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  • This winter has been crazy where I live, at one point if you opened the sliding door in my breezeway (the room connecting the house to the garage) there was a 10 foot wall of snow and a 2 foot gap between the snow and the roof where you could see outside. Actually had to climb up on the roof to shovel for the first time ever (which was no…[Read more]

  • Things aren’t the way they were…
    After all these cups of coffee
    After all these cigarettes
    After all this time
    You wouldn’t even recognize me
    Not that you knew me then…
    A son, brother, grandchild, uncle, cousin, and friend
    A developer, manager, marketer, and speaker
    30% human, 70% coffee with cream
    You can find me where day becomes night
    I…[Read more]

  • Careful about making your sleep deprivation a life style ……….

    I hear ya. Although, honestly I’ve always slept terribly not just when I’m working a lot. Some nights I only sleep a few hours, other nights I 10 hour coma sleep lol. I showed up about two hours late for work this morning because I kept snoozing the alarm :). Was watching the…[Read more]

  • Well shipped a week ago, no big bugs to date, some minor stuff but there always is. Feeling some relief but still not time to celebrate yet either. Just a waiting game now… caught up on a bunch of sleep. Another week or two for the tale to unfold. Hoping for the best…

    Been awhile since I’ve been around around here…. not sure where to…[Read more]

  • :)

    About 90% data entry is done, mostly verifying now. Launch late next week hopefully, but you never really know with these things they just have to run their course. Anyways, is going to be quite the show seeing it off into the wild…

  • @tlhopkinson I have still been working on a big project for work. 6 months in now. Our launch date is now about 1.5 months behind of schedule, can’t do too much else until its done and out the door. But apparently I must have made something pretty awesome because we had to spend an extra 2 weeks developing custom infrastructure just in order to…[Read more]

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