published four times by amateur writer groups. I won two other contests on WritersCafe. And I have placed both third and second on two contests on DeviantArt. As of recently, I have also become a Moderator of ThoughtsInc, a great honor and step for me. God has truly blessed me, and I have no doubt that my identity-it can be found in my writing.

Favorite Author(s)

ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON….Georgette Heyer……Philippa Gregory…..Charles De Lint……JANE AUSTEN….. Sir Walter Scott…..Alfred Noyes