November News

Memories Writing Contest Winners

The 20 words or less Memories Writing Contest has come to an end! We would like thank everyone who participated in the contest and the judges!! Without further ado the winners of the memories writing contest are:

1st- My Son- by lnolan

2nd-  1941,’42 After battle moment- by claudiu

3rd-  Who I Am- by SerenaLantha

 November Contest

Open format and topic- ß∃ ℃ґℯ@⊥ї♥℮

Submissions: 11/5/12-11/16/12


Featured Writing

How I got into writing as I do now- by Ritski

Why I Write-
by  tlhopkinson

Lost my marbles-
by c4a1g


Monthly Writing Tip
When editing it can be helpful to save the first draft and read the piece again on another day, fresh eyes catch more mistakes!



Writing Veterans and Overseas Soldiers by Forgewright

Today’s military members are seen on every type of media. We see them every day and hear about the conflicts they are involved in. This may seem like a connection but in reality many soldiers have very little contact…. read more


Defeating Writer’s Block by Forgewright

You found some quiet time to do some writing. The software is loaded and you have your fingers on the keyboard. You have a great story in mind, so why is the page still blank? Let’s take a look at what could be stopping you… read more




Website Updates

October was spent working on the new member profiles which are now available! The new profiles have many new features. A major change is you can now post on your profile and comment on others. read more

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