Ode to the Coming Year

by SerenaLantha
2nd place New Year Ode Contest


The time has come again, it seems,

To contemplate what the past year has wrought;

I recall the happenings like a dream,

Each broken promise and lesson self-taught.

The memories flow through my mind,

Each one acting as a stepping stone,

All as a path I must follow the next year;

Friends come and go, true ones hard to find,

Which often leaves me quite alone-

May they be bountiful in the coming year.

I hope for peace and love and joy

In winter months, and I hope for it soon;

I pray for happiness in every girl and boy

Under the rays of the sun and shine of the moon.

This coming year, I hope to see

Smiles in the spring, summer, and fall-

I pray for everything to simply be right;

As impossible as this might be,

This is my wish for one and all,

This my wish at the stroke of midnight.


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